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Sydney, Sutherland: Moran Sylvania is set in one ... , but if there were more staff thus more encouragement and hands on ...

Tianna4910 May 08, 2015
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No rehabiltation and physio with patients that were independent. If they got sick, they were pretty much just left in their beds, no wonder they got pneumonia!

Matt6713 May 11, 2015
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There is a serious lack of initiative and understanding of our elderly who are trying to be independent. The mobility was not offered to those who were limited but just needed 1 assist. Staff wouldn't take the time to let these people mobilise e.g. to the dining room because they were slow so sat them on their 4 wheel frames and pushed them. As a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse, I was horrified.

Elenor9809 May 15, 2015
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My Mum had a successful 3 week respite stay but a very "business focussed" provider. Felt very sterile. Have heard it described as 5 star prison. Felt like 5 star hospital to me.

Efrain7368 May 20, 2015
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Mum lived in care for three years. Although she had dementia, she had a lovely room and a garden to walk through. The nursing staff and activities girls were sincere and caring. She loved music and particularly towards the end of her life, they encouraged her to play the piano. She was in a choir there and loved singing along to sing-songs or Andre Rieu tapes. I will always remember Samantha who sang so beautifully to her, would sometimes walk towards her saying, with a big smile, 'Jeannie' and Mum would smile happily. Samantha was there right to the end of Mum's life.

Alessia5316 Jun 02, 2015
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My mother was mainly independent, just needing minor assist. When she was in pain from a fall in the facility, they just gave her pain relief, she was so spaced out, she was left to lie in bed all day. She ended up dying of pneumonia due to her lack of mobility which wasn't encouraged, no physiotherapy was offered. The last time I visited she was asleep in bed with some of her lunch still in her mouth. Obviously no mouth care was provided. She never deserved to be treated like that in her final years. I am still horrified.

missyv Jun 22, 2015
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i think the facility that mum is in is top quality, but if there were more staff thus more encouragement and hands on bringing the resident to the different things they have going on. My mum needs someone to take her by the hand and get her involved!

Sydney, Sutherland: Moran Engadine takes pride of place ...

Sydney, Eastern Suburbs: Mark Moran Little Bay is situated on ... networking and community. The Mark Moran Little Bay bus ensures our ...

Alejandra803 May 20, 2015
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Staff are good but Management is inefficient and overall has a detrimental effect on Staff,

Elmer9074 May 24, 2015
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Overall the facility is generally good. Biggest complaint that I have is - Catering is outsourced. Pureed food is too dry and lacks nutrition; sugary cordial; Water chairs are in need of maintenance. Dining chairs require maintenance. Consistent complaints re Care Manager are overlooked All complaints could easily be rectified.

Dora3843 Jul 02, 2015
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My mum has been in this facility for the last 8 years. The nurses are the most caring beautiful people. Would be very happy to recommend this facility.

Fkilla Sep 10, 2016
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My mother was in there for nearly 3 years staff do there best but management isn't good so they don't provide high quality service also once mum had passed took forever to get bond back so make sure you read fine print all they care about is getting every cent they can out of you if you can afford it go to Moran .

Skye6248 Apr 18, 2017
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I had the misfortune of having my dear parted parent in this facility for a number of years. The poor quality of care, food service, management, etc. was mindboggling inferior. If you are in the position of having to put your loved one in to an aged care facility, avoid this place like the plague! Your loved one will live longer!!

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