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FAQ - Barry Plant's Offer

Q: What is the discounted commission offered by Barry Plant to ACR clients?
A: It is tiered on property value:
$0 - $500,000 – 2% commission + GST
$500,000 to $1m – 1.75% + GST
$1m+ - 1.5% + GST

Q: What sort of discount is this?
A: Typically, the discounted sales commission rates represent a 20% - 50% discount on what could be achieved by the family if they went to Barry Plant directly.

Q: Who will contact the family, and when?
A: A representative from the local Barry Plant office will contact the caller within 24-48 business hours.

Q: What’s so special about Barry Plant?
A: A few things – (1) they are Victoria’s largest real estate agency network – giving them unrivalled experience and reach; (2) they have structured this special aged care customer package because they understand how difficult it is to place into aged care; and (3) they have built a system that will see the caller matched with a local agent who is empathetic, caring and understanding of the aged care situation.

Q: What happens to Enquiries once they are sent to Barry Plant?
A: All enquiries are sent to a representative from Barry Plant head office - who will look at the location in question, and determine who in the closest office is best placed to handle this client. After that, the local agent will get in touch with the caller. This method ensures a high level of quality service will be provided to the ACR client.

Q: What fee does ACR make?
A: If the family ends up using Barry Plant, and sells their property through Barry Plant, then ACR will be paid a commission fee equivalent to 20% of the agents commission. This helps ACR make our Decision Support Service available and free for the public.

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