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Canberra: ... away from public transport, central Canberra, Manuka and local health services.Key ... and government approved aged care centre- Supported care and respite care- Single rooms with ...

Mallory8631 May 24, 2015
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My Nan finally went to a home after acknowledging it was time. Initially she had independence and made many friends to talk to and reflect

TASilk May 25, 2015
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My MIL received fabulous care apart from one incident, up to and including her passing 5 1/2 years after she entered the facility.

Raven2835 Oct 09, 2015
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North Coast, Mid North Coast: ... and government approved aged care centre- All levels of care offered including respite ... of personalised lifestyle and wellbeing services- Hairdressing salon and shop on ...

Josue6021 Nov 10, 2016
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My Aunty is a resident here and I find the staff ar all loving and caring

Regional NSW, Central Tablelands: ... and government approved aged care centre- All levels of care offered including respite ... of personalised lifestyle and wellbeing services- Gym and library onsite- Vegetable ...

Regional NSW, Central West Slopes: ... Fully accredited and government approved aged care centre- Offering all levels of ... of personalised lifestyle and wellbeing services- Bus for resident outings and ...

Dedrick3997 Jan 14, 2016
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my mum lives there in selfcare she has had a major fall and broke her shoulder and had to have surgery and not 1 person asked if she was allright she has asked for help at other times when she has had a hypo as she is insulin dependent diabetic and no help she had cancer cut out of her hand and other places on her body and they wouldn't help her I live out of state and I couldn't afford to go and help her but I thought the salvation army would but all they want is to make money not happy with them at all

Sydney, Canterbury /Bankstown: ... Fully accredited and government approved aged care centre- Offering all levels of ... of personalised lifestyle and wellbeing services- Access to Chaplain for spiritual ...

Sydney, Parramatta: ... decision to move into an aged care facility is not an easy ... Canberra Nursing Home for regulatory reasons. The home provides a variety of care services ...

Canberra: ... all those needing care, from respite, low care and high care accommodations. Kankinya ... can manage all manner of aged care needs including dementia.Our facility has ...

Tammar May 28, 2015
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The nursing home is for primarily dementia residents. The staff are excellent with their care of the residents. They show the residents a lot of dignity. The food is good quality for a facility of this size with the main meal cooked for lunch on the premises. There are lifestyle excursions for most of the residents, unfortunately some are unable to walk so do miss out on these lifestyle activities. But they do have volunteers who come to play music for the residents, assist with art classes, games and companion dogs come and visit. They encourage residents families to bring in their own pets as most of the residents smile when they meet a pet.

Regional NSW, Central Tablelands: ... in the ACT, Weeroona Aged Care has a service that will meet your ... can take to and from Canberra should you require it. Permanent ...

Central Coast: ... , retirement living village and community care services, therefore allowing Uniting to attend ... been looked after. I recommend age care to every one. Casual staff ...

margelle watts May 27, 2015
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i have a aunt in a age care home and she is been looked after very well she is happy and i am happy the way she is been looked after. I recommend age care to every one

millie Jun 06, 2015
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Casual staff they are putting on just dont to seem care about the residents and the food is appalling

Sydney, St George: ... AT MORTDALENEW GENERATION IN AGED CARE 136 EXTRA SERVICE AGED CARE PLACES 106 SINGLE SUITES ... AccessInternet Access routine daily for age care is peri wash, change clothing ...

Modesta4056 Apr 24, 2015
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My mother is in Ferndale Gardens in Mortdale. It is very clean, does not have that"old people" smell. it has a lovely coffee shop, hairdressing salon, gymnasium. She goes out on bus trips very regularly and the entertainment is great.The staff on the whole are fabulous ( always there is an exception to the rule) The food is quite nice and the residents are treated with respect. Overall, very happy.

Daughter in Law Jun 06, 2015
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My mother in law has had wonderful care since she moved to Ferndale that I would recommend it to anyone.

Tyree7457 Jul 12, 2015
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Ferndale Gardens warning. We found Ferndale Gardens Mortdale to be a terrible place and a horrible experience for our 96 year old mother and us, her 3 children. After paying extra for so-called "extra services", we found it uncaring, disorganized with poor management and a complete breakdown of communication between the office staff and the nursing staff. It may look nice, but think carefully before you place your loved one there.

Karen Aug 15, 2016
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I found it annoying and hurtful that when my father was in care with dementia, in the high care section, most of the conversations my sister and I had with staff was them continually telling us that he is frustrating as he cant remember. They would say we explain to him what is to happen then he keeps asking and asking so we tell him to be quiet. I did not like this at all as this was the reason my father had to forego living on his own, his short term memory loss. I also felt they were understaffed and could not give all residents the care they needed. Overall not a good experience for my family. My father died after being in care for 21/2 mths. He also had a major fall the very first night he was there and spent 10 days in hospital with a bleed on the brain (again not enough staff) and or understanding of short term memory loss. Also we were not notified that our father was dying. We went for a normal visit to find that he had dramatically gone down hill on a few days hence h died 24 hrs later. I felt that the staff should have contacted the family and when I questioned the staff about my dads condition and that he must not have been for a lot longer than the last hour they said no only the last hour ( there seemed to be a cover up by some), but other staff members said he stopped eating about four days beforehand and was not having himself, this is what and when we should have been told. It was a very distressing time and one that I will never forgive them for. That was MY father not just a number!!!!!!

Lilian Smith Aug 16, 2016
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I am happy with where my mum is. I do think that the ancillary staff need more training in understanding dementia.

Aron227 Nov 08, 2016
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I could not fault Ferndale Gardens at Mortdale NSW. The care and support we received for my Parents-in-Law, made a difficult time less stressful. The lack of a 5th star on quality of food was in memory of my mother-in-law who saw herself as a food expert but truly the food was excellent. The staff took the time to chat with my father-in-law who had become socially isolated due to his failing health and to engage him in many activities he found so rewarding to the point of renaming the property "Paradise Gardens" To the staff a simple Thank You, with a deep appreciation of the love and care you showed our family.

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