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Beaumont Care Rothwell Aged Care Service
10 Springdale St, Rothwell QLD
0419 165 877
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About Beaumont Care Rothwell Aged Care Service

The home which is discretely located amongst attractive residential homes and gardens, is a fully-secure site which welcomes people with dementia who wander, supporting them to do so in a safe environment. The home design is quite unique in that it offers a large walking area with no 'dead ends' to support elderly persons who wander, thus reducing their feelings of frustration and anger at being unable to walk freely and to leave the building.The Model of Care unique to this Facility, focusses on each resident as a special individual who needs support and understanding in a warm and accepting environment. The 'Key Carer' role sees each resident allocated a special worker who gets to know and understand him/her and family and provides special insight about the resident for other health care workers.Residents' life stories are represented pictorially, providing knowledge of each person - yesterday, today and tomorrow. Absolutely no personal financial guarantees required - ever!!