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Aegis Aged Care Group

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Aegis Aged Care Group

  • 90 Goodwood Pde Burswood WA 6100
  • Phone - (08) 6254 8200
  • 69 reviews
3.8 (69 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Nov 20, 2017

would not recommend , especially if they bring in agency staff they are not very compassionate when relative is dying, the staff were meant to be re positioning my mum every 2 hours yet they ended up pinning her arm underneath her causing her to scream out in pain , I also found blood on sheets where they caused injury to her arm and had to ask for them to change sheets, another complaint is 2 and half hours before my mother passed away all the nurse on duty was interested in was which funeral director to use. NO very compassionate at all

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[email protected]

Sep 21, 2017

Our 95 year old Mother took up residence a year ago. She died very peacefully last week when her heart ultimately gave out My wife and i have nothing but praise for the staff of Aegis. They could not have been more caring and loving. It is always of concern when placing a loved one in a nursing home. One reads poor publicity of homes in general but certainly this could not refer ever to Greenfields Aegis. We care grateful to them all

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Sep 12, 2017

I understand this is a hard moment for everyone, mostly the resident. Generally the care staff are supportive and try to stretch themselves to all residents. I guess we forget that the resident is now in prison, unable to move freely around as they once used too at home and watching their frustrations on their faces and not being able to understand why is the worst hurt of all. Mum's room is very very small with electrical cords laying on the floor or running long floor beading. TV is next to her head which will not be helping posture and neck support and generally not a nice way to sit and watch TV. Unable to move bed around to make life easier. Continual need to check cleanliness of bathroom. Friends ring the aged care home and mum isn't able to get their calls. You begin with optimism and trust and then it is just what it is.

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Aug 9, 2017

The carers, therapy and nursing staff are generally lovely but difficult to find on weekends and after hours due to low staff ratios. If your relative is mobile and able to get out it's ok but the activities are VERY repetitive and boring for many residents. Given the RAD and DAP costs compared to some homes it's not worth the extra money. Management and some admin staff leave a lot to be desired. They forget it is the residents home not theirs and could do with retraining in customer service. Don't expect them to do what they say they will and be prepared to constantly follow up issues. Yes, they don't like it if you correct them but don't be afraid to stand up for your relative because thankfully it's the carers, nurse and therapy staff that look after them.

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Aug 1, 2017

This aged care faciity is one of the nicest Ive seen. The plan

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Aug 1, 2017

Some staff do some strange things like hang worn clothing back in wardrobe. Missing brand new clothing that was sent to the laundry for labeling never seen again. not enough physical stimulation. Need to get a physiotherapist in even though the facility provide one.Food always complained about.

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Jul 31, 2017

There are some TRULY AMAZING staff members in the care facility that my parents are/have been in BUT it disturbs me that they are so budget conscious - not client centred. The dementia ward has amazing staff - who are limited by budgeting to initiate the things that they would like to do. I also think that it is outrageous that the therapy staff have to raise funds to purchase the things they need!

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Apr 20, 2017

I agree with Megan, that the standard of care here is very low. The staff are generally a caring group, but on the weekends there is very few staff. I was there after a concert on a Sunday, and I wheeled my Mum back to her room. 45 mins to an hour later, when I walked past where the concert had been held, there were still about three quarters of the residents in wheel chairs waiting to be moved to their rooms or somewhere else. After about 5 months of Mum being there I tried to get DBMAS to come in an make an assessment because I was concerned that she was becoming less mobile. They recommended aromatherapy, but there was all sorts of reasons why this would not happen. When I asked to see facility manager, I was told that she could find me another placement for Mum if I was not happy with the situation at Shawford. A great way to treat someone with advanced frontal lobe dementia. In the whole 2 years and 4 months that Mum was in Shawford care, there was no attempt to have a family discussion about her health. Finally, after many comments about her shortness and wheezing of breath, we were asked if we would like to view her care plan. I agree also with Rebekah that Shawford is mainly interested in getting money, and with the minimum amount spent on clients. I was extremely surprised when found out that there was no occupational therapy budget. They, and clients, made Christmas and other cards to supplement buying for their projects. I would be prepared to take an oath in court that these matters mentioned above are true and correct.

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Tegan Lowe

Apr 19, 2017

Both of my Grandparents reside at Shawford Lodge in Innaloo. The quality of the facility itself and the exorbitant deposit required to secure a bed, leads one to think that their loved ones would be receiving the very best care. Unfortunately this is not the case. I have to repeatedly request that staff perform the most basic of care and despite multiple meetings over the past 3 yrs, I continue to have to do so. I could only recommend this facility if you hate your family member and wish to pay large amounts of money to make them suffer the indignities of not being showered regularly, not have their finger and toenails maintained, or their teeth cleaned for so long that you can see the build up of plaque (not to mention smell it). It is heartbreaking to see and deal with this on a regular basis instead of being able to relax and enjoy the time you have left with the family member you love dearly. Places for beds in Aged Care Facilities have waiting lists and are hard to get into, make sure you choose better than I did!

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Nov 11, 2016

Not as bad if you still have mobility but if you have to rely on them could be waiting awhile. Pads they use are a waste of time so matres smells of urine, they are not washed when pad removed they just put another pad on. My husband has been left hanging out of chair until I arivve to rescue him most of problems are just common cense eg bell where people can reach not back of bed or on floor and take time to listen to what people are trying to say.

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Jan Barker

Nov 11, 2016

The staff at Aegis aged care in Mindarrie are very caring and loving to their patients. There are activities if the resident cares to join in. Once a month there is a musician comes to play which even I joined in with the songs they sang. Birthdays are celebrated and there are happy hours. Great facility, very clean, no smell and most of all great staff.

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Nov 10, 2016

We moved my mum from one home to this one.There my mum was so happy put on a lot of weight loved the food. They had ipod for every patient with all there favorite old time music. My mum loved big band music as she was a good dancer in her time.Every time i visited her which was often even though she had dementia she was so happy

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Oct 15, 2016

A old lady 85 years old was infested with "scabies" for 3 months before something was done! How can this happen? There must be some guidelines to follow,; "regard hygenic wellbeing"! The place is not cheap to buy in the first place! What went wrong?

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Sep 26, 2016

My mother got "Scabies" on the premises

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Sep 5, 2016

Have found this facility to be very good for aged care. My mum has been here 12 months and is very content. She has dementia. She is always clean and so is the room she is in. She has put on 7kg since she has arrived. They are very attentive to her needs and feel comfortable that she is being well cared for. Overall very happy with this facility.

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Aug 4, 2016

Aegis Parkview has some friendly and attentive staff that really have compassion for your loved ones, but it seems they are always understaffed and are always relying on outside agencies to step in and the staff from agencies, do not have compassion and do not go the extra mile. Food is absolutely appalling. No nutritional goodness, stodgy and uneatable. It would be good to perhaps have family days with all patients and loved ones. Also perhaps have school children frequent the aged care and either perform whether it be singing or just perhaps having a chat with the patients and listening to them and sharing their wisdom to the young students. So much more interaction is needed.

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Apr 20, 2016

My grandmother was a resident at Shoawater Aged Care for approx 2 years. Sadly she passed away over Easter (2016) aged 100

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Apr 18, 2016

Both my parents were in Aged care at the same time and it was the most stressful and emotionally exhausting time of my life. My mother, in particular, hated being there as the place stunk of urine, the food was awful and she wouldn't eat it and the staff took ages to arrive when she called them. Many of them were also impatient with the clients and items were often stolen from my parents' belongings. They lost all their dignity in there and mum only lasted about 6 months in the care facility.

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Apr 14, 2016

Unfortunately, the so called aged care facilities are still NURSING HOMES! One of the most expensive in the northern suburbs of Perth doesn't pay for or realize that they HAVE TO train their staff in Dementia Care! SO .... They are still NURSING dementia patients... Not caring for them!

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Mar 17, 2016

Everyone is friendly and helpful. More activities would be good in the dementia wing. Little seems to be happening each time I visit.

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