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BlueCross Community & Residential Services

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BlueCross Community & Residential Services

  • Level 1, 117 Camberwell Rd Hawthorn East VIC 3123
  • Phone - (03) 9828 1200
  • 77 reviews
4.1 (77 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Sep 25, 2018

My husband was in a nursing home for 4 months after suffering a stroke and we were told there would be activities for men, but there weren’t - he was bored stiff!!

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Sep 25, 2018

No real complaints after what I've seen on tv but you must keep an eye on your medication bill in case you get cheated

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Sep 17, 2018

My mum moved to Blue Cross Hansworth four years ago and lived there until she passed three months ago. Our family was always impressed with the level of care mum received and any issues whether it was with the food, care or lifestyle was always handled efficiently and promptly. All the staff were kind with our mum who showed her respect and dignity.

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Aug 11, 2018

The staff are very friendly and helpful and are very considerate of everyone's care and wellbeing.

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Aug 3, 2018

Shortage of qualified staff is a big deal. The few there are run off their feet. The young careers really have no experience in looking after very old or very high care residents. They try their best but many residents go without eating as there is not enough time for the staff to take in feeding them slowly.

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Jul 16, 2018

Facility: BlueCross Monterey

Warm And careing welcome and introduction explaining all matters and issues and the process based on best outcome and needs for my mother. Clear emphasis on the person first and then fine print and details.

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May 24, 2018

Food has really gone down hill at this facility. Just awful. Also very short staffed, not good when resident's needs change.

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Apr 18, 2018

Excellent new building with many spacious lounge areas and other amenities. Facility falters with high care residents, failure to keep them clean, losing and misplacing clothes and medications. Constant phone calls to family regarding resident management. Suited to people that can manage themselves.

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Feb 27, 2018

Was good to start with but things seem to have declined. Constant staff changes and not good for high care when resident's condition changes.

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Feb 14, 2018

Lovely, clean facility with some caring staff. However, not a suitable place if you need high care, they do not seem to be prepared for those whose condition worsens in their care.

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Dec 12, 2017

As I entered through the front door of the age care residence I had a good feel about this place. All the staff are friendly, polite and helpful. The residents all appeared clean and happy. The resident manager and tour manager couldn't be any more helpful in clarifying the process of a placement for my mum. The food is top notch with a resident chef on each floor. I know that my mum is in a lovely place, she will be well looked after and I enjoy visiting and spending time with her.

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Dec 1, 2017

Management and staff at Autumdale Aged Care Cheltenham are very caring. It took a few days for my husband's pain relief to be sorted. But they did try very hard. Also a lot of effort was made to make my husband more comfortable in his room. The lack of AC in the rooms is a problem, but they are helping in installing a portable AC cooler. The food is excellent.

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Jul 31, 2017

A recently opened facility with modern features which meets all reasonable expectations. Care shown by staff, pleasant room environment, easy access to dining and lounge.

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Jul 31, 2017

Facility: BlueCross Yarralee

My parents went to Yarralea on emergency respite. The care and communication was very good and gave me confidence that my parents health and emotional needs were well considered by the staff.

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Lyn sheppard

Jun 29, 2017

They are so respectful and attentive .supportive. my mum is treated like a queen.the only complaint is too much mum moved out of her home after 61yrs. All her 8 kids could not be happier.she now calls it her happy place.we. we give this home 10 out of 10.highly recommended.😃😀

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Fiona 123

May 22, 2017

Facility: BlueCross Darnlee

My mum is very blessed to be living in Darnlee, Toorak. The staff here, including Lifestyle staff, Reception, Kitchen staff and nurses are wonderful. My mum is treated with dignity and kindness. Mum has activities everyday and really loves it here. At the moment the building is getting new carpet and being renovated, which will really be wonderful. A BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful staff at Darnlee from our family are all angels !

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Feb 17, 2017

Four years ago my sisters and I had to face the heartbreaking truth that our darling Mum had advanced dementia and other age-related issues, and we needed to find a high care facility for her. After much pavement pounding and comparing many different places, we settled on Broughtonlea. It was the best decision we could have made. The level of care is second to none, helped by the excellent staff to resident ratio. They have a dedicated team of well-trained nursing staff who kept us informed and encouraged us to talk to them if we had any concerns. The Leisure and Lifestyle staff are there 7 days a week running a wide variety of activities, including their excellent dementia care program, all of which gave Mum plenty of cognitive stimulation, exercise and a good quality of life. During her four years at Broughtonlea, our Mum was cared for with compassion, dignity, love and respect. In her final weeks, when she was under palliative care, all the staff members showed us great kindness and ensured that we understood what was happening at every stage. Mum passed away peacefully under the care of people who loved her. Thank you to all the staff at Broughtonlea, we are eternally grateful.

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Jan 2, 2017

Our immediate relative, from day one, has complained about the terrible food in this facility. Whilst the building and amenities present well, our relative is disgusted with the poor quality of the food. We would not recommend this facility to any person, because in our opinion, it is not a homely environment, where our family member can enjoy a nutritious and delicious home cooked meal.

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Dec 1, 2016

Making the decision to move my mother into aged care was a tough one and all the staff at Bluecross Livingstone Gardens Vermont South made it a smooth transition.Thankyou

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Nov 10, 2016

My mother has been very happy here. The staff treat her like a queen.

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