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Who is The Insider?

05 November 2013

We are pleased to announce The Insider as a feature guest writer for From The Experts. The Insider is someone who works each day in aged care. The Insider has spent a career in residential aged care facilities, and does so to this day. They know what really happens, what care staff do behind the scenes, what management really thinks and does, and most importantly, they know families deserve unfiltered information.

Welcome to 'From the Experts'

05 November 2013

Welcome to Aged Care Review's 'From the Experts' section. Over the coming weeks and months we will be introducing a range of guest writers from across the aged care world. Some will be working in the sector day to day - either as an operator of an aged care facility or care provider, as a staff member, or as a placement consultant. From time to time we will also try to get the opinions of others who influence the sector - whether they be policy makers, regulators or advocacy groups.

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