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Arcare Pty Ltd

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Arcare Pty Ltd

  • 346 South Rd Hampton East VIC 3188
  • Phone - 1300 272 273
  • 117 reviews
3.6 (117 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Sep 30, 2015

I have my mother in a nursing home because of poor health, mum is 88, but her state of mind is very good,the only thing that she has can't speak or understand the English language much.The biggest thing that is very bad its the FOOD, I can't understand WHY,it should not be very hard for a chef to dish out some nice and tasty food, after all that's all these elderly people have left to live for.

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Sep 28, 2015

Facility: Arcare Knox

Level of care needs to be more consistent during the entire week, not just week days when management are around. Overall, the majority of staff are extremely caring but there are some members of staff who know how to take the easy way out and therefore are neglectful in their duty of care to all residents.

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Sep 24, 2015

Facility: Arcare Epping

We are generally happy. Sometimes mum's clothes go missing and the place does smell a bit musty at times.

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Beware - negligent care

Aug 15, 2015

Facility: Arcare Craigieburn

This nursing home doesn't care about people only money. Beware. They drugged my nan and severely increased dementia. They almost killed her. Negligent and careless. Not enough staff and terrible care. Beware, beware, go somewhere else.

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Aug 2, 2015

The place looks great but when it comes to caring for the residents its a case of smoke and mirrors. The staff are doing their best but they have had their hours cut and have to do things the Arcare way. It used to be a great facility when it was run by Karen and her team as an IBIS facility but all that has changed. Given how high their accommodation bonds are, Arcare, which has three facilities on the Gold Coast is a total rip off. Our Mum's health and well being has deteriorated since Arcare has taken over and we believe the anxiety she has ben subjected to may have contributed to this. We are considering moving her. She is bored, lonely, and fed up. When we visit her, there is no one around. Everyone just stays in their rooms. They used to go out on outings but that doesn't seem to happen that often anymore. When we are there at weekends, its like a ghost town in terms of staff and residents. I certainly would not recommend an Arcare facility to anyone. They look great from the outside but are all fur coat and no undies as my English hubby would say.

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Jul 17, 2015

Facility: Arcare Maidstone

Carers and all staff thoughtful, caring and professional. Very attentive to resident's and families needs and concerns.

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Jun 25, 2015

Arcare at Helensvale leaves a lot to be desired. The buildings are brilliant and the staff try to do a very good job but have had their hours cut so much that they cant do a proper job of caring for the residents. The residents seem to be secondary to their profit. I have had a couple of meals there and the food leaves a lot to be desired. They were bad. The solution to the meal problem is that now they are charging the residents an extra $10 to $15 a day to chose from another menu. This is on top of the approx $2000 a month my mother was paying. Had lots of arguments that she wasn't getting enough to drink and was told off. Wonder why she ended up in hospital with extreme dehydration. One gentleman there is now in the same position, Both had Parkinsons and were unable to get their own drinks or feed themselves. Not enough staff to help them. Disgusting place.

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Jun 14, 2015

Facility: Arcare North Lakes

The nursing facility my Aunt was in for 6 years before she passed was absolutely wonderful, she always looked happy and well cared for

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Jun 12, 2015

Facility: Arcare Brighton

The nursing home is very well presented. Some of the staff are excellent and very caring. Like all places there is the good with the bad. At times I feel that the nursing home cares more about how the facility looks. I would rather see more staff as at times it is hard to locate staff at certain times of the day. They keep telling me that there is the same number of staff at the weekend but I dont see it.

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Pearl Miller

Jun 2, 2015

Arcare Runcorn: Beautiful facility, lovely staff, great food. They are doing the best THEY can. Perhaps they can encourage fam and friends to visit the lonely more....Overall on our visits we have been positively impressed.

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May 27, 2015

Facility: Arcare North Lakes

Well run facility with caring management. Activities staff seem to have a program that covers a lot of the residents. Caring care staff.

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e williams

May 20, 2015

Facility: Arcare Nirvana

There are not enough stars to rate the staff - exemplary in every facet - and not just with residents, their generous and caring spirit was shared with family and friends of residents, too. The food was made fresh daily, was nutritionally balanced and interesting. Meals were tailored to individual needs and tastes.The activities available on a daily basis were stimulating, inclusive and fun. Mum - and everyone else in residence, was always beautifully presented, clean and loved while she was in the care of these wonderful ladies.

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Sharmayne Nilsen

May 19, 2015

The staff were excellent but apparently they are not a necessity at Arcare so their hours are cut so that you are lucky if you can find anyone on weekends. Priority is money. The money spent on buildings is great and looks good but pity help you if you suffer from Parkinsons. My mother suffered and I know another person who goes home and cries after bashing her head against brick walls with the hierarchy. Don't blame the staff though

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May 19, 2015

My mother in law is very comfortable and extremely well cared for in an environment of safety and wellbeing.

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chalice de kock

May 11, 2015

My 96 year old mother suffered a stroke and spent 2 years in a nursing home after living totally independently and alone in a 4 bedroomed house. She had never been hospitalized and was only on thyroid medication and occasional panadol. The facility was newly decorated recently and was up to standard, however, the care was abysmal. They were totally under staffed so the nurses were not able to provide the necessary care although most of them did their best. Mum was able to communicate ably as her speech was not affected and she was of sound mind other than some forgetfulness, until the last few months when her mental state started to decline and she appeared to have lost her will to carry on. Complaints were made frequently to senior management about the poor care such as (a) Buzzers were only answered after long periods. Staff would come in, switch off the buzzer (this was so their attendance was recorded on the computer ) They would then assure her they would be back and mostly this did not happen. She was told frequently to soil her continence pads when she asked to be toileted and she often had to do this when she could no longer wait. She required assistance to get to the toilet. (b) The food appeared unpalatable and unappetizing - There was insufficient supervision at meals and residents often did not eat the meals as they were unable to manage without help. (c) Most of the nurses seemed to be kind and caring but always too rushed. Mum did mention quite often that some of the nurses, especially at night, handled her roughly. Her buzzer was, at many times, deliberately left out of her reach which meant she had to shout and call out for attention. Many other residents were in the same situation. Although these matters were brought to the attention of top management of many occasions, problems usually did not seem to be resolved. It was always extremely difficult to find qualified staff to make enquiries about Mum's condition as there only ever appeared to be PCA's around. There was very limited occupational therapy and when entertainment was organized, residents were frequently not taken to participate.

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May 6, 2015

My 43 yr old has Huntingtons and. Was blame too hard for my daughter and their three children to cope with. My daughter found him a place in Arcare at Maroochydore. The staff are wonderful and caring and as for the building, it is like a five star hotel. He is incredibly happy there and my daughter and her family are now able to reclaim their lives knowing he is in a wonderful place and content to be there.

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May 5, 2015

My grandmother was a resident of this facility. Whilst great care and attention and money was spent on the appearance of the place, far less emphasis was placed on care. A number of the staff were very kind, caring and helpful, but many others were slapdash in their performance. For example, she was told to wet herself at night as it was too difficult for staff to get her up to use the toilet. On other occasions, she would ring her bell for assistance. A staff member would come into her room, turn the bell off, ask what the problem was, and, if she needed help to go to the toilet, leave again to get help, only returning up to an hour later when of course, it was far too late. There was a similar lax attitude towards her wound care with dressings left on for days beyond the recommended time despite her complaining of discomfort. Unless a member of her family was available to help with feeds, my grandmother was left to feed herself although she had limited use of her hands - frequently her meal was placed beyond her reach. It was obvious the generally compassionate staff were completely overwhelmed with work and that resident care was compromised as a result.

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[email protected]

May 5, 2015

My 96 year old mother passed away at a Gold Coast nursing home in November2014 after suffering a stroke at the age of 94. Until then she had lived completely independently in a large house on her own and had never been hospitalized before, keeping in exceptional good health. Unfortunately, although the nursing home building and gardens were lovely, the care was abysmal. It was completely understaffed and residents had to wait for very long periods to be attended to in spite of ringing their bells many times. Nurses would come into the room, switch off the buzzer and state they would be back soon and invariably this did not happen. Most of the nursing staff appeared to be kind and caring but Mum, who was still of sound mind at that time, would tell us of many incidents when she was treated roughly and her buzzer would be deliberately be placed out of reach. Mum was not a demanding patient and was aware of the strain the nurses were under but she was often told to wet or soil herself as she was wearing incontinence pads, instead of being taken to the toilet. The food was basically not very palatable or appetizing and residents were often left to struggle along without supervision. Entertainment was arranged but residents often missed out as they were not taken along to join in. Relatives approached the senior management staff about the problems on numerous occasions but they were mostly left unresolved. The facility was rated as a five star accommodation but, sadly, I would say it would be less than two stars.

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May 2, 2015

Facility: Arcare Epping

My mother has been in Arcare, Greenhill, 7 Civic Drive, Epping for seven years. The quality of care by the very dedicated, caring and professional staff has made my mums care excellent in every way and she loves being there. We, as her family are extremely happy with all aspects of her daily care and loving support she has been given at all times. I would recommend this facility to anyone thinking of going into aged care.

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Apr 27, 2015

Facility: Arcare Caulfield

Arcare Caulfield offers very sensitive, practical and pro-active care for my elderly mother. While the facilities, amenities and quality of the centre is akin to a 5 star hotel, we have found the staff who come from many and varied backgrounds to be very supportive Meals are served in small and intimate dinning rooms rather than cafeteria style as we have seen in other centres, and while the meals are a 'bit hit and miss', the variety offers enough choice. If independence is the price of ageing then at least its good to know these centres are creating the minimum aspirational standard.

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