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Who is The Insider?

Aged care is an industry shrouded in complexity, and requiring huge amounts of trust on behalf of its residents and clients. With the number of people aged over 70 set to quadruple in the coming decades, its also an industry that matters more and more.

Aged Care Reviews is all about bringing transparency to aged care.

We are pleased to announce The Insider as a feature guest writer for From The Experts.

The Insider is someone who works each day in aged care. The Insider has spent a career in residential aged care facilities, and does so to this day. They know what really happens, what care staff do behind the scenes, what management really thinks and does, and most importantly, they know families deserve unfiltered information.

The Insider has been hand picked by Aged Care Reviews because he or she is a person of the upmost integrity, professionalism and qualifications. The Insider wont be naming names, but they will share with you the 'office cooler' thoughts of someone on the inside of an aged care business. Think of The Insider as a family friend who works in aged care.

There are times when what The Insider presents wont make for comfortable reading. It may be confronting. Most of the time it will be plain helpful.

At Aged Care Reviews we don't take a backward step from our mission to bring transparency to aged care. The opinions and insights of The Insider will be controversial in many quarters, and wont make this website any friends in the aged care industry, but you deserve the right to access and consider a range of views and opinions. That, ultimately, is our commitment to you.

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