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Mercy Health

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Mercy Health

  • Level 2, 12 Shelley St Richmond VIC 3121
  • Phone - (03) 8416 7777
  • 50 reviews
3.3 (50 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Mar 23, 2016

My relative was an inpatient in this unit over a year ago now. In my opinion at that time, as the high care dementia unit was not built for this purpose, there were shortfalls in a capacity to provide safe and adequate care for patients. Although also in my opinion, it would not be cost prohibitive for some cosmetic and administrative changes to be made to address patient safety issues. I frequently observed male patients roaming the corridors

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Mar 19, 2016

Friendly staff, lovely homely environment. Great meals and lifestyle program. Chapel available for all denominations.

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Mar 14, 2016

My Mum passed away there....her lasr 36 hous were terrible a nusse i was very disappointed

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Jan 29, 2016

If you are independent and still able to feed and toilet yourself, it is a wonderful place, but if you need care to be fed and toileted, then please do your research as the staff are doing their best, but very stretched, there are often shortages, with two staff carers for about 18 to 20 people, and the poor wonderful nurses do a valiant effort, sometimes caring for the whole ground floor of over 35 people PLUS UPSTAIRS (the mainly hostel section) if someone falls ill and help cannot be hired in time. All are very well intentioned, the atmosphere is great, people friendly, but URGENT NEED for Registered Nurses (NOT PERSONAL CARERS with Certificate to give Medications), this is a very serious issue for many homes, so please do your research, and try to check the resident to Nurse ratio for High Care needs, our Elders deserve far far better than what they receive when corners are cut, and management refuse to acknowledge the need for more staff for the HIGH CARE people. We need to have accountability of staff, to honestly record incidents, to call for help and inform families. HELP is URGENTLY needed for this facility but I do not know who to share this with so the others left can not have to suffer the long days in uncomfortable chairs, the lack of time for preventative measures like cream on fragile arms and legs, for toilet wait not to be one hour and a half , though these things happen at so very many nursing homes, they must still be addressed, it is a TRAGIC situation in many homes, but where to get help? Please do your research, do not believe web site info as it looks so attractive, but rather : VISIT, SIT, WATCH the interactions between staff and other residents, SEE if YOUR RELATIVE will COPE, DO not settle of 'OK', keep looking...

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Jan 13, 2016

Facility: Mercy Place Albury

Wonderful staff

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Jan 4, 2016

My Dad spent his final 4 months here after a diagnosis 4 months earlier of MND. The building is old, but clean. More importantly the staff are AMAZING. They understand MND and care for each individual's differing physical and emotional needs. We searched for an aged care facility that could offer what we needed and were disgusted. No matter how beautifully appointed there were none that we found that adequately understood this disease and the type of care required.

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Dec 30, 2015

Generally well run with supportive staff. More staff required to provide greater level if care. Food quality average.

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Dec 23, 2015

Facility: Mercy Place Colac

We have our Mum Doreen in Mercy Aged Care Colac.3250 for the past 3 years.. We love having our 91yr old Mum in Care. She is so well looked after. The staff are very kind and loving to our Mum. The facility is very clean.the food choice and quality is amazing.There is always entertainment for the residents. We give this facility a 10 out of 10.

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Dec 9, 2015

My friend was on an air mattress. She was unable to move except for her upper limbs And head .She complained to me how hard and uncomfortable th bed was. The staff ha no education on the operation of the mattress and so had to call the staff of the public hospital SWHC...and so after my insistance,that is what they Did, after my poor friend sat for three days on a metal " mattress"

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Oct 23, 2015

If only we had known, we would never have placed our dear mum in the facility she is in. Sadly her dementia significantly progressed because of the change from home to aged care - so we dare not move her again but it is such an insult to think this woman who ensured we ate nutritious, interesting food, all our lives, is now being offered cold toast and vitamize, tasteless food. The staff who care for mum are more concerned about what shifts they can work than connecting with the residents. It breaks the hearts of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is a dearly loved and respected woman and it fills us with enormous sadness to see this happen to our dear mum.

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Oct 7, 2015

My mum had suffered a stroke and couldn't eat solid food or walk she wasn't out in one of those beds which are like chair during the day and got bed sores on her heel. Food looked the same all the time. Their was two really lovely careers that looked after her. The facility had just been redone and the rooms were amazing she was in a single room with out bathroom and hoist from the roof.

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Karen Jeromson

Oct 4, 2015

Overall I am happy with the care my father is getting. He can be a bit difficult at times and his dementia is getting a bit worse. The staff seem to be able to handle his moods and stubbornness pretty well and we know he is eating properly and getting the correct medication.

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Sep 24, 2015

management wants to $$$ over caring for residents !! all the good and caring staff are leaving due the the pressure from management !!

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Jul 10, 2015

Facility: Mercy Place Albury

My sister Michele had to go into full care after she had a serious fall at home where I have been taking care of her for several years after having several stokes . As I am no longer able to care for her as she has to be in a wheel care all the time. Which has been hard for her but she seems to have settled into life at Mercy Place we have found the staff always to be get and I have seen the way they are with the other clients and always very kind to the older people in the home..

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Jul 1, 2015

Our mother spend 4 years in high care unit. We were over all pleased with the level of care provided.

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Jul 1, 2015

Facility: Mercy Place Colac

A very efficiently run complex with caring staff and excellent accommodation for all levels of care. Resident/patient relationships are excellent and activities are well organized for those who want to be involved

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Jun 27, 2015

Care staff are very good but feel that management are not as helpful as they could be.

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Jun 27, 2015

I have been a volunteer in an Aged Care Facility for 15 years now and I feel it is a privilege to be with our Elder citizens. The Staff on a whole, show compassion, dignity

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Broken hearted daughter

Jun 17, 2015

Families constantly complaining about the poor quality and amount of food given, no nutritional value what so ever extreme weight loss in residents. Due to the visit to have the home reaccredited they are on a clean frenzy have never seen the build so clean. Manager has no idea how to run the place and gives misleading information to families. Standards have dropped dramatically since she became the manager. She hides in the office and rarely seen, when concerns arise she simply fabricates a story. When they are short staffed the do not bring anyone in, two weeks ago one pca short in msu and one aggressive male pushing other resident's to the ground and hitting others, poor staff members couldn't keep up with him. two people visiting witnessed what was happening and tried to stop and prevent falls. In my opinion they need a manager with experience and some knowledge. Family meetings held once a month with the manager, when concerns are brought up many empty promises and no issue is resolved, month after month everything is swept under the carpet and if she doesn't like what is being said she will simply walk out of the meeting seriously has no idea. visitors are treated rudely and very abruptly by the day nurse in msu, she is an intimate friend of the manager and allows her appalling behaviour. Residents are forced to use their pads because its to much of and effort for them to take them to the bathroom. All resident rooms are locked during the day and not allowed in their rooms. Never ever a staff member in the main area and many many incidents have occurred and visitors have had to stop and assist residents. In my opinion mercy place Parkville should be closed down or sack all staff starting from management down to cleaners and cooks and start from scratch. No point removing a couple of staff the problem is deep rooted and needs to be cleansed completely from the roots. Lodging concerns with age care complaint scheme is a waste of time they contact the manager and she covers everything by denying the events that have occurred and then age care stop any investigation. Family members have suggested we have a fundraiser to collect money so we can give our love ones better quality meals. if im lucky enough to win coles gift card donate it to the home or purchase them fresh fruit something that residents rarely see. Residents family members attended almost everyday to make sure our loved ones are being feed and properly cared for, we do not feel safe leaving our loved ones and only attending randomly the care is just not there it is so sad that we all feel unsafe with the care of Mercy Place. signed broken hearted daughter

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Jun 16, 2015

They took good care of my husband who had dementia. I could ring him every night to say goodnight. Activities were excellent.

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