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Menarock Life Rosehill Aged Care is a newly refurbished 60 bed residential, high care aged care facility consisting of predominantly single and double bed rooms with shared ensuite facilities, with some larger rooms available.  Divided into two nursing units, each wing has its own lounge and dining area as well as outdoor courtyards. Rosehill also offers respite care.

Please note: we welcome supported residents.
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Antoinette Apr 21, 2017

My father has at times been difficult and the staff have been terrific and very compassionate when caring for him. We are grateful for the love and care the team at Rosehill provide not only to my father, but to all their residents.

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Jack8 Apr 10, 2017

My parents have both been through the difficult process of changes in their health that have meant they can n o longer live independently and require full time care. After 64 years of marriage finding a facility that would take them both was most important. My family have been so impressed and grateful to Rosehill from the first contact with its manager, we have been guided and supported through this complex process from Cleo to every member of staff, we have found kindness, compassion, and respect. My parents are settling in well and I feel they are in the best place, they have now been residents for 3 months. Thank you Rosehill for setting the standards high and keeping the caring in aged care.

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Nickyboy Apr 03, 2017

My mother who is 96 years old reluctantly had to go into Rosehill Aged Care Facility after having a fall at home, and me being her primary carer unable to look after her properly as she was no longer able to walk. I'd like to say that she is a very determined woman and with the help of Rosehill physio she hopes to be back walking again. Mum ha been at Rosehill for 3 months now and I think that it has done her the world of good. The staff there are very professional and caring, and friendly.

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Josefina2451 Jul 03, 2016

Generally happy with the facilities. The service is adequate bit could be improved.

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Keven2683 Jun 30, 2016

Wonderful caring staff

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Janet Jun 29, 2016

With something as hard as finding a nice place for my dad to live and to be looked after Rosehill made it so easy. I am extremely happy with every aspect of the facility. Every member of staff are polite courteous and very nice to my dad and nothing is a bother to them. I can sleep at night knowing that my dad is safe and well looked after. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is needing the care.

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Fiona Bennie Jun 29, 2016

Rosehill does what it does well. The only reason I would hesitate recommending it is due to it being different to most other residences I visited in that dementia residents are co-mingled and this can be disruptive to those who are completely cognitive. The other aspect is room sharing. Both of these aspects will suit some but not all newcomers. The staff are Rosehill are always bright, inviting and positive and have been happy to listen whenever any issues have arose.

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JohnVP Jun 29, 2016

Recently, we had to place my wife's mother into aged care. It was a turbulent time for us and there were many things we had to learn and understand about the entire process. We were lucky enough to find Rosehill Aged Care, who were extremely helpful with all the decisions we had to make. They addressed all the concerns we had, and made the whole transition run smoothly. It was great to see that they not only took good care of my wife's mother, but they were also responsive and compassionate to the family's stress during this taxing time. We are comforted by the knowledge that she is being well cared for.

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Enos1706 Jun 29, 2016

my mum is a age care and she has been there for nearly three years and only problem i have is sometimes there is a lack of staff too find for assistants at times i have noticed now there is a lot more people coming in with some type of dementia hence the problem my mum has with people coming into her room which is quite disturbing for her and me i hope we can sought this out which now days seems to be a problem occurring hence her quality of life and peace of mind for the relatives and familys in this situation

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Menarock Life

Dear Enos1706, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, we are always striving to improve the quality of living for our residents at Rosehill Aged Care. We constantly look at our mix of staff and activities to ensure the best possible service is provided to residents without the need to charge extra service fees to our residents. Our overwhelming priority is to provide for the care and welfare of our residents. We have recently reviewed and developed new educational programs to assist the staff and this has already seen improvements for our residents. Nevertheless we would be keen to follow up with you directly on your concerns, so I encourage you to contact me directly on Once again, thank you for your feedback. Kind Regards Fiona van den Berg CEO
Jun 29, 2016

Toney5465 Jun 28, 2016

It's a depressing place but best in the circumstances. The staff do a great job

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Ervin7228 Dec 17, 2015

I recently submitted a review of Rosehill Aged Care and as I was unsure of the number of words allotted, my review was reasonably short and concise. However if there was no limit on the words, here is what I would have written. My mother Merlyn, had a bad fall at home, just over two years ago, when she was 99 years old. She was admitted to Como hospital and after her condition was assessed, I was advised that she should no longer be living at home by herself and that I should consider placing her in a nursing home. I enquired about nursing homes and was told Rosehill Aged Care was the best. I decided to telephone and arranged with the manager to meet her 20 minutes later. I arrived at the door to meet the manager who greeted me by name and then offered to show me around herself. As we walked, she introduced me to various staff who were in attendance, including the nurses, the cook and the cleaner, explaining that I was looking around for suitable accommodation for my mother. I was immediately impressed by the rooms and the cleanliness of the place. She made me feel welcome and I had an immediate good feeling about the place. I normally discuss my mother's welfare with my sister, however I knew already this was the right place for mum. I returned to Como and asked the coordinator to telephone the facility manager and book my mother in. I rang my sister to tell her my experience at Rosehill and she was pleased with my decision so the arrangements were made for mum's transfer, when she was ready to be discharged. I visit my mother once or twice a day. I take her to Church and to the local RSL or out for drives. The home itself is very clean, the meals are substantial and the staff are always courteous and address me by name. Even the managers, greet me with a wave or a quick word when they see me and keep me updated on her condition and demeanour. The ward coordinator in mum's section, regularly liaises with me about anything happening with her. The Activities coordinators run bingo quizzes and numerous other events that they believe the residents might enjoy. They treat the residents with dignity and respect and allow them all a chance to respond to a question, or give their opinion about something. They are not treated like children. Each week there is the concert given by entertainers and having attended a few myself, know, they tend to be very well received. I am extremely happy that I chose Rosehill Aged Care for my mother. Yours Sincerely, David Milbourne

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Alison5450 Nov 09, 2015


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Russell Aug 28, 2015

My father was very lucky that there was a bed available in this facility when he needed high level care. The staff were exceptional in providing highly professional and dedicated personalised care for the final 3 years of his life. They tried very hard to engage all the residents in suitable activities. Although the facility is not posh, it is very well cleaned and maintained.

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Al9631 Jun 28, 2015

When our mother had to move from low-care to high-care my 3 sisters and I looked at many aged care facilities in bayside. We settled on Rosehill because it just felt right. The building, while not as grand as other high-care places, is very clean and comfortable. What we are really impressed with is the happy, dedicated and caring staff. The food is excellent and the lifestyle activities are interesting and varied. We are delighted that we chose Menarock Rosehill Highett for our mother. Julie.

Was this review helpful? Jun 09, 2015

My brother resides at rose hill aged care and we couldn't be more happy with the overall care he is receiving we are. constantly receiving up dates on his welfare (especially to Frances for keeping me informed) once again cannot speak. Highly enough of rose hill aged care thanking you all from kevin and gloria humphris.....

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MaryThe Jun 04, 2015

Rosehill has been greatly improved since it changed hands.  My son Ian is a bit young To be in an aged care facility but that was the only facility available.  The staff is caring And helpful and seem to do their very best. Sent from my iPad

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B Jun 03, 2015

Big thank you to all at Rosehill for taking care for our mother. Ethnic acceptance is very important and very pleasing to see this facility employs Russian speaking staff who can talk to our mother. We could not imagine what it would be like if they didn't have Russian speaking staff.

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Barbara Jun 02, 2015

Rosehill Aged Care Facility may not be the most modern building but what it lacks in architectural sophistication it makes up for with human heart (also ongoing structural improvements). On our first visit there we were assisted in the door and welcomed by the Maintenance Manager and this proved to be the culture throughout the facility – staff are open, welcoming and supportive. There is no perfect facility at this difficult time in the life of the aged but Rosehill applies itself to best practice and a spirit of continual improvement.

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Elwin8066 May 29, 2015

I was getting worried because I had looked at many places and none of them seemed to suit my husbands personality. When I entered Menarock rosehill it just felt right - music, laughter, a young proprietor up a ladder painting. The chef brought us out hot scones, the gardener barracked for Collingwood like my husband did. The atmosphere was clean and fresh. The only drawback was the lack of ensuite toilet and shower, but this was minimised by the care and efficiency and friendliness of the staff. I have recommended Rosehill to friends without hesitation. Raie Graham Sent from my iPad

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Menarock Life

Thanks Raie for your wonderful feedback and your ongoing recommendation of Rosehill. Something you may not be aware of is that we have now added 3 ensuites and 3 single rooms in the Orchid wing which has worked out really well. My wife will be delighted to hear that she got a mention about her painting of the facility! Our sincere best wishes to you. Regards, Craig Holland. Director, Menarock Aged Care Services.
Jun 01, 2015

Pickles family May 28, 2015

Finding care for our 82 year old mother suffering from dementia was the most heartbreaking and fearful thing we had ever done in our lives. We truly felt that no one could care for her as well as us but after a long journey to the point of exhaustion we knew we had to make that heartbreaking decision. The staff at rosehill from the first meeting were there to comfort us reassure us and through buckets of tears let us no that we can now enjoy our time with mum as they will take over the care. How greatful we were for those lovely walks around the home singing , sitting in the sun and enjoying a quiet moment. We could walk out that door and feel no guilt about leaving mum because she was loved . The staff from top to bottom were truly amazing we knew when we weren't there that our mum was truly cared for . Our mum passed on May 20th 2014 and she was treated with the utmost care and dignitythat she deserved.Our family shared tears with staff when they also said their final good- byes . We will forever be grateful and even that doesn't seem enough for enabling us to get back our relationship with mum before she passed . We thank god everyday that we found rosehill .

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Dayne7231 May 27, 2015

A wonderful caring and well run nursing home that has been my husbands home for 7 years. I have worked in HealthCare myself for 30years and could not be more pleased with the dedication of the staff and the lifestyle program is excellent.

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JRoyal May 26, 2015

I always find the staff very pleasant and accommodating and their care of my husband is excellent. I would however like to see more (

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annbendouli58 May 25, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to your remarkable staff who were in any way involved in caring for Steven during his residence in your wonderful Nursing Home, Rosehill. On behalf of the Provatas family, I would like to thank you so much for your professionalism, your kindness and compassion towards my Dad during the year and during the weeks when he was so ill and frail. Dad became very fond of the staff that cared for him, and you were all such a support, a source of strength and good advice. It was also a relief for us to know that the responsibility of caring for Dad was being shared. What an amazing service you offer to the community! You and your staff also guided and informed the family through the journey of caring for dad. How can we ever thank you? Words cannot express how much I adored your staff’s wonderful patience, your information and reassurance. During my visits I was invariably greeted with warm welcomes, big smiles and friendship from all these nice people - I won't mention names in case I leave someone out - including Administration and Secretarial staff, Nurses and Care Assistants, Cleaning and Catering staffs, Laundry staff and Maintenance staff. He was admitted to your care as mum wanted to be within walking distance to his aged care facility. She walked there twice each day and sat with him. Thankyou for caring for her as well as Dad. Keep up the wonderful work in helping others as much as you helped me. The community needs your help, kindness and compassion always! My Warmest wishes with lots of love to you all! Regards Ann Bendouli

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DianaS May 22, 2015

My Grandmother has been residing at Rosehill for a number of years now. When I selected Rosehill it was because of it's proximity to my home and because of the quality and care of the staff. Since Menarock have been managing Rosehill, the quality of the staff has remained constant but the rooms and resident facilities have had major upgrades and now Rosehill looks like the sort of aged care facility I hoped to find in the beginning. One of the other important aspects of care is access to well planned and organised activities for residents. The activities Team does a great job at Rosehill and my Grandmother and I are often able to enjoy organised musical entertaniners and spend time together in a relaxed way.

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Tony01 May 21, 2015

Rosehill is a thoroughly professional and caring environment. An environment that has especially impacted in a positive way on my father's mental health. Well done to you all!

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Joye Burrows May 18, 2015

I am more than thrilled that we chose Rosehill Highett for my mothers care as the staff are great and the activities are fabulous as my mother loves to be involved in all that is offered and looks forward to the calender for the month to get excited about forthcoming activities. The staff are very caring both towards my mother and always say hello by name to me when I arrive each day, and I mean all staff, from the nurses, kitchen, cleaning and maintenance and all other staff there, they know us by name and welcome us with a smile. My mother enjoys the food, and it is plentiful and lots of variety. The rooms are always clean, and the facility is bright and when special days are organised the rooms are decorated, eg......Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, nationality days etc......the list goes on....

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Alan Adair May 15, 2015

Although my mother was only at Rosehill for a short time my wife and I were extremely impressed with the overall appearance of this facility, the quality of the care given, the knowledge and ability of the friendly staff. The place had a great feeling and from person observation while assisting Santa at their Christmas parties I can say that the residents were happy and well cared for. The activities undertaken by Rosehill are innovative, challenging and varied.

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Cayla404 May 14, 2015

We are grateful to all staff and management for the care they gave our parents in there final 2 years. ( ken Elsdon)

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Diane Choate May 14, 2015

My Mother

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Elsdon May 14, 2015

Both my parents were at Rosehill age care for approx 2 years till they passed away the staff were just like family, they cared for mum and dad just like family from the cleaner to managers we could not ask for a better place for mum and dads last few years they always had time to talk to all family members that visited my parents.

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Community of the Holy Name May 13, 2015

We have seen a great vast improvement since Menarock Aged Care Services have ttaken over the management of the facility

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