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Hardi Aged Care

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Hardi Aged Care

  • Unit 10, 5-11 Hollywood Ave Bondi Junction NSW 2022
  • Phone - (02) 9369 5963
  • 23 reviews
3.3 (23 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Jun 2, 2015

Treatment and overall facility was Avrage

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May 31, 2015

I had to put my mother-in-law into an aged care facility which was Mountainview at Penrith NSW. She has the best of care. The staff were fantastic to her and kept me informed of all her needs and how she was settling in. Unfortunately she had a bad stroke and the staff contacted me and her family to see if we wanted her cared for at the facility or to send her to hospital. We opted for the latter. She was in hospital for 3 weeks and then we were consulted about sending her back to the aged care unit to die peacefully. We agreed to send her back and she passed away the next day. The staff couldn't have been more caring towards her and the family. If I ever have to go into care that is where I would want to go.

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May 26, 2015

This facility started off great with great staff and a friendly, communicative manager. Staff always smiling and even sometimes singing on the job- just delightful. After the manager changed so did the attitudes and the staffing. Sadly downhill. The facility then changed ownership, After watching 5 managers change through the place,the new manager tried hard to create a better system however the new staff were problematic. I sadly could not remove my father from the facility towards the end of his life as he was too fragile. Make sure if the facility recommends a doctor to you, the doctor believes in palliative care as the doctor we received did not. This complicated an already difficult situation. Would not recommend unless the place has improved. If you see smiling happy staff you see smiling happy residents.

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