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Australian Unity Care Services Pty Ltd

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Australian Unity Care Services Pty Ltd

  • Level 5, 114 Albert Road South Melbourne VIC 3205
  • Phone - 1300 160 170
  • 46 reviews
3.9 (46 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Jan 5, 2016

Facility: Rathdowne Place

Very happy with facility level of care. Residents are treated with courtesy and dignity. Staff couldn't be more friendly. Mum has just moved in and I was concerned about how she would settle in. The atmosphere, room, level of care, etc has meant that she has adapted in a very short time.

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Dec 29, 2015

My Father was in the grange .He was there for about 5 years and just loved it . I'm sure he would have past earlier only for them. He made many friends not only with othe people there but staff. Many of them came to the furnral . I was very close to my dad my family and I are very thankful to them for the care they gave him . I miss my visits to him and to them .

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Dec 9, 2015

Facility: Rathdowne Place

Nothing but praise, amazing staff and great place

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Oct 12, 2015

Very clean, spacious rooms, plenty of activities and bus trips for those that are up to it.

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Oct 3, 2015

Facility: Rathdowne Place

My brother was in Rathdowne Place, Carlton, for a few months before passing away a few weeks ago. Having experienced a few aged care facilities in the past, I had never seen anything like this, It looks like a modern hotel. The staff ratio is the best I have witnessed, the menu selection daily is fabulous. Residents eat in a lovely dining room, with dignity. Family and friends are very welcome 24 hours, and they will even offer you meals. The daily activities or entertainment is wonderful, but most importantly, the residents are spotlessly clean and happy. It is a real family atmosphere. Facilities include, in-house hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and a hairdresser. Well done Manchester Unity.

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Leigh Waters

Sep 25, 2015

I can't fault any aspect of care at Constitution Hill in Northmead, Sydney. My mother has her own unit with care when needed. She has moved from barely able to cope and significantly depressed to a happy, strong mature-aged woman. So, so pleased. At her level of need, it is the ease of access to all facilities and groups that counts. Her only real age issues were around emotional and social health. Her impairment since my father's death has been significant. She has been able to ease into fabulous programs and hold-back where she felt too nervous. Programs and services offered are really high quality and not the services that sometimes seem to treat elderly people like children. My mother is a vibrant and lovely women and deserves the respect due to an elder. All mature people do. The clubs and facilities are beautifully kept and appointed from the heated pool to the dining room; from exercise classes to the gym - along with friendly bbqs to coffee mornings and everything in between (and there is a lot!!) Mum has been able to re-boot her social life and joy where they seemed all but gone. Even the award winning gardens are of such a level that living amongst them has a mood heightening affect. I am so, so thankful to know my mother is happy again. My aunt also had some higher level of care in the hospital in the same facility, She was sensitively and expertly cared for- as were her sons when they visited. The facility had areas where there was a home-like atmosphere and nurses were warm and professional at all times. My aunt was absolutely kept comfortable and honoured as a valuable member of the culture of the organisation -never just a number or an 'old woman' who was just 'done for'. I also have a friend's mother in the long term care facility. She is able to visit her husband who is in a controlled care room due to dementia. While it has been a difficult time, she has been shown kindness and offered every support. He husband is well maintained and stimulated to slow his decline A sad situation but if it has to happen it is the very best place for it. So, I have had considerable contact and observational opportunities of this facility, at every level offered. I am so impressed. I have considerable health concerns myself (Neutropenia -severe, Polymyalgia and Chronic Fatigue), so knowing that my loved ones are happy, respected and well-cared for, this assists me to also have quality of life. I have never wanted to burden them with my struggles but if I thought they weren't able to enjoy these final years of their lives, I don't think I could bear it. Constitution Hill should be proud of what they do. They are first class, top shelf and truly excellent. I am sorry it has taken this prompt to give them a bouquet. Grateful beyond words.

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Sep 11, 2015

Facility: Rathdowne Place

My mum has been at level 3 for over a year now. Honestly the facility is great. But the lack off communication between staff is pathetic. The level off care on day shifts is appalling. Only time my mum is happy is on the afternoon shifts on the weekend. They have only a few truly wonderful and caring staff, but they don't last long as the management doesn't look after them or pay them enough. So they have a high number off staff turn around. Which ends up with less qualified careers. The team leader on the afternoon weekends is lovely and is always lovely to deal with. My mum considers her like a second daughter. Do your research before you consider taking your parents here.

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Aug 14, 2015

Facilities are good, and reasonably maintained, the owners (Australian Unity) run as a business , we had a difficult time , selling my parents unit. Virtually no sales service , nor communication but a full price charged for a long drawn out settlement , with AU doing very well financially , not the lessee.

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Jul 18, 2015

Our mother is happy and very well cared for at Victoria Grange. The staff are caring and professional. The facility is excellent. Our only grumbles would be the lack of a proper process to capture and pass on family messages/requests, particularly from weekend staff to weekday staff. there seems to be no system, just bits of paper so messages don't make it.

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Jul 16, 2015

Mum has lived at Victoria Grange for over a year, having gone there at her own request. We have been really impressed by the personal kindness and involvement of the senior staff and their genuine wish to ensure she is happy and well. Our expectations were exceeded. It is the quality of the staff that makes all the difference.

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Jun 17, 2015

Facility: Rathdowne Place

My Dad had a stroke a good few years ago and it's been extremely challenging for him to manage, daily life has been a real chore, even with home help coming in. He has been at Rathdowne Place for 3 weeks and he's more comfortable, more relaxed and more content than he has been trying to manage on his own, for quite some time. Staff are friendly and warm, the environment is nothing like what he expected, it's a modern and comfortable hotel feel, with a strong sense of being connected to the busy city, especially with the comings and goings on Rathdowne Street and the thriving cafe on the ground floor. Dad has an electric wheelchair to get around the building and he also goes out to the local shops on his bigger electric scooter, with staff helping him to transfer from one to the other. He really has the support, but still has the independence to go have a coffee on Lygon street and feels like he isn't in a nursing home at all. I am thrilled with the choice, highly recommended!

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May 24, 2015

Facility: Rathdowne Place

Mum has been in aged care for 2 months and I must say it is nothing like I thought it would be. It is more like a hotel than a aged care facility. The staff is amazing and caring. The menu is being reviewed next month to include residents favourite meals and some home cooking. Lots of activities to participate in if they so wish. Very happy with our choice and mum is very happy and feels safe and well cared for.

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May 8, 2015

My husband has been in an aged care facility for 8 years

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Mar 9, 2015

Facility: Rathdowne Place

Poor communication network between nurses and carers ,appointed Care Manager to act as communication link for all levels.Care manager never bothers to meet with residents,addresses families rudely and staff as witnessed on numerous occasions.Facility keeps promising to address complaints,management has level of bias to some residents constant facade.Weekend and afternoin care appauling really regret leaving dad here ,costly financially and emotionally.Good staff have left ,hope things get better .

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Concerned daughter.

Jan 24, 2015

Facility: Rathdowne Place

After a difficult few months and many mistakes and mishaps, things are finally settling down at Rathdowne Place. Management is listening to complaints by family members and steps have been put in place to correct problems. There is still a turnover in staff but hopefully this facility is on the right track to becoming a desirable place to leave our loved ones.

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Nov 1, 2014

Facility: Rathdowne Place

Great new building in Carlton. Lots of teething problems with the facility. Outings do happen so do walks, but seem to have incidents when they occur. Staff try buy experienced staff have already left and the building only opened in May. Promise a lot and deliver little. This Facility is owned by Australian Unity and as they have other facilities you would think they would have systems and structures in place for smooth sailing for people moving into a facility.

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Oct 2, 2014

Very attractive surrounding, furniture etc.,large on wall TV screens, but when the patient has dementia these things are not as important as the quality of care the patient receives. My father seemed to be well liked by the carers and they were sweet with him. But the lack of messages being passed on was very frustrating and particularly on weekend the communication skills of carers was very poor.

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Sep 9, 2014

Facility: Rathdowne Place

Bigger is not always better! Staff have no knowledge, even of basic care. You do not get what you pay for or what is promised. I would take your relative elsewhere I wish I had

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