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Arcare Pty Ltd

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Arcare Pty Ltd

  • 346 South Rd Hampton East VIC 3188
  • Phone - 1300 272 273
  • 117 reviews
3.6 (117 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Aug 31, 2018

Facility: Arcare Glenhaven

My mum stayed in this place. From out side the centre is beautiful with lovely gardens and interior decorations.But some of the staff there were so rude, do not come for ages when the call bell is pressed for help.Even if they come , they switch off the bell and leave without asking why the bell was pressed. Some of the staff there were really lovely

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Jul 24, 2018

The food they serve is absolute muck. The majority of the protein is sausage mince. Occasional you get a decent pub meal like chicken or beef curry or shepherds pie, but you wouldn't want to be eating there seven days a week. You would become deficient in Iron like my mother has become. They are more interested in making money than caring for the residents. And sadly the only authority you can complain to, the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, will do nothing. They will first try to dismiss your complaint and in the end have no authority to enforce anything and these aged care facilities know that.

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Julian Dunwill

May 23, 2018

Facility: Arcare Nirvana

Hi, we have just lost our 94 y.o. mother. She stayed at Arcare Nirvana. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to the staff of the center for their exemplary care and concern for us and our Mum. Loosing someone close is always difficult, yes... but the level of professionalism and care shown to Mum and us through the last 5, final days was just phenomenal. I would like to congratulate Arcare Nirvana for such a consistent high service standard. Special personal thanks to Janina, Kathy, Oliver and Mani for your warmth and care. Thank you, Julian Dunwill

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May 14, 2018

My husband has been in Arcare Warrigal since July 2017. He is only 69 and the facility went out of its way to ensure that he was located with people of similar age and capacity until this no longer became necessary. The process of entering the facility was well managed and thoughtful. The care and attention is exemplary and he really enjoys the variety of food each day. The dedicated staff assignment (where he is cared for by the same staff every day) has been fantastic in terms of his becoming settled and content. I viewed 14 facilities in preparation for placing my husband and this one was by far the best out of all of them. I am thankful every day that he was offered a place at Arcare Warrigal.

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Apr 26, 2018

Facility: Arcare Knox

The regular staff are lovely, but there are too many casual staff, some whose English is very basic. After hours and weekends hardly any familiar faces on duty. Food is not freshly cooked on the is brought in pre-cooked and then re-cooked so well that most of it goes back uneaten. Vegetarian food is really poor. I am a fully-funded resident, and I feel that the food is therefore the cheapest probably get better food in a prison! My room doesn't have a view, except of the inside of the pay more for that, and there are no landscaped gardens that I know of.

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Marie. L

Apr 13, 2018

Facility: Arcare Epping

We have our grandmother living at Arcare Epping and the quality of care, food, lifestyle are just a cut above. We are very happy and most importantly we don't worry about if she is ok, we know she is.

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Jan 31, 2018

Facility: Arcare Brighton

4 different managers in less than 2 years and lots of staffing problems that adversely affect resident care. While the facilities are very nice, it is the staff that really matters. As Arcare keeps opening new facilities it is moving staff to the newer facilities. This is causing lots of turnover and stress to the remaining staff that deals with untrained staff and temps. This bad management that means that staff don't know residents or the residents medical needs. This is happening at all levels from managers, RNs and carers. I do not recommend sending your loved ones here.

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Jan 8, 2018

Very modern complex but has serious staff issues and contact details of relatives were not kept up to date. I specifically asked them to contact me any time day or night. When it counted and my mother had a fall that she never recovered from. I found out the hospital was given a completely wrong mobile number from what I gave them and therefore when I was finally contacted by a sibling after 5 hrs it was too late to late. Make sure you have constant contact with the director.

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Brizzy Lassy

Nov 21, 2017

Facility: Arcare Caboolture

We needed to recently put my mother into care and decided on Arcare at Caboolture. What a wonderful facility. Her sister is also there so we chose it for the quality care my Aunty was receiving and knew mum would get the same care. Huge rooms where you can bring your own furniture or just have the ones they supply. I would recommend an inspection if you are considering a home for your loved one or yourself.

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Sep 17, 2017

They advertise 5 star food. We were given a complimentary meal prior to my mother entering the facility. The food we were served was very acceptable, although I would never have ever considered it 5 star. But now the food is absolutely shocking. Twice in the last few months watery zucchini has been served with the rest of the meal floating in water. Tinned spaghetti with chopped boiled egg was another main, apparently popular with some residents. Other main choice was a sausage roll. The facility did state that the sausage roll was a gourmet one made on site. Steak Diane might sound good, but not when the meat is sinewy enough that it has to be put through a tenderiser. The other night they served riblets, again mince shaped to look like a rib. Meat balls (more mince) has been another popular choice by management. Frozen crumbed fish is also served as 5 star. Pub food is better than this. I did suggest to Arcare's, General Counsel, the Regional Support Manager, the site Manager and the Catering Manager, that we all sit down and eat the food for a week. If they are not happy to eat the food then why are they serving it to the residents? So far one has declined because they work 30 minutes away and the others refuse to respond. The catering manager has interviewed a few residents, including my mother, to ask them what would suffice. I would suggest that there is no need for a catering manager if he need to ask the residents what is acceptable. They have cut staff, including the man who gave all the residents physio daily. He was fantastic for the residents well being and mobility, he has not been replaced. Best thing about the facility is that there is no smell, nor can you feel that wet humidity coming out of the carpets that never get a chance to dry. So they did get one thing perfect

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Sep 1, 2017

Facility: Arcare Craigieburn

Overall expectations for a nursing home quite disappointing, with inability to cater for a high care resident.

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Aug 6, 2017

Staff 5 star.Food is getting worse,today like every Sunday since Arcare took over when visiting I cannot tell you the stink not smell that comes from the kitchen at lunch time.Except today if I didnt hold my nose I would have vomited.When you complain,its they wont take any notice of us from kitchen.

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Aug 2, 2017

Facility: Arcare Caulfield

Arcare Caulfield provides a warm, welcoming, community environment for its residents and their families. The care is outstanding, particularly as my Mother has some quite complex medical needs. The staff are wonderful - nothing is too much to ask and they are caring and friendly. Infection control is excellent when required. Communication with family is very good too. The food is average, but staff are endeavouring to improve this. They are even going to use some of the residents' own recipes!! The rooms are bigger than most other Aged Care facilities, so residents can bring some of their own pieces of furniture and make the room more "homely". The Central Courtyard is lovely and sunny and very pleasant to sit in in the warmer weather. Different religions and cultures are accommodated, respected and celebrated. I can rest at night knowing that my Mother is well looked after, has an active social life and is happy. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility.

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Aug 1, 2017

Grandpa Tom has been at Arcare for several years now. He is 95....He sleeps a lot now, but is well cared for. The staff seem compassionate and caring. Lovely place.

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Jul 31, 2017

It was a tough enough decision to move mum but I couldn't have been happier with Arcare Peregian Springs. Caring, compassionate. patient and professional. The staff always had a smile. The facility itself was lovely - very homey. Mum passed this February and her life transition was handled with dignity. The family was very pleased with the overall care.

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Jul 31, 2017

Facility: Arcare Caulfield

Nice decor does not compensate for not including residents with dementia or depression in activities! Especially considering the enormous fees these residents pay!!!

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Jul 31, 2017

Facility: Arcare Sydenham

some residents are left on their own too long, not enough staff to check more often.

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Jul 31, 2017

Facility: Arcare Carnegie

My mother has dementia and has been in an aged care facility for almost 8 years. The facility has had a lot of changes over the time she has been there, the scores I have given are bssed on the current standards.

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Jeff R

Jul 30, 2017

Facility: Arcare North Lakes

Our mother is in Northlakes Arcare. We have had issues with assistance for her. She is in High Care so we are paying top dollars. Today being Sunday 30/07/17 I arrived to find my mum trying to use a cold pack for a toilet because no one would answer the buzzer to help her. How disgusting is that. On finding the staff I found them sitting in their office doing nothing. I could not believe it !!! They told me they had three staff on for 25 High Care oldies. Truely this place is a joke. It's simply about ripping out all the dollars they can from the oldies and putting minimal service back in. Recommendation is 1 for their being a complex their. This business is not their for your mum or dad. It's their for the dollars to be made out of them.

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Apr 29, 2017

Facilities and environment are good. Food is poor. Residents complain and nothing is done about it. An aged care organisation ought to provide nutritious and appealing meals for residents. The suspicion is that profits are more important the health welfare of the residents.

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