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Perth, Inner Northern Suburbs: ... parents have received at this aged care facility. The staff do their best ... is an excellent, clean ethnic facility which has many facilities and activities available. ...

Roberta2208 Dec 30, 2015
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I have been very happy with the care that my parents have received at this aged care facility. The staff do their best to provide a caring and stimulating environment and the food is cooked fresh on site and follows conventional dietary recommendations for nutrition.

Bettie9874 Jan 05, 2016
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My motherinlaw is a resident at Myvista nursing home in WA. It is an excellent, clean ethnic facility which has many facilities and activities available.

Kim976 Jan 11, 2016
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We have been very happy with the care our parents have received.

South East & Central, Mid West: ... We understand the move into residential aged care is a major step for ... on request. As well as aged care, Baptistcare provides other support in ...

Perth, Inner Northern Suburbs: ... with any great importance. The facility is clean, the staff are terrific ... worst in comparison to other Aged Care Facilities. I was often insulted by ...

Sunflower Jun 12, 2015
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My mother was in Kimberley Nursing Home, Leederville WA, and while for the first couple of years it seemed quite good, things gradually deteriorated to a terrible level. Her wedding ring that she had worn for over 50 years had suddenly vanished from her finger. When I asked her what happened to it she did not know. Her mind had eventually deteriorated and lost to dementia, but she was very upset and cried. I cried too! Most of her belongings had eventually vanished. I had bought her new clothes, shoes and dressing gowns, 3 of them in fact, after each had vanished! The last one managed to survive only because I had put her name on the back in full view in a permanent black texta ink. I couldn't bear the thought that she might not have had a dressing gown of her own. Over the years the staff behavior had deteriorated significantly to the extent of extreme bullying, not only of the residents but their family members as they came visiting as well. One incident I recall I was sitting on my mother's bed talking to her as she lay in bed, when a very young carer of about 19 or so came in and demanded in a very loud voice I get off the bed immediately. I indicated that there was no where else to sit and she pointed to a commode with a lid and shouted at me to sit there! And kept shouting at me until I got up of the bed. My mother was extremely upset at this behavior as I was. I just could not believe it! I consequently wrote to the matron to complain, but it just got ignored. I confronted the nurse in charge to complain of some of the staff's behavior, plus my mother's belongs vanishing and her response was "If you don't like it leave and take your mother with you." I was shocked, speechless and felt very upset, while they just laughed at me. I was horrified that my mother was left in such a terrible place. Even the meals were as tasteless as cardboard. The very young Carer knew that I had complained about her and just laughed that there was nothing I could do about it, taunting me and so her bullying behavior increased. I asked her to leave me alone with my mother and she put her hands on her hips and said "make me!!" in a very threatening manner with her face about 2 inches from mine. I thought her behavior was disgusting, and told her she should be looking after the residents and treating them with respect and also their relatives with respect. I was absolutely devastated to think that I had put my mother in such a terrible place. I knew I could not leave her there and had to find another place. This one was recommended to me by my mother's social worker through one of the large public hospitals, who couldn't believe what I had told him of the goings on in the place. It was as bad as it could ever get. Before I could move my mother to another place, she suffered a major stroke and died. To this day the thought that my mother's last time on earth was lived out in one of the worst Nursing Homes ever upsets me so much that I was not capable of reporting it to higher authorities for them to check it out. I have a friend who is a kind loving carer who works for an aged care agency and moves from Nursing Home to Nursing Home as needed and she tells me that she is filled with dread when she is sent to fill in at the Kimberley Nursing Home in Leedervile, WA. She agrees it is one of the worst, but she is afraid to complain in case she loses her job. She has told me some stories of her own as to how some people are treated. She only worked as a locum, so they did not treat her complaints with any great importance.

lozkelly Jun 29, 2015
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The facility is clean, the staff are terrific and there always seems to be plenty of them around.

shaza1314 Jan 05, 2016
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I am very happy with everything they look after my Mum so well an i have piece of mind.

Harry6790 Jan 07, 2016
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Very conducive to high care people over 70 years.

Noelia1366 Apr 18, 2016
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I care for my mother for over 8years with no family support it got so hard in the end I put her in care best thing is I know she is being looked after better than I could do I did my best but dementia is a horrible thing n I'm glad I made the decision

Perth, Inner Western Suburbs: ... (Inc) provides premium residential facilities and specialised care for older adults who require ... an informed decision about which care facility is best suited to your ...

Perth, Northern Suburbs: ... accommodation in the latest of Care Facility designs to complement a vibrant ... life!. Unfortunately, the so called aged care facilities are still NURSING HOMES! One ...

Perthwa Aug 12, 2015
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This facility is well appointed and modern, although the rooms are small and very basic. The $20/day for "extra services" is definitely not worth it. Nurses are all lovely, but hard to find after business hours and on weekends - often long wait times after pressing call button. Meals are pretty poor - mostly stodgy food like mash and gravy, lots of crumbed and fried food, frozen vegetables and very small servings (hospital food is better!). There's also really nothing for residents to do all day - no activity room or crafts etc, there's things like bingo and singing but this gets boring day after day. Most of the residents here are very elderly and not mobile. On a more positive note, the building is very nice and clean and in a lovely quiet location. Definitely on the higher side of the rates scale in relation to RAD and DAP, but the nurses (when you can find them) are very skilled and lovely with the residents.

suzqmac Jan 06, 2016
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Not enough is being done to educate the staff about dementia when it is the single most challenging disease in aged care. Some of the staff are awesome. ... Some are old and tired. ..... Some are ignorant. .... guess that's life!

Lambert2326 Apr 14, 2016
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Unfortunately, the so called aged care facilities are still NURSING HOMES! One of the most expensive in the northern suburbs of Perth doesn't pay for or realize that they HAVE TO train their staff in Dementia Care! SO .... They are still NURSING dementia patients... Not caring for them!

Sincere1923 Jul 31, 2017
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There are some TRULY AMAZING staff members in the care facility that my parents are/have been in BUT it disturbs me that they are so budget conscious - not client centred. The dementia ward has amazing staff - who are limited by budgeting to initiate the things that they would like to do. I also think that it is outrageous that the therapy staff have to raise funds to purchase the things they need!

Santa2696 Aug 09, 2017
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The carers, therapy and nursing staff are generally lovely but difficult to find on weekends and after hours due to low staff ratios. If your relative is mobile and able to get out it's ok but the activities are VERY repetitive and boring for many residents. Given the RAD and DAP costs compared to some homes it's not worth the extra money. Management and some admin staff leave a lot to be desired. They forget it is the residents home not theirs and could do with retraining in customer service. Don't expect them to do what they say they will and be prepared to constantly follow up issues. Yes, they don't like it if you correct them but don't be afraid to stand up for your relative because thankfully it's the carers, nurse and therapy staff that look after them.

Perth, Inner Northern Suburbs: ... is nestled in the quiet residential suburb of Yokine and offers ... an extremely good aged care facility for 2 years. I find it very clean.

Rick6433 Jan 05, 2016
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My mother has been in an extremely good aged care facility for 2 years. I find it very clean

Perth, South Perth Suburbs: ... inner city suburb of South Perth, within walking distance of the ... as are most of the aged care workers. Some though are completely ...

Donato5766 Jul 15, 2017
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The nursing staff are excellent as are most of the aged care workers. Some though are completely apathetic

Perth, Eastern Suburbs: ... THEY ARE ATTENTING TO NOW. Facilities are good, staff terrible and ... face washers to clean private parts of residents (OMG!) ?Carers are using ...

Obie6009 Jun 13, 2015
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Libbie4320 Jan 05, 2016
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Facilities are good, staff terrible and food disgusting. I will never recommend putting any family member here.

Joyce3928 Apr 27, 2016
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My mother developed bed sores in this nursing home due to her not being turned every 2 hours.She eventually died from poisoning from the bed sores. When I visited her on the afternoon of the day of her death she told me she was aching all over. She had been vomiting and there was a light brown blood stain on her clothing.I knew there was something wrong and asked the nurse to contact me if she got any worse.I was told later that evening to come in because she was not breathing properly and was dying. This was only noticed on shift change over. The family did not get to be with her before she died. The doctor put the cause of death down as stroke which was incorrect. He did not see her the night she died. Prior to that we had on going problems with the care she was given. For nearly 1 year she had leakage from the continence pads and her clothes smelt. After continuously complaining the management finally discovered the carers were putting the pads on too early at night. Do not be fooled by the nice building. The individual staff members do a good job but the management is poor.

Perth, South Perth Suburbs: ... aged care workers, but unless the wage rises I can understand why facilities ... had my mother in this facility until she passed away and ...

teesdale Jun 15, 2015
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We need more aged care workers, but unless the wage rises I can understand why facilities are short staffed, The staff at this facility are always pleasant and helpful, I am glad my Mother is in this particular one.

Valmajoy Dec 03, 2015
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I had my mother in this facility until she passed away and my husband was there for 2 weeks respite as he suffers from Alzheimer's Disease and I was extremely happy with everything. I have no complaints whatsoever.

Perth, Inner Northern Suburbs: Residential aged care. Ageing in place; 92 permanent, including 16 dementia secure, and 4 respite places

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