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Aegis Aged Care Group

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Aegis Aged Care Group

  • 90 Goodwood Pde Burswood WA 6100
  • Phone - (08) 6254 8200
  • 69 reviews
3.8 (69 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Jul 15, 2015


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Jul 13, 2015

My Mum first went into low care. Unfortunately within a couple of years she was transferred into the Dementia ward. The facility was brand new, and like a holiday resort. The staff were great, although a lot of the domestic workers were Asian or African which the oldies found difficult to understand and I think because of their age this was a bit concerning for them. The saddest thing about aged care is that some families just drop their family member off and think that there job is done, many residents did not have visitors. The Centre had lots of activities, but perhaps not enough staff to get everyone involved. Food was good. I have experienced first hand the joy my little grandchildren brought to the residents, some thought that they were their kids, but that's OK. My Mum was so proud that her children and grandchildren visited regularly. Should be more kids involved in aged care. Love the idea of family centres visiting the oldies every now and then.

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Jun 30, 2015

Whilst mother was initially reluctant, she adapted very quickly due primarily to the other residents, she was never happy with the food and seemed to be left to her own devices more often than not. However for a minimal care facility I guess they fulfilled their roll adequately.

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Jun 24, 2015

I find the staff very appreciable if I need to talk to them at all with any concerns or anything I need to ask them. They all seem to be bright and cheerful and that is what the residents need. My father in law passed away last year but my mother in law is still there and they were wonderful at his time of passing with her and still are. When my father in law moved in there with his wife it took him a long time to get use to the idea of being there and leaving his dog and house behind and everything that was in it but they said their dog could visit any time and tried to make my father in law as comfortable as they could. He gave the poor girls hell at first but after awhile the staff got to know him and visa versa then they all got along fine.

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Jun 21, 2015

feel they need to meet individual requirements more than they do and cater more for them as a person rather than as a number

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Jun 20, 2015

One month before going into this residential home my husband was in another facility. He was holding weekly art classes for the staff, feeling hopeful and treated respectfully. A month after being transferred, he had passed away. The staff at the residential home fed him an appalling diet, including foods he was not supposed to eat; they were very reluctant and indifferent to recommendations and prescriptions from our own health care team and left him unattended in his bed for long periods of time. He was left without access to drinking water. One particular member of staff was very impatient with him, force feeding him faster than he could swallow the food, which caused him to choke. He was taken to hospital until I could find a different residential home, but developed pneumonia. He was released into the new home but passed away the following day.

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Jun 15, 2015

We need more aged care workers, but unless the wage rises I can understand why facilities are short staffed, The staff at this facility are always pleasant and helpful, I am glad my Mother is in this particular one.

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Jun 12, 2015

Should contact family more when things go wrong or perhaps once a week to keep up to date on any problems. One week before she died was not told of her downhill condition.

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Sep 16, 2014

Don't go here. Quality of care low - run as a money making machine only. Looks good from outside, was advised by hospital nursing staff to look at care level before going to this facility - they were right. Manager was interested in sales, not people. My mother was left sitting in a chair for days because they could not even provide a walking aid, not even a simple frame.

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