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Sydney, Parramatta: ... of permanent and respite care.Our home has been providing a service ... Accreditation Agency over this time.At Pendle Hill we adopt a holistic and ...

Suzanne9373 Sep 13, 2017
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All about profit. Many staff don't speak English well so hard to understand. Some staff seem uncaring. Old faculties.

Sydney, Lower North Shore: ... friendly, Jewish, family environment.Hunters Hill has nursing and other staff on duty ... host of other activities. The Home also has a therapy kitchen ...

Sarahhannah May 29, 2015
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My mother lived here for many years, all care taken, kind staff, fantastic food, beautiful gardens.

Cleve8410 Jul 28, 2015
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Staff are very very approachable, I think though the rooms could be updated and be modernised, they are very clean but dated.

Tess3744 Oct 12, 2015
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My 89 year old mother is in an aged care facility, in the hostel section, in her own room

Flavio1820 Dec 01, 2015
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My mother has been in an aged care facility for 3 years now. She is in the hostel section, which is her own room

Sydney, Inner West: ... we were looking for a nursing home for our Mum, she only ... beautiful almost brand new nursing home at Dulwich Hill run by the Maronite ...

Maryjane4157 Dec 08, 2015
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We were filled with dread when we were looking for a nursing home for our Mum, she only had the pension. The first 3 were absolutely terrible but then we were able to visit a beautiful almost brand new nursing home at Dulwich Hill run by the Maronite nuns who had a bed available. Mum had her own lovely clean room with her own toilet and shower, a lovely big window looking onto a garden. Over the 2 years Mum was in care the staff were always caring and respectful to her needs, the nuns would come and sit with her and have a chat, even when she could no longer participate, I could only wish that all elderly family could have the same type of care our Mum had in her final years

May7822 Oct 19, 2016
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As a carer for my 85yo mother suffering dementia, and riddled with mixed emotion, 3 times I have called to make enquires and told I would get a call back. Each time, I was met by silent indifference. No information on the phone, and no call back.

Sydney, Lower North Shore: ... Gordon site. Our temporary home at Hunters Hill offers single room accommodation ...

Regional NSW, Murray & Riverina: While providing high level nursing care, Loreto Home of Compassion aims to provide ...

adele kerr Jul 03, 2015
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I looked after my mum for 7 yrs 12 hrs a day,every day, after her passing I became chairperson of the facility and still do the monthly meeting for the residents /familes, going into my 10yr.. I did find the facility to have a warm feeling, lovely ensuited rooms,and families made welcome under mostly sad situations.It is usually a dreaded fear for resident and families, but a smile and kind words make things more bearable.

Sydney, Parramatta: ... a aged care facility at Pendle Hill. The Staff are wonderful. There ... communication between staff. Poorly trained nursing RNs. Poor communication skills with ...

Kereen Clement Jul 01, 2015
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My mother has been a resident here for about 3 years, I am very impressed with her care, the staff are like family to her. She has quite advanced dementia but is treated with dignity and love, we are very fortunate to have found such a wonderful service.

Dario8535 Oct 08, 2015
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My mum is in an aged care facility now...its too sad.....they do try hard to meet mums needs but you can never call it anything like home...your loved one loses so much and as my mum said "you cant be happy in an aged care facility"...unfortunately its true.

Henri2440 Oct 09, 2015
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My mum at 90 just moved into a aged care facility at Pendle Hill. The Staff are wonderful. There are activities every day and they are open to questions and suggestions regarding the patients. The food is better than in other places. We are very happy with the care.

Sydney, Hills: Welcome to Bupa Baulkham Hills. Our beautiful new home is set in the ... nursing care.My husband now resides at Bupa Baulkham Hills,our home away from home. ...

Wellington8549 Oct 26, 2014
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Residents hate the place. Staff disinterested and bored. Food dreadful.

Distressed Daughter Nov 19, 2014
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Although a lovely looking facility with all mod cons, the care of residents is sub-standard. Staff who do not understand their residents needs. Inexperienced nursing staff lacking knowledge of basic medical requirements of the elderly. Management that say they are listening and will make changes but never do. Repeatedly have to complain with no outcome. Problems with staff answering call button/help button and don't answer them for long periods of time. Activities calandar that is not adhered to which seems to be generated only to satisfy family who then think all these activities are going on for their loved ones. Needs much improvements and more stringent protocols, policies and procedures. Very disappointing.

MyMothersSon Feb 27, 2015
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This place is truly dreadful. Yes it is pretty, but that is the only positive. The staff are extremely disinterested and do have trouble communicating with the residents. Care and attention is variable, but mostly very, very poor. The food is awful and servings minimal. The residents have to compete for food like bananas and yoghourt. Meanwhile, the fruit bowl is overflowing with hard inedible apples. The staff do not seem to understand what elderly people are able to eat. Trips away are not announced, cancelled at the last moment and are very limited as the bus holds 8 people. Recently the trips have been no more than a drive around for an hour or two, no stops, no destination. We did try talking to management, but were simply handed a whole lot of corporate babble. It has become clear to us that this establishment is actively and cleverly marketed to relatives while operating primarily for corporate revenue generatiion. Care is the minimum required to ensure the income stream for BUPA continues. Do not even consider this place for any of your relatives. We are actively searching for an alternative for my mother.

Sarai8705 May 21, 2015
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Twelve months ago I was faced with the decision no wife wants to make !...My husband of sixty years required full time nursing care.My husband now resides at Bupa Baulkham Hills,our home away from home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Bupa for helping to make this transition in our lives easier than myself and extended family expected.The care and compassion shown to our family is greatly appreciated The staff are always professional with a loving and caring manner. As I am on my own now I take the opportunity to eat lunch with my husband every day "the food and the variety of food is great !" This keeps our children happy as they know I too are eating well. The activities are always there for those interested in participating we have shared some great times with our new found friends Looking forward to the next twelve months!!! Thankyou Bupa Baulkham Hills.

Baterentacrowd May 22, 2015
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We have been blessed to have gotten our father into the Bupa aged care at baulk ham hills.. the staff are amazing and we know they actually care about their residents.

ONE OF THE FAMILY May 31, 2015
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Graham Jun 18, 2015
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Despite repeated requests made to the facility over more than a year to do a number of essential things, such as: 1. change my mother-in-law after she's soiled herself 2. clean food from her trolley table and faeces from her bathroom handle 3. assist her to eat 4. open the window blinds opposite her favourite chair in the lounge 5. allow her access to the garden 6. ensure there is interesting entertainment on the TV none of these things is done except very rarely.

CraigW Jul 01, 2015
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I put my pop into the facility at the beginning of the year. He loves it there. He has made heaps of friends with other residents. The staff are amazing and go above and beyond to make sure that he is comfortable and not lonely. The food is great, so much better that other facilities that I've seen, and he has put on heaps of weight, which is great. The environment is very clean and smells fresh. I must say that it is a joy to visit my pop at such a great place and to know that he is getting the best care. Would definitely recommend the facility.

Queenie3949 Jul 12, 2015
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My mum entered the facility early this year. We are all so happy with the decision we made to place mum here. The staff are amazing!! The RN's keep us well informed, AIN's are very caring and friendly. All the management are friendly and approachable. Having an on site Dr is a benefit and he too is approachable. Mum is always entertained, wide range of activities, and the RAO's are great. The food is of very high quality. The building is amazing and very clean. I would highly recommend this facility.

Lorna1542 Jul 19, 2015
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Do not be fooled by the way this place looks. The care is terrible and if you must put a relative in here, make sure you have your own doctor as the medical care is non existent. I lost count of the times that I walked into the lounge to see the residents watching a blank tv screen or the Foxtel installation instructions. This place is purely about revenue.

Sydney, Parramatta: ... was a home-like atmosphere and nurses were warm and professional at ... - understandable since assistants in nursing would be over worked and ...

janareke May 08, 2015
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My husband has been in an aged care facility for 8 years

Anonymous447 Aug 14, 2015
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Facilities are good, and reasonably maintained, the owners (Australian Unity) run as a business , we had a difficult time , selling my parents unit. Virtually no sales service , nor communication but a full price charged for a long drawn out settlement , with AU doing very well financially , not the lessee.

Leigh Waters Sep 25, 2015
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I can't fault any aspect of care at Constitution Hill in Northmead, Sydney. My mother has her own unit with care when needed. She has moved from barely able to cope and significantly depressed to a happy, strong mature-aged woman. So, so pleased. At her level of need, it is the ease of access to all facilities and groups that counts. Her only real age issues were around emotional and social health. Her impairment since my father's death has been significant. She has been able to ease into fabulous programs and hold-back where she felt too nervous. Programs and services offered are really high quality and not the services that sometimes seem to treat elderly people like children. My mother is a vibrant and lovely women and deserves the respect due to an elder. All mature people do. The clubs and facilities are beautifully kept and appointed from the heated pool to the dining room; from exercise classes to the gym - along with friendly bbqs to coffee mornings and everything in between (and there is a lot!!) Mum has been able to re-boot her social life and joy where they seemed all but gone. Even the award winning gardens are of such a level that living amongst them has a mood heightening affect. I am so, so thankful to know my mother is happy again. My aunt also had some higher level of care in the hospital in the same facility, She was sensitively and expertly cared for- as were her sons when they visited. The facility had areas where there was a home-like atmosphere and nurses were warm and professional at all times. My aunt was absolutely kept comfortable and honoured as a valuable member of the culture of the organisation -never just a number or an 'old woman' who was just 'done for'. I also have a friend's mother in the long term care facility. She is able to visit her husband who is in a controlled care room due to dementia. While it has been a difficult time, she has been shown kindness and offered every support. He husband is well maintained and stimulated to slow his decline A sad situation but if it has to happen it is the very best place for it. So, I have had considerable contact and observational opportunities of this facility, at every level offered. I am so impressed. I have considerable health concerns myself (Neutropenia -severe, Polymyalgia and Chronic Fatigue), so knowing that my loved ones are happy, respected and well-cared for, this assists me to also have quality of life. I have never wanted to burden them with my struggles but if I thought they weren't able to enjoy these final years of their lives, I don't think I could bear it. Constitution Hill should be proud of what they do. They are first class, top shelf and truly excellent. I am sorry it has taken this prompt to give them a bouquet. Grateful beyond words.

Justine5411 Oct 12, 2015
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Very clean, spacious rooms, plenty of activities and bus trips for those that are up to it.

TrishVNBPDJ Nov 11, 2016
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My 96 year old Mum was in AgeCare for the last 11months of her life. The care she received was terrific. We owe the staff so much in looking after her. I was able to take her out 2 days a week to still play the pokies which she loved, although near the end she was beginning to forget how to play them. She had a fall early one morning in her room, broke her hip, had it operated on successfully but after a couple of days her oxygen levels went down and she drifted off early one morning. I still miss her, my best friend!

Sydney, Western Sydney: ... and as she went down hill they gave her dignity when ... Our whole experience with this nursing home has been amazing. My mum ...

Ocie608 Mar 15, 2016
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Frustrating that my relative has been here for 16months and still stuck in high care which she clearly is not. This is becoming detremental to her well being. There is some really good staff but unfortunately these are being let go. The food does not even rate 1 star. A classic example of looks can be deceiving. The faciliy looks lovely BUT and there are lots of them.

Dell2858 Nov 09, 2016
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Lovely building looks like a 5 star hotel but that's all that is good about this place. The care and meals need much improvement. I can't believe that have taken juice away as a choice of drink they now can only have water or cordial. More staff is needed to give these lovely residence the care they deserve.

Olin9820 Nov 10, 2016
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The staff were excellent with my mum during her stay. The staff gave her love and patience and as she went down hill they gave her dignity when she was passing away and compassion to us. Our whole experience with this nursing home has been amazing.

Kamren8441 Jul 31, 2017
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My mum had to put my nan in a nursing home as she could no longer look after her due to her own health issues but my mum still has to go to th nursing home to look after nan as so so many times nan has not been given her dinner and sometimes even her medication has been missed.

Sydney, Blue Mountains: ... workers, they are awesome. Kurrajong nursing home new south wales australia, is ... place. in the tranquil hills of kurrajong village, hills surround with birds ...

tracy m May 20, 2015
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the nursing home my dad spent just over the last two years of his life, is THE BEST nursing home EVER, i would like to see everyone to work in aged care to be trained at Kurrajong Nursing Home. they are so lovely and patient and helpfull, my hat goes off tp these workers, they are awesome.

tracy m Jun 02, 2015
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Kurrajong nursing home new south wales australia, is THE BEST nursing home in the world, they cook all the meals at the residence, except friday lunch they order out, fish and chips is brought it in. The care is 110%, the workers are caring, understanding, patient, It is where i would be happy spending my last days, months, years, beautiful place. in the tranquil hills of kurrajong village, hills surround with birds singing including Bell birds, so beautiful.

Margarette3947 Jun 12, 2015
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This organisation let my Grandmother down badly, she had dementia and was left to her own devices where she let herself out of a door that wasn't alarmed and fell down three flights of stairs!!!! She passed away not long after this incident...

Landen3431 Mar 15, 2016
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Nursing homes are a very sad place I had my father in one as he could no longer walk due to kidney failure as he was the youngest there he kept to himself as seeing older patients depressed him he just wanted to go home nd we would bring him home on weekends but I hated having to send him back but there was no one to look after him during the week the staff were fantastic but the facility was old and depressing

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