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Sydney, Eastern Suburbs: ... emergency staff assistance Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Homes are of very ... Woollahra Campus of Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home for 10 years. ...

Rubye2290 Aug 16, 2016
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Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Homes are of very high standards and we are pleased that our parent is in their facility.

Florencio3919 Jul 31, 2017
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My mother has been in the Woollahra Campus of Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home for 10 years. She is in a Hostel section for residents who are continent, basically competent and are not wheelchair dependant. The staff are well trained and supervised. They are caring and conscientious and assist with showering and dressing plus medication and hot packs and whatever else is required. Physiotherapists, massage therapy, aromatherapy, dieticians and doctors visit. Hairdressers and entertainers come regularly. Dining room staff are kind and attentive and the food varied and fresh. The atmosphere is genteel and friendly with visitors being made most welcome. Lovely gardens and courtyards are well maintained and welcoming.

Sydney, Eastern Suburbs: ... any of these issues addressed. Montefiore subscribes to antiquated old school ... the dementia unit of the Montefiore Home. Despite the impressively modern ...

Sydney, Lower North Shore: The Montefiore Home at Hunters Hill is ...

Sarahhannah May 29, 2015
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My mother lived here for many years, all care taken, kind staff, fantastic food, beautiful gardens.

Cleve8410 Jul 28, 2015
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Staff are very very approachable, I think though the rooms could be updated and be modernised, they are very clean but dated.

Tess3744 Oct 12, 2015
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My 89 year old mother is in an aged care facility, in the hostel section, in her own room

Flavio1820 Dec 01, 2015
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My mother has been in an aged care facility for 3 years now. She is in the hostel section, which is her own room

Jake4860 Jun 09, 2015
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My Dad is in Camelot Nursing Home Anzac Pde Maroubra prior to him going there I had previously had Mum in law there. There has been a change for the better but I had a few issues in the beginning. 1. People need help with the time comsuming difficult paper work. 2.Admin Staff or/and Social workers need to be prersent on the day of admission. 3.Staff should be updated with the needs/procedures necessary for the individual needs. 4.Complaints if necessary should be noted so that staff on different shifts could take over where others left off and taken care of ASAP. 5.I would like to see although not practical in many nursing homes patients placed in areas according to their special needs meaning rated from most needing attention to least as you get very NOISY/disruptive patients whom upset others(no fault of their own of course). 6.Dad eventually was settled in a better room I had meetings with Staff social workers but still find some staff although most very pleasant not knowing the procedure in changing (urine bags) in Dads case. ON THE WHOLE MUM

Jerel6816 Dec 08, 2015
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Camelot has some amazing kind and caring staff who have been with the organisation for a very long time. It is wonderful for family and residents to see friendly, familiar faces instead of agency staff.

Brennan5690 Mar 15, 2016
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Staff always friendly and willing to help. My mum is always clean and looking as well as possible (she's) 96 with dementia.

McLeanJames Mar 15, 2016
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Care and kindness shown by all staff has been excellent. All staff have treated me with kindness and courtesy at all times. I could not have had better care for my wide any where. Cleanliness is also excellent. As a reason of my recommendation one friend has had family member admitted to Camelot.

nannaanna152 Apr 20, 2016
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The facility has limited external access - there is a rooftop but the design of the building prohibits going to the backyard garden area. The facility has been home to dad (and mum who passed last year) for about 7 years. Luckily they could share a room but now dad must share with another resident which has been an adjustment for him. There should be more single rooms available. The staff are friendly and caring. The driveway is also not suitable for long vehicles such as wheelchair taxis which makes taking dad out more difficult.

Blu Apr 20, 2016
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I feel most staff are friendly and effective, however staff numbers is not great. My biggest issue with this nursing home is the quality of life that it provides for the immobile residents. My grandma who had a large stroke currently either spends all day in her bed or chair with little interaction from staff and no activities etc organised by the home. I have feedback this information to the management with no change. I have suggested music group OT groups, massage groups, rooftop groups etc etc- to provide the residents with some environment enrichment but I have seen no change.

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