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Is it time to start thinking about medic alert jewellery for your loved one?

In most circumstances a family would prefer an elderly loved one to remain at home, rather than move into a nursing home.

Remaining independent has proven emotional and health wellbeing effects. For most people the overall cost of receiving additional help at home (including medical assistance) is lower than that for residential aged care.

If your family is thinking about the care to be received by a loved one in and out of the home, it may be time to think about medical alert jewellery.

What is medical alert jewellery?

Medical alert jewellery helps emergency responders and other first aid workers within the community to assist seniors with treatment faster and to communication their health conditions.

Medical professionals are trained to look for this type of jewellery when assessing a patient, to find out vital information about their medical history and any condition they may have.

That’s why for seniors, a globally recognised medical alert bracelet, necklace or wristband tag is extremely important.

If your loved one has a medical condition, takes regular medications, has an implant/device or an Advanced Care Directive, medical alert jewellery supports them to communicate their needs when it matters most.

MedicAlert Foundation

In Australia the MedicAlert Foundation has protected the community for over 45 years with their internationally recognised and trusted medical alert jewellery

By wearing their IDs, seniors can be supported in and out of the home with peace of mind knowing that their medical history, advanced care directive and other vital information is accessible at all times by medical professionals, emergency responders and first aid workers through the MedicAlert 24/7 Emergency Response Service.

Aged Care Reviews works with the MedicAlert Foundation to increase awareness of the benefits of medical alert jewellery for our seniors and their independence.

Seniors Card Discount

Did you know that Seniors Card holders can save 20% off their MedicAlert membership and 10% off all products when they use the code SENIORS at the MedicAlert website.

If your family is considering how best to protect an elderly loved one at home, now is a great time to purchase a piece of MedicAlert jewellery and an associated membership.

You can learn more about the MedicAlert Seniors Card offer by clicking here.

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