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Aged Care Deregulation Welcomed, But Requires Info Reforms

Aged Care Deregulation Welcomed, But Requires Info Reforms

Media Release
20 April 2016

The Federal Government’s Aged Care Sector Committee has today released a Roadmap backing fundamental deregulation in aged care and home care.

Australia’s leading consumer review website for aged care, Aged Care Reviews (, believes deregulation in aged care is much needed.

“The only way to see quality and innovation improve is through deregulation. It means more beds being built, and more choice on price. It’s a reform we support” said Ken Ray, Co Founder & CEO of Aged Care Reviews.

“The current system of aged care accreditation is a joke. It’s a minimum standard, a ‘tick a box’ assessment done every three years with audits notified in advance. It does nothing to ensure quality.”

“The only safeguard for consumers is in having real choices, backed by simple to understand information. Otherwise society’s most vulnerable will be ripped off.”

“The experience from every other deregulated industry is that with complexity comes the increased chance of consumers being ripped off.”

“Government’s information provision in aged care, including the website, needs to be made simpler. That includes displaying reviews and ratings from consumers from third parties like our platform and others” said Mr Ray.

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