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Adelaide: The North Adelaide Residential Site accommodates 180 residents. ... location places us on the Adelaide City Council Free Connector Bus ...

Brendan209 Oct 25, 2015
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Only negative was what we felt to be unnecessary dental check on day family arrived to celebrate his birthday when we couldn't see why this was even necessary as he passed away few wks after. Timing of this was all wrong at end of a day too, around 5pm. We had to wait for them to finish. He had severe dementia so activities were limited but overall were very happy with care.

Conrad1337 Mar 16, 2016
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My mother has been at her aged care home for 4 yrs now . While I have had a few incidences that I was not happy about , in general it's not too bad . I do think the nursing staff are absolutely fantastic but the carers really need a lot more training and compassion to do a good job X

Adelaide: ... is located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills suburb of Heathfield nestled ... east of the city of Adelaide along the south-eastern freeway and ...

shellie62 Jul 12, 2015
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my grandma was in hillside aged care facility at mt hutton nsw ,they were absolutely wonderful and treated her like royality up until the day she passed away she was 82 when she died and they are wonderful staff .

Einar9426 Mar 15, 2016
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Would not recommend at all my mother always had to wait to go to the toilet never enough staff on food terrible smelt of urine all the time

Brisa4148 Oct 04, 2017
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Can not produce correct invoices and statements. Have delayed refunding RAD by nearly 12 months. Staffing levels have dropped significantly over time. Nursing home is tired and dated. Few staff left are over worked.

Adelaide: ... is located in the western Adelaide suburb of Hendon approximately 12km ... from the Adelaide CBD. The facility is a ...

Emilio9454 Aug 14, 2015
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Generally poor quality services and insufficient staff to provide quality care. Provide only limited lifestyle opportunities.

Jasjesse Oct 22, 2015
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My mother was treated with dignity, respect and love. All staff from cleaners , kitchen staff , lifestyle, Carers and nursing showed the very best of their professions. They all make a difference everyday in the lives of the residents and families.

Jerel4050 Feb 23, 2016
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There is nothing good to write about the facility my mother is residing on Hell would be better

Adelaide: ... just across from the Royal Adelaide Golf Club. The home offers ...

Adelaide: ... the leafy surrounds of the Adelaide Hills, Estia Health Aldgate is ...

SandyPitman Jan 29, 2016
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My Mum has frontal lobal dementia which has been quite a rapid deterioration, she also fell and fractured her hip and fema, which added to her problems, she has bouts of being quite teary and also can be bad tempered. The staff at Andrew Arthur house in Aldgate have been quite amazing as she can be very difficult to deal with as she needs high care. It is hard enough to watch a loved one slowly lose their mind and not knowing what is really happening to them. I have so much respect for the staff that provide the care and have looked after my Mum. They always show compassion, patience and a caring manner and also provide ongoing support in such a tough time.

Adelaide: ... Set in the leafy inner Adelaide suburb of Myrtle Bank (approximately ...

Quentin2254 Nov 18, 2015
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My Father is being looked after very well and given the freedom he would have, if he was in his own home, but with 24 hour care

Adelaide: ... is located in southern metropolitan Adelaide (approximately 11 kms from the ...

Julie Heal Apr 06, 2015
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This was the first time my Mum had been placed in respite care and understandably Mum as well as family were apprehensive but she was made to feel "at home" instantly on her arrival there. The staff were always on hand for my Mum if needed and also taking calls from me (I live interstate) any time night or day. I would have no hesitation for my Mum to re-visit there in the future if necessary.

Teresa7127 Jul 13, 2015
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Our family has been very happy with the care and attention my mother has received over the last 7 years at Charles Young. In particular the staff are very kind to the residents and very helpful and friendly when communicating with family and friends. The many atriums and courtyards in between the different areas add a special atmosphere to the facility.

keamy56 Nov 09, 2016
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Lovely facility and my father is well cared for and happy with the transition into aged care facility

Lupe6354 Nov 11, 2016
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very well presented

Adelaide: ... the leafy inner-eastern suburbs of Adelaide, our residence is comfortably located ...

Adelaide: ... the semi-rural setting of the Adelaide foothills, Estia Health Aberfoyle Park ...

Adelaide: ... is located close to the Adelaide foothills and is surrounded by ...

Domenico5015 Apr 19, 2016
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Wecome not thoruogh lacking info very rushed room too small not enough powerpoints window broken and probably still not fixed

Anonymous7206 Sep 28, 2016
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Some areas of the home are older however well maintained, currently renovating with minimal inconvenience, Doctor on site, most of the carers are wonderful and management seem to react quickly to any issues, food is of exceptional quality and chef and kitchen staff go beyond to ensure food is suitable for everyone, good choices for residents, My husband had been in another care home previously and it was appalling, this one is wonderful and I would not hesitate if my family ever needed to place me in care to come to this home. Mostly private rooms, a few companion rooms that are occupied by husbands and wives. Really cannot recommend highly enough.

Lori7530 Jun 24, 2017
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Never, ever consider this facility, have endured 12mnths of hell, care is poor, husband not showered for over 3 weeks, money stolen from him, meals extremely poor quality, fried fritz considered a main meat, copious quantities of rice and pasta which is not culturally acceptable for an aged person who has never eaten these dishes, activities are bingo and amateur concerts that are woeful, any complaints are met with hostility, faeces in bedroom not removed for 5 days, people toileted in full public view, medications up to 2 hours late, poor to nil maintenance on building, laundry operated by untrained staff leading to lost and wrecked clothing, NO fresh fruit, this is provided to the facility but eaten by the staff, after complaining about the quality of the food I have been banned from the dining room of the facility, I believe this is because I witnessed residents not being fed, no choice provided, bland food that my husband with dementia described as slop, every complaint is turned back on complainant, no responsibility is taken by management and carers are simply there to fulfill the requirements of their visas before getting citizenship, most are exhausted due to other jobs and study, I would never recommend this facility ever. A lot of change needs to happen.

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