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Aged Care Info Centre

Why you need an advance care directive

23 May 2018

At some point in your life there may come a time when you’re unable to make decisions for yourself. This could be because of a sudden accident or mental health episode, dementia, a stroke, or even an inability to communicate while in a coma or unconscious. Planning for these types of situations and end of life care may be scary, but thinking ahead is important.

5 ways to maintain your independence with Parkinson’s

23 May 2018

How people that suffer from Parkinson's Disease (PD) can maintain their interdependence.

Is it time to start thinking about medic alert jewellery for your loved one?

16 April 2018

Medical alert jewellery helps emergency responders and other first aid workers within the community to assist seniors with treatment faster and to communication their health conditions.

Using a reverse mortgage to fund aged care

12 April 2018

An overview of how a reverse mortgage can be used to fund aged care.

How Aged Care Fees Work

15 March 2018

The Four Types of Fees in Aged Care - Basic Daily Care Fee, Means Tested Care Fee, Accommodation Payment (RAD or DAP), and Extra Service Fees

Do we have to pay an aged care Bond?

15 March 2018

The definitive guide that will tell you whether your friend or relative will be liable to pay an aged care bond

Aged care jargon & concepts explained

13 December 2017

Understand key aged care concepts in 5 minutes with this easy to digest article explaining aged care jargon.

How you can prepare for selling your family home

21 April 2017

Apia Insurance talk to two people who recently decided to sell their family home, and share some valuable lessons along the way.

How We Stop Fake Reviews

28 June 2016

Stopping fake reviews is at the heart of our promise to aged care consumers and their families to facilitate informed decision making. Its also the number one concern of aged care operators engaging through our platform.

List of Aged Care Assessment Teams

16 June 2016

Find your local aged care assessment team.

The Hidden Fee Your Family Has No Idea About

15 June 2016

The new hidden aged care fee that can cost your family tens of thousands of dollars. Read more...

Aged Care Reviews Life Expectancy Calculator

06 October 2015

Use our new Life Expectancy Calculator to quickly measure your life expectancy now!

Moderate Drinking in Seniors Linked to Heart Damage

18 June 2015

A study originally published by Dr. Scott Solomon of Harvard Medical School has found an association between heart damage in elderly and alcohol intake.

Future Communities Will Require a Smarter Approach to Age-Friendliness

08 June 2015

A study by the Gerontological Society of America has found that the performance of communities world-wide will need to focus on providing a higher quality of life for their older citizens.

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