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McKenzie Aged Care Group

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McKenzie Aged Care Group

  • 1/240 Bay St Brighton VIC 3186
  • Phone - 1300 899 222
  • 56 reviews
3.8 (56 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Jul 7, 2015

Facility recently sold. Very poor interaction with residents representatives during change over period. Poor consultation. The staff who have remained are excellent. New management staff seem to go out of their way to avoid conversation. The grounds and building are excellent. The food quality has deteriorated. It was a great facility. It is hoped that the new managers will grow some interpersonal relationship skills and restore confidence in the management. At the moment there is very little. It is no longer EMBRACIA but Glasshouse Views.

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Jul 1, 2015

My mothers words as she was losing the grip on life remain in my mind, I will never complain about ringing the buzzer again and being a while to answer after have the staff make my last hours comfortable, nothing to have them all help me and come and say their goodbyes, crying when I was singing to my cat. She was in control and the staff made us very welcome and presented mum to us when passing dressed beautifully with her make up on just as she would have wanted.

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Jul 1, 2015

Best Care I would have wished for my mum. five star treatment all round.

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Jun 28, 2015

Only loses a point for food because it's within a budget and so can't offer everything people would love. Only loses a point for lifestyle

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Merryn Edwards

Jun 26, 2015

My mother recently passed away in the care of Heritage Lodge

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Jun 14, 2015

My Mum was admitted to Templestowe Grange.(Embracia) She was given a room that she loved, looking out onto the street in which we could put her own furniture and pictures, making her feel at home. The care by the staff was mostly excellent, with just several lapses over the year. Her final days were made easier by excellent palliative care nursing, as were our concerns and needs.

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May 27, 2015

My 93 yr old Dad who has mild dementia, has been living in this facility for 7 months. He complains occasionally (mostly about food) but unfortunately that is his nature. I pay attention to his complaints and follow up and find that all is unfounded. When family aren't around, he is totally different, happy and helpful. I sneak up on him occasionally and am often pleasantly surprised at his helpfulness to other residents. All the residents that I have any contact with also appear to be very happy living there.

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May 8, 2015

not enough paper to write my experiences on. Our thoughts also seem to fall on deaf ears.

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Barbara Horne

Apr 22, 2015

A well run facility that has the feeling of caring for the residents wellbeing and lifestyle choices above all else. The quality and design of the building itself is very conducive to maintaining a family home feeling amongst the residents. I have seen small groups of residents gathered together in small areas socialising and enjoying their time together. The residents have enjoyed theme days and concerts in the larger open lounges and love their weekly gatherings to socialise. The Lifestyle department is very friendly, open, inovative and loving towards residents and are always attentive to those who wish to join in activities and those who prefer to spend their time as they choose. All staff are attentive and have a loving and caring attitude towards residents who are experiencing challenging cognitive behaviours. Overall a great facility.

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Apr 13, 2015

The staff are so friendly and caring.. Very supportive of relatives as well as the residents.

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Apr 11, 2015

My parents were both in Aged Care but different residencies. The staff/pca's had compassion and empathy for their needs even though at times my parents were at differing levels of need. I could not fault the staff where their care was concerned. It is a difficult industry and only one for the dedicated carers. I witnessed both high care and low care and it is an industry for only the most dedicated of them.

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Jul 10, 2014

There will always be room for improvement. The only time the care for my Mother-In-Law was excellent was when she was dying.

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Jun 4, 2014

Great facility and some good cosmetic improvements have been made recently to the facility.

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Feb 25, 2014

This is my fifth inspection tour of Aged Care Homes to really make sure that we will find the best suitable home for my mother in law; so far this facility is the best. From its thoughtfully designed curtains, chandeliers, carpets, picture frame designs in hallways to its huge lounge room, the ambiance and atmosphere is incredible. This facility is huge and spacious but not only that, it is well divided into few different private areas for residents and family members to enjoy and at the same time have privacy. It has 2 spacious dining areas and a really stunning 10 seater formal dining area for residents and family members to enjoy ( family members need to book in advance if they want to use the formal dining area for special occasions). Added to the outstanding environment of this facility is its cafe close to the lounge area. The design and lay out is great. I was blown away when I checked the second level of this facility. It has a huge theatre room and at its back is a magnificent decent size library with a computer desk that residents can use i.e. skype with their loved ones overseas. Family members are allowed to book this area ( for free) for private functions (i.e. birthday celebrations and family reunions). This facility also has a divided dementia ward which is subdivided to first stage and advanced stage dementia units. The dementia ward is well decorated and a much quieter area. They do a lot of music therapy and they have their own memory support care staff. The private rooms are average but the ensuite is big. It is almost the same size as the rooms. All in all, This facility is marvellous. Highly recommended.

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Feb 25, 2014

I would like to begin by emphasising how disappointing this facility has been recently. Did you know that for patients in there care...they have a restriction of 3 adult pads a day. I mean literally i have seen 2 staff members remove an adult pad that had been put in the bin and then argue with the family members of the elderly patient about how they should not have thrown the dirty pad away as they only get 3 a day and the elderly patient had already used two. I cannot begin to describe how disgusting that is and more to the point...would the world condone letting a or adult...sit around in dirty nappies/diapers. Disgusting. In fact...i would think it warrants an investigation into the practices of the Buderim Views Aged Care facility. I should also mention that this facility costs upwards of $3000 a month. I have also witnesses first hand near negligence with the prescribing of medication where the patient has it clearly listed that they are allergic to that medication. If it was not for a family member checking and bringing it to their attention (albeit it was written clear as day on the form) then it would be prescribed and given to the patient resulting in possible death. Absolutely outrageous. Do yourself a favour and read this. Not one word of it is untrue. If you have a relative in care at this facility i suggest you visit them every single day to ensure they are not being treated like a piece of garbage that barely exists! Rant over. Buderim View - get you act together. Your practices and many of the staff need to change. Period.

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Jan 10, 2014

A very Impressive aged care home.There are many facilities for residents ranging from a café, a private dining room, a theatre, library, chapel and hair dressing salon. There were also many different relaxation areas. Embracia is very well presented with lovely furnishings and landscaped gardens. Staff were welcoming.

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