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Melbourne, Bayside: Victoria By The Park sets a benchmark in residential aged care. We are a ... 70 place extra service aged care facility overlooking ...

Lew9965 Jun 26, 2016
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Do not be deceived by appearances - the building has serious flaws. My parents have lived there for 1 year, in 3 different rooms. In each room, voices and tv from adjacent rooms are clealy audible. This is made worse by the fact that seriously demented patients are not separated from the rest of the residents. In one of the rooms we have experienced, the neighbour talks loudly to himself during the night making sleep impossible in the adjacent room. Staff have advised that this has been an issue for the six years the demented patient has been a resident, yet nothing has been done. We have been complaining about these issues for months. The only response has been to loan my mother alternative rooms whe available There is also noise transmission between floors. The resident above my mother's room goes to bed very late, and thinks nothing of showering at midnight. Every footfall and door closing is clearly audible in my mother's room, meaning she is woken every night. The top floor is also extremely hot summer, necessitating the constant use of cooling, yet not all bedrooms have effective cooling. We have been complaining about these issues for months. The only response has been to loan my mother alternative rooms whe available or to offer her a smaller room as a permanent move. No attempt haas been made to fix the problems with the sound and thermal insulation, which means that the next resident of th3affected rooms will be in the same situation as my mother. The facility charges extra services, currently in the order of $50 per person per day. The extra service charge increased by 7% last year. I fear that this will be the norm, meaning the extra service charges may soon exceed the basic daily fee. My parents often ask me what they are getting for $700/week. The answer seems to be a weekly trip in a small bus, trips they really enjoy, but which are not worth two economy airfares between Melbourne and Sydney. The extra services charge certainly does not ensure high quality food. Residents frequently return food to the kitchen because it is inedible. My mother needs a low fructose diet which, on entry, the manager assured us they could provide. There is little evidence that the kitchen staff can spell fructose, let alone provide complying food. Another resident is struggling because the facility does not provide her with the vegetarian diet she requested and, again, was assured would be provided.

Melbourne, North: ... provide a range of senior care services aimed at helping individuals maintain ... like a business not an aged care facility the emphasis more on ...

M.ball Jul 11, 2014
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Very nice and comfortable

Beth Gingell May 26, 2015
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My elderly father is now a resident of this Aged Care Facility he had a stroke, and cannot walk,sits in his wheel chair day after day. I can,t really comment on the food because he has to have his food minced. He will be 93 next month

Kattie2845 Sep 27, 2015
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My parents moved into Twin Parks 7 years ago. It is brilliantly run. Any issues are quickly dealt with. It is a very caring place and I believe my mother is extremely well cared for. The staff are very patient with her memory loss and very kind. There are many activities which my mother is encouraged to join.

Carmel140 Dec 14, 2015
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Very clean, friendly, spacious overall my mother was well looked after. very happy.

Eric7808 Apr 20, 2016
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Have been extremely happy with the care offered to our elderly, at times difficult personality-wise, relative. The patience and concern for her well-being has been very much appreciated by our family.

Deshaun700 Sep 10, 2016
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Do not be fooled ..this place is run like a business not an aged care facility the emphasis more on money than care. Many staff lack english skills, making communication difficult. Majority of staff lack compassion or understanding - hand hygiene between patients non nonexistent. Food lacks nutrition -party pies or sandwiches for dinner!. Buzzers are not responded to in timely manner- staff attend and turn it off and state they will be back to comply wth audit but in reality residants are left waiting up to 45 min to be taken to toilet. Would definitely not recommend this facility to other families.

Northern Victoria, Shepparton & Central North: ... , their families and carers across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Supported by more ... in-home support, residential aged care, retirement living, dementia care, respite services and veterans' home ...

Mustafa8404 May 08, 2014
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Not enough staff

Kaelyn5560 Jun 04, 2014
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Staff shortages often, staff told to not tell they are short staffed, Quality of care very average as younger staff NOT qualified in all Aspects of care (eg) stroke residents, dementia and very high care residents, often medications are forgotten, quality of rooms are good.

Northern Victoria, North Western: ... in the delivery of residential aged care services. Staff and volunteers at Chaffey ... lady before going to chaffey age care. The food quality is probably ...

Sherri-Lee Avery Jun 08, 2015
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Well staffed with people who appear to enjoy their job and are extremely well disposed towards the residents. Very 'spot on' with medication and meeting resident's needs/requests. Administration and management are good and informative. Actual accommodation and facilities are probably the best in the district. Also have a varied program of activities, including exercise and craft, which are available. Food is generally good and caters to different requirements (on a personal level cope with lactose intolerance). Lunch is the main meal of the day. The evening meal can be a bit uninspiring but residents can opt for soup, sandwich and dessert.

Jamel2440 Dec 08, 2015
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My parents were both admitted when my father needed nursing care. He had previously been the carer for our mother. They had been pro active in selecting their facility at a time prior to needing it. They experienced it first through respite and when dad became unwell through transitional care. The experience that they had made the selection easy. The staff were 'amazing' and 'caring' the facilities and setting very nice and the activities appealed to mum. The empathy and dignity with which they treated my father, mother and family at the time of dads passing was both dignified and thoughtful.

Carolyne4449 Dec 18, 2015
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Our Mother and Mother In Law is at Merbein Chaffey Age care she is very happy and looks the best she has looked in many years. She is very happy mixing with the other age people there and always wants to help them as she can get around quite good compared to most. She was a very lonely lady before going to chaffey age care.

Jennyfer1688 Dec 18, 2015
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The food quality is probably better than most other facilities mother has so many dietary restrictions due to Crohn's Disease and lactose intolerance. No dairy products, must have low/no residue diet because bowel is only 5mm. wide in some places due to scarring. Consequently her meals are a bit boring.

Christine Chatfield Mar 14, 2016
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Facility is fantastic, buildings, staff , and above all care of my family member . They truly treat their elderly residents as family . The staff never miss an opportunity to hold special events for the residents including dress up days . Recently my dad was in hospital and I had to go to pick up clothes and every staff member asked how my dad was , from the manager to the maintenance man . Truly a family environment . Any concerns are dealt with in a respectful , caring manner . What more could one ask for . Hope it's still there when it's my turn to be a resident .

Northern Victoria, Bendigo: ... like to comment on an aged care facility in Bendigo. Sunrise Supported ... surrounded with no worries. His age is 101. Has taken all ...

kthaxter May 26, 2015
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I would like to comment on an aged care facility in Bendigo. Sunrise Supported Accommodation where once you could rent, but they've pushed the renters out and now you have to buy under the usual astronomical terms. When my sister was renting there a few years ago, the renters ate in one kitchen, the owners in another - the food in the renters kitchen was atrocious and residents had blocked bowels etc - fresh fruit almost caused a riot it was so rare and I don't believe the cooks were even qualified. She came to my place one night and when she returned, the gate was locked (she'd never been told they would be locked and couldn't get in to get her medications) - ended up coming back and spending the night at my place. This happened to her a second time and she climbed the back gate after calling the after hours number but no response - blody awful standard of care and support.

Janick597 Mar 10, 2016
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Has taken all stress off us living so far away knowing he is so well cared for respected, and loved. Piece of mind knowing he will enjoy his final years surrounded with no worries. His age is 101.

Northern Victoria, Shepparton & Central North: Information not yet provided by facility they are the best it is one of the best in the area you couldn't ask for better care or services.

Kim Rawlings Jan 04, 2016
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they are the best it is one of the best in the area you couldn't ask for better care or services

Northern Victoria, North Eastern: Residential aged care

Northern Victoria, Shepparton & Central North: ... built facility of 20 residential aged care beds. The home is set ... contained ensuites to their rooms.Individualised care is provided by a team ...

hmmhmm May 19, 2015
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My mother has advanced MS and so is in an acute nursing home. The nurses and other staff there are ALL wonderful caring people who love the oldies and doing their best to make life comfortable for their residents. I give them a BIG fat gold star for excellence.

Sophia4759 Jun 02, 2015
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Words cannot speak highly enough of this facility and the loving caring staff. We were kept up to date with all aspects of my mother's care and her last days were dignified and peaceful. Only a small country facility but one which others could learn from. Forever grateful.

Northern Victoria, Bendigo: ... the delivery of high quality aged services to the people of Kyneton ... a picturesque part of central Victoria within an hour's drive north ...

Rosemary Jul 06, 2014
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The facility was friendly and bright. Staff were helpful. Very busy place. Meals were tasty and generous. Always seemed to be activities happening. Telephone messages always followed through.

Tessie8414 Oct 10, 2014
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New and Bright, residents seem happy

Janet Mitchell Jun 10, 2015
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Ray M Begg Aged Care facilities are fortunate in very recently being rehoused in a modern ,purpose built, building. However, my rating is covering the 'old' and the 'new' in the Tour Review Rating list , especially in the Staff and Care section. My husband and I offered the "Happy Hour" piano and song segment with another wonderful volunteer and so enjoyed the interaction with the elderly residents. Being a facility in the small country town of Kyneton also made it a special example of Aged Care as so many residents were known to the town's folk. The residents enjoyed organised visits to the Morning Music shows in the Town Hall .Many other volunteers offer Craft, Sunday worship, speakers, Bingo and Podiatry service, with drivers being available to arrange transport when required. I am sure City RAC facilities may offer these wonderful entertainments, however I do feel what has been offered at Ray M Begg for many years deserves credit.

Mervin7196 Sep 26, 2015
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My mother was a resident there until she passed away, and she thought the staff were all wonderful. My sisters and I agreed with her and two of us were there in time to be with her as she took her last breath. She was 92, an ex-Servicewoman during WW2, being one of the first 10 morse code operators in the AWAS. She loved the staff!

Active4 Oct 06, 2015
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This was an amazing facility that cared for my mum very well. Only minor negative was a shortage of nursing staff, at sometimes, but the overall care was fantastic. Very caring facility and the manager and her staff were excellent

Devon4951 Feb 01, 2017
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my mother has spent time there in respite and i am very happy qith all aspects of het stay.

Melbourne, East: ... the nearest park and tram service, which will take you directly ... experience or caring carers. The carers may have Cert 3 in Age Care, but majority ...

Haylee4878 Apr 23, 2015
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The lack of care is deployable, they are not suitable for medium to high care. Even though they say they are. The carers do not always respond, nor in a timely manner. There are not enough permanent experience or caring carers. The carers may have Cert 3 in Age Care, but majority of them have no experience or understanding in looking after the elderly. Would not recommend this facility. The meals are not always on times, and can be cold or sometimes not delivered to those who cannot get to the dining room. Currently undergoing change of management can only hope the care improves. The money you pay to enter this facility does not provide you the care that you would expect.

Hank5485 Jan 15, 2016
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Not suitable to look after low or high care. Manager does not listen to residence concerns. Should not be accredited as the care is not there.

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