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Social Media Benefits the Elderly in Many Ways

10 April 2015

Research finds seniors are increasingly embracing social media platforms, especially Facebook, over the past year.

Exercise, Tai Chi and Music: Research Suggests Ways to Promote Emotional Wellbeing in Older Adults

07 April 2015

It is estimated that one in ten adults experience depression and a similar number experience anxiety. According to beyondblue CEO, Georgie Harman, “Mental health conditions are even more common among older people in the community”.

People Ignoring Signs of Cancer, Putting Lives in Danger

02 April 2015

A recent study finds participants dismissed cancer 'alarm' symptoms as being more related to age, arthritis or infection.

Elderly Care Rests With Daughters Over Sons

24 March 2015

A recent study shows that daughters are ultimately the more dependable gender to providing their elderly parents care.

Books to Help You Stay Healthy As You Age

17 March 2015

Whether you’re already retired or preparing for it, your love of books is likely to grow. With extra time on your hands, reading a good book is the perfect pastime, especially when it’s combined with a cuppa and a comfy chair. So what should you be reading?

Life Satisfaction Increases with Age, but Not Everywhere in the World

19 February 2015

A recent study finds that life satisfaction increases in later years - but not for everyone.

Aged Care residents benefit from the talents of Circus Arts

27 February 2015

The amazing health and emotional benefits of learning new skills in your old age.

9 Apps to Stay on Top of Your Health As You Age

19 March 2015

We’re sure you are aware that stimulating the mind as you age is a fantastic way to keep the mind active and healthy. Health professionals recommend continual learning and one great thing to learn if you haven’t already is how to navigate the world of apps.

Melbourne Welcomes Its First Aged Care Nurse Practitioner

16 January 2015

Aged Care Reviews congratulates Cheryl Donohue, Melbourne’s first aged care nurse practitioner.

How to Find the Best Aged Care Facility to Suit Your Needs

24 December 2014

The decision to move into an aged care facility is rarely an easy one, both for the person moving and the family involved.

Everything You Need to Know About Dementia

10 December 2014

In 2014, it is estimated that there are over 332,000 Australians living with dementia.

Light Alcohol Consumption May Help Improve Memory in Seniors

12 November 2014

A recent medical study from the USA shows max 1-2 drinks per day may improve the part of the brain that recalls events.

Using the Internet to Keep Connected and Avoid Depression

05 November 2014

Using the Internet to Keep Connected and Avoid Depression

Proof that Brain Training Can Have Long-Lasting Effects in Seniors

29 October 2014

As brain deterioration is a common problem for older people, the discovery of ways to improve brain health is in high demand.

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