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Wesley Mission Brisbane

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Wesley Mission Brisbane

  • 930 Gympie Rd Chermside QLD 4032
  • Phone - 1800 493 75 39
  • 25 reviews
3.7 (25 Reviews) Average Operator Rating

Ann Masjakin

Jun 30, 2015

There was not enough food even on Christmas Day. My grandmother used to say "If you can't cut it with a knife and fork you cannot eat it". The staff said "If you don't like it go somewhere else". I moved her to another residential aged care facility where the care, the building and the food was excellent and she lived there from 94 to 101 years of age very happily.

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Jun 25, 2015

this was about 20 years ago when my grandparents were alive .I felt like they were treated as if they were dumb and could not speak for them-selfs . even though my grandparents were sick they still both had sound minds.

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janeth Deen

Jun 14, 2015

My mother felt at home in this facility. She loved the staff and was treated very well. We were very pleased with the way they cared for her and were always in contact with us for every thing she needed or when she was unwell. We could not have chosen a better facility for her end of life care. They really looked after us in the last minutes of her life while we were at her bedside. She had a beautiful end of life care.

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May 15, 2015

It is sad in todays society that we have many new medications and machines etc but still so time poor. The carers are run raggard trying to care for all of the residents and can only allocate a certain amount of specific care to the residents and it is sad to watch at times. The residents are left to sit and entertain themselves, either because they cannot or do not want to join in some of the activities, and their safety factors come into fact as well. God bless the carers and the residents .

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Oct 3, 2014

Bethesda Caring Centre, located in Corinda, a western suburb of Brisbane has a homey feel. Nestled above the Brisbane River, the friendliness of the staff was evident to visitors, who, upon arrival are greeted at Reception by friendly and helpful administration staff. Adequate staffing levels provide all basic care requirements, and Registered Nurses are available throughout any given 24 hour period. Care, therefore is provided to residents 24/7. Pleasant courtyards, ensuite bathrooms to most rooms, a great leisure and life-style program complete the picture, together with a menu to suit all dietary requirements.

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