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Sydney, Liverpool /Fairfield: ... patios and kitchenettes. Short-term respite care is also available.Emmaus Village residents ... can be met. Like most aged care facilities there is rarely enough staff ...

izabethita May 11, 2015
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I am grateful my mother has a safe environment where her general care needs can be met. Like most aged care facilities there is rarely enough staff and of course this impacts the residents. Quality caring staff are hard to come by.

Central Coast: ... with modern security systems. The residential areas are on one level ... The company suppl Lake haven aged care facility has excellent care for its residents.

Heath6450 Nov 10, 2016
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Lake haven aged care facility has excellent care for its residents

Regional NSW, Murray & Riverina: Lavington Residential Aged Care Facility, Albury is now open as a residential aged care facility. The facility provides for ageing-in-place ...

North Coast, Northern Rivers: ... is a leading, award winning aged care provider in Ballina. The organisation ... supported residential accommodation, Independent Living apartments and villas and at Home Care ...

Sydney, Western Sydney: ... is in an Aged Care Facility. I believe she is cared of adequately but ... beautiful Mum has been in residential care for almost 4 years now ...

Donnalisa May 29, 2014
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When my mum was in the nursing home the nurses were very kind to my mum but in my mums final days it's was so hard to get proper pain relief for her it was almost impossible I had to keep calling a ambulance for her to get any help. Apart from that mums final years there was very nice she was happy .

nursemebabe May 03, 2015
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The care has gone down over the last 5 years or so. The food is not good.

Helen Walter May 17, 2015
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Always friendly staff. . . willing to listen to concerns . Mum has been there on 10 Years Dad now about 6 they are always willing to adjust to needs and also help with family members like myself with advice

Robbie8725 Jun 12, 2015
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My mother was in aged care for about three years, while there she learned to use the internet as the home installed a computer room. At 88 she was emailing relations in the U.K.. The gardens were beautiful, the staff on the whole were pleasant and the rooms were great, Mum had her own "stuff" around her and her own room with en-suite bathroom, She could do her own laundry and come and go as she pleased. If ever l myself need to go into aged care l,d like to go into that one.

Frederique4079 Jun 12, 2015
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i have Mum in fulltime total care and Dad in the other area in a single room with help for shaving bathing but able to attend the dining room still. I found the staff committed and caring . Rooms bedding and areas clean and well looked after. Mum has been there for nearly 10 years and Dad for 6 they are always listening to the needs of the resident as well as family members and are always ready to discuss any concerns.

pgalea Jun 18, 2015
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New building and always great staff.

LFairclough Jun 22, 2015
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My mother is in an Aged Care Facility. I believe she is cared of adequately but I think some staff can be "careless." The food could be improved as there is little variety. I would like to see on occasions patient's strawberries, prawns, specilty cheeses, smoked salmon etc available Maybe specialty cake, slices available for morning or afternoon tea.The actual buildings and surrounds are very well maintained. Gardens are well maintained and colourful.

Chet7667 Aug 15, 2015
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My relative was fortunate to participate in the respite rehabilitation program following a stroke. What a fantastic innovative program. The allied health team developed an individual program that was tailored to my relatives needs and monitored progress and adapted the exercise regime as they improved. With out this service my relative would not have improved and regain a level of independence.The quality of the building and resources was amazing and the professional dedicated staff were brilliant. If you get the chance to have a relative participate in this program I would recommend that you take it. I haven't seen any other service like it in aged care

Tony Kay Aug 17, 2015
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My Dad enjoyed this woundeful rehab facility in what turned out sadly to be the last few weeks of his life. The quality of care and professional approach by the team provided Dad with the stimulation and challanges needed in his stroke recovery program. I know it provided Dad many hours of enjoyment and our family saw terrific progress in the time he was living at the centre. I can not speak highly enough of the team and the loving care they provided for Dad

Sydney, Eastern Suburbs: ... father was placed in an aged care facility several years ago after an ... boomers" aging and will soon start to need residential aged care, the aged care facility's and ...

Eve2435 Jun 16, 2015
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My father was placed in an aged care facility several years ago after an operation and illness. It was the most confronting situation I think I have been in.Some of the things that happened there were cruel and negligent. My father was tied by sheets in his bed and the skin was rubbed off his thin legs. I saw so many other poor patients who did not have family's suffering.Staff who were not qualified were paid poorly and they coped with the worst jobs. The ratio of patients to nurses and carers was disgusting. Within in weeks of being admitted and being continent most patients ended up in nappies because it was easier than getting them all to the toilets, especially first thing in the morning when it was obvious the busiest time and not enough staff. I believe all Residential Aged Car should be run for non profit.Maybe then a better quality of staff could be afforded. I have done some research and so many members of the medical fraternity own or have shares in Nursing Homes.No wonder they do not believe in euthanasia .it is not their moral and ethical beliefs, it is their greed. The wealth of a country is shown by the treatment of its aged. Unfortunately with the "baby boomers" aging and will soon start to need residential aged care, the aged care facility's and policies will go backwards at a rapid pace.The standards of these so called aged care residential homes will drop even more and so many more poor helpless elderly people will suffer with all their dignity been taken.

Mathias5947 Mar 15, 2016
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Older style building. Two levels. Spotlessly clean. Overall, staff is exceptional. They have a very trying job lookingafter high care residents, but also having time to offer kind words and encouragement to visiting family and friends. Overseen by a strong management team and educators.

Sydney, Parramatta: ... yet provided by facility My husband was in age care till he passed ... find a fault with his care the staff run the resident ...

Lillie9827 May 16, 2015
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My husband was in age care till he passed away last year there was not a day I would go in which was every day 7 days a week for 3 years I would always find a fault with his care the staff run the resident not the Managment The Don closed his eyes to what was going on the food was bland the Linen was dirty the staff was rude told me if I did not like it take him out I am of age

South Coast, Wollongong & Illawarra: ... lifestyle and care experience. St Mary's Aged Care is a fully accredited aged care service. ... ask at 87 years of age and in an age care facility.

Vicki Handcock May 28, 2015
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Building is 30years old but inside very new , All staff are A1 and genially care for each resident , Food is good how do you please everyone 3x a day and kitchen staff are great . Mums been there 18months and she is happy and calls it home what more could we ask at 87 years of age and in an age care facility.

Sydney, Hawkesbury: The facility has been designed to cater ... be the manager of a age care facilities. It's one of the most ...

lisa spence May 16, 2015
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Overall care is adequate. Needs more outings for those that are able. A Needs a better relief cook two days a week the food is discusting.

Augusta2600 Jun 17, 2015
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The staff are always attentive to my mothers needs and contact me when there is any problem/question regarding my mother. The staff are consistently pleasant to both myself and my mother anytime that I visit my mother.

Sydney, Parramatta: ... has been in an aged care facility for 8 years. Facilities are good, and ... to all facilities and groups that counts. Her only real age issues ...

janareke May 08, 2015
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My husband has been in an aged care facility for 8 years

Anonymous447 Aug 14, 2015
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Facilities are good, and reasonably maintained, the owners (Australian Unity) run as a business , we had a difficult time , selling my parents unit. Virtually no sales service , nor communication but a full price charged for a long drawn out settlement , with AU doing very well financially , not the lessee.

Leigh Waters Sep 25, 2015
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I can't fault any aspect of care at Constitution Hill in Northmead, Sydney. My mother has her own unit with care when needed. She has moved from barely able to cope and significantly depressed to a happy, strong mature-aged woman. So, so pleased. At her level of need, it is the ease of access to all facilities and groups that counts. Her only real age issues were around emotional and social health. Her impairment since my father's death has been significant. She has been able to ease into fabulous programs and hold-back where she felt too nervous. Programs and services offered are really high quality and not the services that sometimes seem to treat elderly people like children. My mother is a vibrant and lovely women and deserves the respect due to an elder. All mature people do. The clubs and facilities are beautifully kept and appointed from the heated pool to the dining room; from exercise classes to the gym - along with friendly bbqs to coffee mornings and everything in between (and there is a lot!!) Mum has been able to re-boot her social life and joy where they seemed all but gone. Even the award winning gardens are of such a level that living amongst them has a mood heightening affect. I am so, so thankful to know my mother is happy again. My aunt also had some higher level of care in the hospital in the same facility, She was sensitively and expertly cared for- as were her sons when they visited. The facility had areas where there was a home-like atmosphere and nurses were warm and professional at all times. My aunt was absolutely kept comfortable and honoured as a valuable member of the culture of the organisation -never just a number or an 'old woman' who was just 'done for'. I also have a friend's mother in the long term care facility. She is able to visit her husband who is in a controlled care room due to dementia. While it has been a difficult time, she has been shown kindness and offered every support. He husband is well maintained and stimulated to slow his decline A sad situation but if it has to happen it is the very best place for it. So, I have had considerable contact and observational opportunities of this facility, at every level offered. I am so impressed. I have considerable health concerns myself (Neutropenia -severe, Polymyalgia and Chronic Fatigue), so knowing that my loved ones are happy, respected and well-cared for, this assists me to also have quality of life. I have never wanted to burden them with my struggles but if I thought they weren't able to enjoy these final years of their lives, I don't think I could bear it. Constitution Hill should be proud of what they do. They are first class, top shelf and truly excellent. I am sorry it has taken this prompt to give them a bouquet. Grateful beyond words.

Justine5411 Oct 12, 2015
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Very clean, spacious rooms, plenty of activities and bus trips for those that are up to it.

TrishVNBPDJ Nov 11, 2016
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My 96 year old Mum was in AgeCare for the last 11months of her life. The care she received was terrific. We owe the staff so much in looking after her. I was able to take her out 2 days a week to still play the pokies which she loved, although near the end she was beginning to forget how to play them. She had a fall early one morning in her room, broke her hip, had it operated on successfully but after a couple of days her oxygen levels went down and she drifted off early one morning. I still miss her, my best friend!

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