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Adelaide: ... a 43 beds Commonwealth Funded Aged Care Facility at Lockleys - South ... that overall the quality of care and conditions have deteriorated.

Dallin4783 Mar 14, 2016
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My mother has been in this home for 3 years and at this stage I have to say that overall the quality of care and conditions have deteriorated.

Monica Jul 03, 2015
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My mother was there for 6 years and we couldn't ask for better care love the staff and i ean all the staff when they came into her room her face would light up

Lisa8496 Oct 20, 2015
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I had a very large surgery last year that required me to have 24/7 High Care Respite.On being told that this would be in an Aged Care Facility I was so unhappy because of the mis information that is sometimes heard, but my 2mths were such a wonderful experience that bas changed my views entirely

Burley7447 Jan 21, 2016
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Only issue is continuity of care (regular staff often not there and agency don't know enough about individuals routines and conditions).

Olly7 Jan 24, 2016
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The staff are wonderful and genuinely seem to care about individuals. Communication has been great and we are notified of any incidents (e.g. falls) in a timely manner. Ideally it would be good to get feedback on when there has been a doctor's visit and the outcomes. We visit twice a week and the only concerns we have are the cleanliness of the room. As a dementia patient, our auntie often hoards things and we have to constantly empty out 'stashed' food from her cupboards. We also have to gather up the various towels, tablecloths, clothes, etc that she accumulates. She doesn't have a receptacle for dirty clothes and we seem to be the only ones gathering her washing and taking it to the laundry.

Melody5 Jan 27, 2016
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My parents enjoy living at Aldinga Beach Court but think that the facility is short-staffed and the carers are very busy so sometimes care suffers. They find their carers very friendly on the whole and most of them are very competent. They do notice a difference between what they call employed staff and 'agency staff'.

LClarke Jan 29, 2016
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My Mum had advanced dementia, with a huge load of associated issues from anxiety through delusions, to eventually not being able to talk, eat, walk or communicate. This was so distressing for me and my family. My husband and I had cared for Mum in our home and knew every bit of her issues and needs. Unlike other facilities where she had respite, she was very well cared for both physically and physiologically... And we were always informed, included, listened to and very welcomed. The staff and case manager were amazing, supportive, caring and available. She passed away in Sept last year and the caring continued both via staff attending her funeral to a memorial service in their chapel for her and us. Thank you all so much.

Clara1783 Feb 01, 2016
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My Mother in-law lived for 7 years with Life Care at Roslyn Court, Joslin, SA. she has moved to Aldinga 8 weeks ago. The difference in these two facilities run by the same organisation is amazing. The staff - all of them, no matter what they do, are friendly and helpful all the time. The general atmosphere is happy and peaceful. The building is bright and airy with door open allowing fresh air to flow through. There are plenty of places to sit and talk over coffee. My Mother-in-law hated the food in Joslin and was always complaining about the coldness, small serves and uninteresting food. Now she has put 2kg in 2 months because she loves the food. Interesting, tasty, and well presented. This is an amazing change in a 90 year old to now find her smiling and talking positively for the first time in 8 years. Well done Aldinga Beach Court.

Don Feb 09, 2016
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My wife has been in high care for 2 years. I visit her everyday if possible. She is very happy with her care as I am. It is a pleasure to see her so settled. The staff all seem to know her by name as same with myself. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful facility for us.

Adelaide: ... all levels of care. Our stunning facility combines modern designed and old ... My mother was in residential age care.

rzeskowski Jun 24, 2015
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I hat to put my auntie into nursing care,this was the hardest thin g for me to do. She is now being cared by the most hiley trained people you could wish for she loves them all. We are still having teething problems but they are sorted very quickly. She is in an old home and I thought this is old but could not ask for anythink more once you open doors. Hope like my little story becauce the more I talk about it the easier it is for me to coupe.

Winnifred6303 Oct 25, 2015
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Dementia ward poses may challenges. The love and care of staff was anazing. Eternally grareful to staff at alwyndoor SA

E67935 Apr 20, 2016
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I was more than happy with the care given/shown to my Mum. The staff were always friendly

Linda67 Sep 10, 2016
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A beautiful home with skilled caring staff, Dad loved his time here. We would recconnend to anyone.

Bulah6563 Nov 09, 2016
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My mother was in residential age care

Adelaide: ... and airport.The facility provides a caring, modern homelike environment for its 92 ... an en suite bathroom. Kylara Aged Care facility strives to be and ...

Viviane9219 Mar 14, 2016
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My mother has been in this facility for two years.....I have been enormously impressed with the wonderful staff who care for my mum...she is extremely happy there and considers the staff her friends. There are many activities for the residents and beautiful views from dining room and from my mothers room....I and my sisters cannot speak highly enough of this facility.

Adelaide: ... well presented. The decor is modern and well appointed. All in ... was looked after at an Aged Care Facility run by Anglicare in ...

Toney2970 Mar 23, 2015
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The people here are generally very kind, compassionate and good humoured. The place runs like clockwork and is well organised. Residents have their own private room with ensuite. The views are not really what I would call 'grand' but it is nice to be elevated and look out. The food is nutritious and well presented. The decor is modern and well appointed. All in all a very nice facility where your loved one will be respected and well looked after.

lyndas Jul 05, 2015
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My father was only there 3 weeks, in that time he had 17 falls and his low dementia spiralled quickly, he died 10 days after being placed in hospital for assessment. We had trouble finding staff when we visited which made me wonder were they accessible to him.

Ari3844 Oct 20, 2015
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The nurses and carers at my mum's nursing home are always friendly and helpful to my mum

Eldon3642 Oct 25, 2015
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Well kept, clean rooms and lounge areas. Staff very obliging. Good food. Only complaint not enough activities held outdoors. Residents like to go outside but cannot if no-one available to take them.

PHobson Oct 27, 2015
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My Dad was looked after at an Aged Care Facility run by Anglicare in South Australia called Grandview Court. He was welcomed like family and was treated with kindness and respect. Our favourite thing was to go to the cafe and have a cappuccino

Makayla5271 Mar 15, 2016
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My husband has been in this facility for 2 1/2 years. The staff are well chosen being thoughtful, understanding and very compassionate. Have never heard my husband have a bad word to say. Would recommend to anyone who wants their, parent, partner or friend well looked after. Very happy.

Edison586 Mar 15, 2016
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Mostly beautiful people but a few that did not give a damn. Like all homes ratio of carers to residents absolute joke. Found some meals great mostly lunches.. teas a bit to be desired. Not appertising. Lack of communication a big issue. Repeated myself so many times to be advised of Mums care etc. Went 3 days a week and other family other days so we could check on what was happening.. A carer actually got dismissed because of ill treatment to my Mum.. .. Nursing proceedures not adhered to etc. Sadly Mum passed away in November.

Ila4981 Apr 20, 2016
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My Mum had Dementia and as difficult as it was to take her out of her home and place her in Aged Care the staff at Grandview Court helped us immensely with their kindness and compassion. Their care and support will always be remembered and I can't recommend this facility highly enough.

Anastasia3858 Apr 20, 2016
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My husband been in care 2 1/2 years and is as happy as can be under the circumstances. Well looked after. Lovely accommodation, lovely nurses and staff. Everything clean and homely . lots of activities. He has Alzheimers and is well cared for. I am very happy.

Adelaide: ... the Allity Aged Care group. Set in the leafy inner Adelaide suburb of ... centre), our home caters for all levels of permanent and respite care ...

Quentin2254 Nov 18, 2015
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My Father is being looked after very well and given the freedom he would have, if he was in his own home, but with 24 hour care

Adelaide: ... the Allity Aged Care group and is located in southern metropolitan Adelaide (approximately ... Glenelg foreshore and Marion shopping centre, our home is also close ...

Julie Heal Apr 06, 2015
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This was the first time my Mum had been placed in respite care and understandably Mum as well as family were apprehensive but she was made to feel "at home" instantly on her arrival there. The staff were always on hand for my Mum if needed and also taking calls from me (I live interstate) any time night or day. I would have no hesitation for my Mum to re-visit there in the future if necessary.

Teresa7127 Jul 13, 2015
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Our family has been very happy with the care and attention my mother has received over the last 7 years at Charles Young. In particular the staff are very kind to the residents and very helpful and friendly when communicating with family and friends. The many atriums and courtyards in between the different areas add a special atmosphere to the facility.

keamy56 Nov 09, 2016
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Lovely facility and my father is well cared for and happy with the transition into aged care facility

Lupe6354 Nov 11, 2016
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very well presented

Adelaide: At St Teresa Aged Care we want you to live ... conveniently located close to the Centro Arndale shopping precinct. The home ...

Adelaide: At Seaton Aged Care we want you to live ... just across from the Royal Adelaide Golf Club. The home offers ...

Adelaide: ... , the sheer expanse of All Care Aged Care - The Vales becomes apparent. ... into one myself as I age. Another of our parents was ...

Kristian8517 Jul 13, 2015
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The nursing home my mother was in, on the surface, seemed to be able to provide the care needed for my mother. Scratch the surface and it is a different story. My mother was left alone tied (strapped) to a chair for most of the day. She wore her night attire all day and wore incontinence pads. If she had her wits about her she would have been horrified. Luckily, I say luckily for her, she passed before too long and is now at rest. This experience has soured me re nursing homes and I dread going into one myself as I age. Another of our parents was subjected to equally grim lodgings and treatment and this too has left a bad taste for us. Luckily for him he passed quickly. During the week days (9-5) regular NH staff are in attendance but overnight and on weekends they employ casual relief staff who do not know the people they are dealing with and the easiest thing to do is to sedate them and keep them either strapped to a bed or in their rooms. Shoddy practice and one that should be outlawed. The food, too, is an afterthought. Tasteless and boiled to within an inch of it's description. Probably reheated time and again too. My mother was an excellent cook used to good wholesome food on a regular basis. She became skeletal and lost the strength to stand. She had many falls and was hospitalized many times for this. The advice given to me initially was that when you find a NH with a vacancy, grab it because placement can be delayed or even become unavailable. This I did with great regret to the detriment of my mother. She deserved much better. Dreadful, horrible and unimaginable bad experiences with nursing homes. Sorry to say this but I am yet to hear of anyone who has had a good experience with a nursing home. Very disappointing and scary to think of what is ahead.

Darrin5992 Oct 22, 2015
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Wonderful caring, friendly staff. Handle challenging resident situations with sensitivity and respect .

[email protected] Oct 24, 2015
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This is a great Aged Care facility with exception to the food improvements need to been in making sure the food is hot no consideration is given that the food can be on the trollies for upto 15 mins before the resident receives it.

Danika4840 Feb 24, 2016
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My mother had 2 weeks respite in the above facility and i couldn't fault them. Well looked after.

Jennih Mar 15, 2016
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Patients unable to feed themselves would go hungry unless a relative could be there. Owners charging double for medications, which were not regularly given to patients. Facility smelt so bad you would gag on entering.

Lorenza1226 Mar 16, 2016
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Overall experience was datisfactory.

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