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Villa Maria Catholic Homes

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Villa Maria Catholic Homes

  • Suite B, 2 Domville Ave Hawthorn VIC 3122
  • Phone - (03) 8862 9000
  • 35 reviews
4.0 (35 Reviews) Average Operator Rating

Wendy B

Sep 24, 2015

My mother was in care for two years, it was so good she thought she was in her own home. She had all her treasured and familiar possessions around her and the staff utilised them when they could. She never lost her sense of humour and the staff loved her. Nothing was ever too much trouble for any of the staff, even if they were finished their shift Family and friends came whenever they wanted and to this day we still keep in touch with some of them. Villa Marie made the final years of Mums life some of the best she had ever experienced, albeit she may not have remembered most of her time there.

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Sep 24, 2015

Unable to find staff went you went to visit.

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Jul 11, 2015

Always happy to answer any queries and give back feed back. Staff friendly and efficient, very caring. Will always keep contact with family over any concerns to resident

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Jun 18, 2015

My father was in Aged Care for 5 years, eventually he was moved to the Dementia Ward, there were a total of 12 people in the Dementia Ward, the staff were very caring, the meals were great and the correspondence between the home and my sister and myself was excellent, no matter what sort of day my Dad had, big or small we were always aware of what was happening. It was such a comfort to us to know that he was in good hands and we couldn't have been more satisfied, sadly he passed away over a year near, but their compassion during this time was great.

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Anna jurci

May 30, 2015

good staff who care about they residents.

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May 24, 2015

Mum was a resident and she was very happy and well looked after. They offered activities each day, bus trips to surrounding areas and themed events all through the year. Food was nourishing. Visitors were made very welcome and encouraged to join in events. Very happy with this facility and Dad now has his name down to go in too.

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Judy DV

May 16, 2015

So glad I was able to get Dad into Villa Maria Wantirna. Large bright rooms, exceptional staff, only thing he complains about is the food even though he has gained 14kg in the 15 months he has spent there. Extremely happy overall

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May 4, 2015

Villa Marie in Bundoora where my mother was up until recently. The food is good, the carers are thoughtful. The overall care I rate with 10 stars.

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Apr 17, 2015

My step-father began at Villa Maria in day care twice a week. When the time came to put him in full-time care the staff, as well as providing exceptional care, looked after my mother and helped her to deal with the guilt of leaving him there and allowed and encouraged her to help as a volunteer in his ward. They made the transition easier for her. He died this week and they have been so supportive I cannot thank them enough. No facility could have done better.

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Apr 16, 2015

accommodation - large comfortable bedroom (singles with shared bathrooms) however poor design - difficult for staff to observe residents care needs, my mother was assaulted by another resident. Not enough staff, some demonstrate care for residents, most do not. Food bland and not nutritious for elderly - no evidence of individual likes or dislikes. very poor lifestyle program for individual choice, no-one reminds my mother when there is an activity. This organization won a better practice award 2014!

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Apr 5, 2015

My aunt was in care at Villa Maria Berwick. Unfortunately she recently passed away but I feel I need to say thank you for the care she received. She wasn't the easiest of patients to handle but the girls had a knack that was incredible. Aunt also had been a fussy eater but ate all and sundry that was presented to her. Previously until 2003 I also had an elderly cousin in the same facility. Great place- hubby has me booked in too !!!

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Nov 4, 2014

l have had 2 relatives In Residential Care at Villa Maria Berwick and I have always found everyone understanding and helpful.

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Bronwen Cole

Jul 24, 2014

staff are most cooperative and caring of residents. A Variety of activities are available for residents. Food of good wholesome flavour. Residents can do as much or as little as they wish as far as entertainment is concerned. Very happy with the care my family has received, now having a second relative living there

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May 4, 2014

These staff are the most caring and loving to my dad. They all know him by name, even the cleaners and cooks, will always say hello and sit by his bed for a small chat. They are interested in all he does and his family, great children. The staff also know my name whenever they see me and always speak which makes me feel the love for dad as they include me. We couldn't gave chosen a more perfect aged care for dad.

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John Donald

Apr 27, 2014

This facility is probably the best I have inspected so far as I have been looking into aged care for my father (low care facilities). The location of this facility in Bundoora is perfect in my mind (I myself reside in Greensborough), as it is not too far from the city, but isn’t on the fringes of Melbourne. The grounds of this facility are vast and magnificent, with plenty of room for residents to walk amongst the gardens or shoot the breeze in many of the recreation rooms and also its close proximity to Bundoora Park with its vast grounds. I was informed by the manager (tour guide) that this facility hosts 90-odd beds, with each room nicely decorated and en suites with each room. The buildings themselves are nice and all single story, with the facility split into 5 or 6 different buildings. The activity program on offer at this facility was nothing overtly special, with a few activities on offer that I know my father would like (gardening, church programs etc.) I would feel comfortable that he wouldn't get restless in this facility. All the usual and expected amenities were found in this facility, with the added bonus that the location boasts a large medical facility only across the road, which is somewhat reassuring. Of all the facilities I have inspected so far, this is definitely one of the best and, given there are vacancies, I will be placing my father into this facility.

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