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Is it time to start thinking about medic alert jewellery for your loved one?

16 April 2018

Medical alert jewellery helps emergency responders and other first aid workers within the community to assist seniors with treatment faster and to communication their health conditions.

Aged Care Reviews Life Expectancy Calculator

06 October 2015

Use our new Life Expectancy Calculator to quickly measure your life expectancy now!

Moderate Drinking in Seniors Linked to Heart Damage

18 June 2015

A study originally published by Dr. Scott Solomon of Harvard Medical School has found an association between heart damage in elderly and alcohol intake.

Future Communities Will Require a Smarter Approach to Age-Friendliness

08 June 2015

A study by the Gerontological Society of America has found that the performance of communities world-wide will need to focus on providing a higher quality of life for their older citizens.

Seniors Ask for Understanding and Compassion

18 May 2015

A study takes into account the perceptions and experiences of seniors with a range of different backgrounds.

Sessions for Brain Health Awareness

14 May 2015

A new initiative from Alzheimer's Australia focuses on workplace education for early detection of dementia.

Aging at Home Might be a Bad Idea

04 May 2015

A study proposes the theory that it's not recommended for older people to attempt to remain in their home and live independently as long as possible.

Can Illness Isolate the Elderly?

30 April 2015

Research highlights the importance of social interaction for those suffering chronic illness.

Culture Changes Improve Nursing Home Care

27 April 2015

A recent study finds a move to more patient centred and residential feel improves clinical outcomes

Social Media Benefits the Elderly in Many Ways

10 April 2015

Research finds seniors are increasingly embracing social media platforms, especially Facebook, over the past year.

People Ignoring Signs of Cancer, Putting Lives in Danger

02 April 2015

A recent study finds participants dismissed cancer 'alarm' symptoms as being more related to age, arthritis or infection.

Elderly Care Rests With Daughters Over Sons

24 March 2015

A recent study shows that daughters are ultimately the more dependable gender to providing their elderly parents care.

Books to Help You Stay Healthy As You Age

17 March 2015

Whether you’re already retired or preparing for it, your love of books is likely to grow. With extra time on your hands, reading a good book is the perfect pastime, especially when it’s combined with a cuppa and a comfy chair. So what should you be reading?

Life Satisfaction Increases with Age, but Not Everywhere in the World

19 February 2015

A recent study finds that life satisfaction increases in later years - but not for everyone.

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