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Estia Health Residential Services

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Estia Health Residential Services

  • 357 Camberwell Rd Camberwell VIC 3124
  • Phone - (03) 9811 9777
  • 155 reviews
3.6 (155 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Apr 26, 2015

the staff were very friendly helpful and caring.

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Apr 23, 2015

Cleanliness of rooms and facility are first rate. Care staff are caring, efficient and professional. Food is mediocre but nutritious and varied. Overall a fine aged care facility.

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Apr 20, 2015

My mother has been in this residential facility since november 2012 and our family is quite impressed with the quality of the care given. My personal opinion is that these type of residences often have a bad reputation but my experience says in this facility it is like a large family home and the family are all unique and treated as individuals.

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Daughter of two aged

Apr 15, 2015

As a relative in another state I find Estia hard work - they regularly make mistakes with the billing and the Head Office in Melbourne has a really annoying phone system that you are never sure if the message has been received. Once you actually get to the finance department they are extremely apologetic and helpful but then, they have your money! The Respite room at Kirribilli is extremely run down - it doesn't even have a TV so you literally have to bring everything if you want your loved one to be comfortable - my dad is low care but I wouldn't want him there for high care! The rooms need a thorough do over and the resident bus has not worked since December! So I pay for a service to collect my dad and take him to town just so he can do the basics like banking!

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Apr 2, 2015

Very understaffed, towels cut up for face washers. Wirn out towels. Dirty cutlery. Carton custard main dessert for puréed diets. Filthy carpets, rooms, bathrooms etc. Staff not bothering to take time to feed residents with eating problems - residents starving as a result. No going outside at all - staff say no time.

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Di McKenzie

Nov 3, 2014

My mother has been a resident for 2 years and I am very satisfied with her care. With so many dementia patients (my mother not one of them) quality care is very difficult and I applaud the staff for their patience and kindness.

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Nov 1, 2014

My older sister resides at Waldreas, she has cerebral palsy and is 65 years old. Many aspects of her care eg her cleanliness and food are great but when it comes to her medical side of things eg medications are sometimes missed and she should be meal assisted due to a problem with her swallow, this does not happen. Also when she goes out things such as ventolin and drink thickener are not sent with her. Which is dangerous to her health. Not really happy but where else could she go?

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Aug 8, 2014

The staff are nice and the centre is reasonable, however the staff are run off their feet. More staff are needed in the high care section.

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Jul 8, 2014

Kind, caring and compassionate staff and a tranquil environment

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Willow Biles

Jul 8, 2014

Have a relative in this facility. Communication with staff is difficult. DON not interested in families input. Definitely not enough entertainment or Occupational Therapy for residents. Food provided is good. Some issues with cleanliness of room and resident.

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Jun 11, 2014

My Father is in this Facility. The medical/nursing care is pretty good overall however the lifestyle care needs a shake up. Not enough entertainment and excursions cancelled at the last minute. It's pretty boring in there for the residents. Very clean, meals are not bad.

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Jun 10, 2014

Staff are very caring

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May 8, 2014

Facility: Ardeer House

My mother was a resident there. Lovely staff, always interacted with and treated residents with respect, and had no problems helping them eat their meals if needed. Meals were substantial and nutritional. Loved the old style of Ardeer House, and the common room/dining room, where residents were always in view of the staff. The only negative was the laundry, lots turned a light shade of grey when returned.

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Feb 21, 2014

I find this facility homely and serene. From its beautiful chandeliers, great curtains, it has a big aquarium tank in the dining area with beautiful multicoloured fishes.The place looks clean and smells clean. I also find the staff passionately involved in their role by motivating residents to raise their hand while singing a song played on the radio. I think it was really cute and so heart-warming to look at. I had a good feeling about this environment. The rooms are average. They only provide a single bed and a small table. The resident needs to provide for chairs and everything else. At the back area are amazing picturesque gardens. They have a small bbq area surrounded with beautiful plants. That little area was tranquil. The downside of this facility is the size. I think it is too small for the residents they catered for. The lounge area were full of chairs and big tub chairs that it was hard to walk through the walkway. The tables and chairs in the dining area were too close to each other. It felt a bit cramped. Apart from that, I admire the easy grip handrails they put on the hallways. I saw a few ones before but they were round and big that its easy to slip when you hold onto it. This facility has a better and more practical handrails.

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Dec 14, 2013

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