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Blue Care

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Blue Care

  • Level 6, 192 Ann St Brisbane QLD 4000
  • Phone - 1800 838 929
  • 63 reviews
3.7 (63 Reviews) Average Operator Rating

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May 13, 2015

within 2 weeks of each other my husband was rushed to Nambor hospital firstly for a hernia that had wrapped around his bowel, two weeks later for a fall in which he broke his hip he is supposed to be in a secure area where he is watched as they know he runs away and does strange things. He has Parkinsons and Parkinsons Dimensya and Alzhimers neither occasion when he was rushed to Nambor hospital was I contacted by the care facility it was the hospital that contacted me I often see marks, cuts and bruises on him they are far from what I would call a good care facility

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May 7, 2015

There needs to be an urgent review of pay for staff of nursing homes. If there was better pay it would attract more people willing to enter into this high demand area. It is a difficult and exacting area and needs to be suitably recompensed. The older residents that have dementia or are bedridden are "parked" in front of television and subjected to inappropriate content due to lack of interest or time on the part of the staff.

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Jul 22, 2014

My mother is a resident there and I have nothing but praise for the care she receives. All the staff are caring and compassionate, from the rn's to the kitchen staff. The food is amazing, the activities and services provided are terrific, and each and every resident is treated with respect. Their individual needs are met and I feel extremely fortunate that my mother is being so well cared for.

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