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Ambassador Program

Aged Care Reviews Ambassador Information Centre


decoration Drive Excellence and Stand Out

Being an Aged Care Reviews Ambassador means that you are keen to receive public recognition for the great job you and your colleagues are doing when taking care of your residents.

It also means that you are enthusiastic about generating customer reviews for your facility because you understand that positive reviews are more powerful than any marketing material

  What are the benefits of becoming an ACR Ambassador?

As an Ambassador you will have get the chance to stand out and make yourself known by the upper management as being a change leader, willing to make a difference in an industry where customer feedback is not only necessary, but well received and taken into consideration. 

Why not use this opportunity to also receive great incentives such as
$100 Coles or David Jones Gift Cards and enter the draw to 
Win a 5 nights Gold Coast Holiday for two*.

(*check-in: 16 May 2016; check-out: 21 May 2016)

  How it works?*

 25 Reviews
 First 60 days after  commencing
 Receive a
 $100 Coles Gift Card OR
 $100 David Jones Gift Card

 40 Reviews

 First 90 days after  commencing
 Enter the Draw to Win a
 Gold Coast Holiday for 2

*Competition unfolds between 25/09/2015 - 31/03/2016

generate reviews  What do I have to do? 

The main goal of an Aged Care Reviews Ambassador is to encourage the residents, family members and tour visitors to post a review based on their experience. 

1. Ask the staff members to hand out to residents and family members the Review Us Now flier.

2. Send the Review Us Now flier out together with your Newsletter. Not many consumers are asked to submit their feedback on an online platform. They will be delighted to see that your organisation is seeking for their honest feedback.

3. Give the Review Us Now fliers to your tour visitors and ask for their feedback.

4. Leave some Review Us Now fliers at the Reception area and next to the Sign In Book.

5. Ask your Marketing Manager to encourage residents and their families to submit their reviews by using social media - Facebook and Twitter.

6. Send the Review Us Now fliers together with your invoices. This way, you are making sure they will be read and actioned.

7. Insert in your office email signature a short link to the Aged Care Reviews website encouraging readers to submit their review.

8. Display the Review Us Now Poster in your foyer or other public location to encourage family members to do a review.

resrouces  Resources

A4 Flier for Residents & Family Members
Review Us Now - A4 Flier - Download Now! Review Us Now Flier~Download Now!
Print out this A4 flier to give out to residents and their families to encourage reviews.

A3 Poster for Display
Review Us Now Poster - Download Now
Print this A3 poster to put up in your foyer or other public location to encourage family members to do a review.

  Why is it important to receive reviews from your customers?

support  Need help?

If you need any help, send us an e-mail at [email protected]

All support queries are answered within 24 hours.

Good luck!

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