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Eldercare Inc

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Eldercare Inc

  • 247 Fullarton Rd Eastwood SA 5063
  • Phone - (08) 8291 1000
  • 113 reviews
4.0 (113 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Feb 25, 2016

My mother was cared for affectionately and felt safe and cared for.

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Feb 23, 2016

There is nothing good to write about the facility my mother is residing on Hell would be better

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Feb 22, 2016

The care at this facility was such that for almost 5 years I felt the need to be with my husband for a minimum of 8 hours every day. He was totally dependent and could not communicate. Aged care facilities do not have enough carer hours to look after their residents needs or dignity properly. The carers themselves were mostly extremely caring and did the best job that they could within their limited time. In the last 18 months care hours were cut twice and several key staff as well as carers left because they found it difficult to see the residents get even worse care. My husband died in October 2015.

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Helen Fletcher

Feb 5, 2016

Facility: Eldercare Allambi

I admitted my father who had recently descended into that dreadful place - dementia. It as cruel and hurtful and he would ask me why I had imprisoned him. For several months I cried each time I visited him. Then something happened. I realised he may not die for some time and tears were not helpful and so I got to know the residents and the staff. I took my golden retriever in to meet them all and watched otherwise isolated elderly people unable to communicate effectively enjoy my dog's presence and shower her with love. The staff were extraordinary, always going the extra mile for dad, welcoming me and my dog, chatting about dad's day and the moments he enjoyed. They shared DVDs with him, talked on those topics that interested him and even represented the nursing home at his funeral 14 months later. After he had fallen on New Year's Eve, and the end was nigh, they wanted me to take him back to Allambi so that they too could have closure. His room was immaculate, fresh flowers adorned the shelves and tables and I was permitted to stay with him on a folding bed. I was offered food, comfort, coffee, time out and everything I needed in those four days and knew, absolutely, that I had done the right thing in admitting him to this wonderful home. It was such a pleasure as few months later to visit with gifts, cards and many thanks for the special treatment my poor old dad received in that last, difficult phase of life. I shall always be grateful.

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Sue Kakoschke

Feb 1, 2016

From my very first contact with Trowbridge House I have been impressed by the dedication and attention to detail by the staff and leadership. My mother who was extremely reluctant to go into a facility is now safe and well cared for and enjoying it. In particular the atmosphere of residents being At Home makes such a difference. I initially contacted several homes and this was the ONLY one willing to assist me to understand the process and guide me through a very traumatic time. I thank God I came across this facility.

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Nov 17, 2015

Facility: Eldercare Allambi

I found the permanent staff good but some of the casual or relieving staff not so good. I was disappointed when I spoke to a senior person and asked for it to be in confidence. This was not treated as I wanted. I was very disappointed. There were a few other issues but I believe the facility was far better than a lot of others that I had seen.

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Nov 12, 2015

Facility: Eldercare Allambi

Mum had dementia and I could not have found a more caring, lovely place for her to be in. When it was time for her to go they provided music and scent to ease her passing. All the staff came in to say goodbye and she slipped away peacefully. Can not say enough about the quality of care during her time at Allambi.

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Oct 25, 2015

Facility: Eldercare Seaford

My Mum loves the staff but unfortunately there have been so many staff cuts over the past year and when I go into visit the staff are exhausted and fed up with the work load.

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Oct 24, 2015

Very caring staff that are consistently courteous and engaging. They look after my mother well.

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Oct 23, 2015

My stepfather was cared for very well. Was washed quickly after fouling himself. Staff kept him company when relatives couldn't be there.

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Oct 23, 2015

Excellent cheerful and caring staff made all the difference. A lovely room with a kitchen and ample gardens for my father to walk and sit in all helped him to enjoy his time there.

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Oct 22, 2015

My mother was treated with dignity, respect and love. All staff from cleaners , kitchen staff , lifestyle, Carers and nursing showed the very best of their professions. They all make a difference everyday in the lives of the residents and families.

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Oct 21, 2015

staff are lovely, always helpful

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Aug 14, 2015

Generally poor quality services and insufficient staff to provide quality care. Provide only limited lifestyle opportunities.

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Jul 25, 2015

My father was a resident of Eldercare Evanston Park for only 3 months but his care was first class. He could be a difficult person at times and hard to please but he enjoyed his time there and could not praise the facility enough. The staff were very attentive to hi needs and I cannot fault his care.

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Jul 7, 2015

My father was at Cottage Grove for over ten years and for most of the time he was relatively happy. Apart from suffering a major stroke leaving him confined to a wheelchair and depression, I would have to say 99% of the staff were wonderful and caring. I completely understand that nursing homes are well understaffed and staff are generally run off their feet which is sad to see, we have personally experienced this over ten years, sometimes leaving members of the family upset that a family member in the nursing home hasn't been attended to. I would love to see all nursing homes with enough staff to be able to attend to all patients within a timely manner therefore not leaving patients somewhat distressed which can be through no fault of the skeleton staff at the nursing home. Over ten years of visiting my father, my mother visiting on a daily basis - we were able to experience a lot of the general running etc. of a home, some not quite so good but a lot very good. We commend all the fantastic staff at Cottage Grove who shared a passion for caring for my father in a dignified manner.

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Jul 2, 2015

We were so fortunate that our Mum had excellent care whilst in care for 13 months, She has passed now,just recently.

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