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Adelaide: Welcome to Onkaparinga Valley Residential Care (OVRC) - Care, support, respite and memory centre.We ... is situated in the lovely Adelaide Hills township of Woodside offering ...

Kendrick7248 Oct 05, 2015
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They have extended. And the treatment of the residents that live there is sad.Cold food, Not getting showered everyday, cleaning allowed 3 days a week, beds not being made etc. There is a vibe which includes the relationship between the owner and the staff and residents. Happening every week. Lack of staff in every department. I really of they can improve.

Grover8958 Nov 11, 2015
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My mother was addmited t low care then transfered t high care she had slight demensure still new who i was . My mother had a pressure sore. That ended up as a bed sore. She was not treated properly and it turned to gangreane. Her skin was dying fless. Everyone would not tend to her because of the smell. When she wanted to go to the tiolet they would always leave her to last that was degrading for my mother.She ended up in bed and they were suppose to turn her every two hours. Did not always happen I asked the doctor to have a look the smell was so bad he declined. The insident at the nursing home has been reported . It was to late for my wonderful mother but hopefully it will benifit athers in the home.

Esperanza8809 May 06, 2016
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The building has been recently renovated and my father had a single room with private ensuite. The staff were very caring and attentive to his changing needs. Whilst my Dad was at home, he refused showers and personal grooming, it was a particular worry of mine and within a week of his arrival at Onkaparinga Valley Residential Care they had trimmed his nails, given him a hair cut and given him a fabulous make over, he looked wonderful! The management team assisted me with administrative tasks and I was so happy with his care. Dad recently passed away and the support that the staff provided him at his end of life and to the family during this very difficult time was a godsend.

Elda4665 Oct 23, 2017
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run for profit only the owner controls all staff with threats of sacking ,food is substandard ,hires qualified chefs then makes them cook crap , meals are cold staff do not understand english well enough staff turnover is very frequent staff reports regarding residents health and needs are changed by management to suit the company

Adelaide: Bene's Campbelltown residential care facility is a small place ...

Adelaide: Hahndorf Residential Care Service is a 101-bed care facility set on 3.5 acres ... companion rooms, a range of care options (including respite) and are ...

Guy7950 Nov 11, 2015
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Dad was in high care in Hahndorf, well cared for, staff effecient and friendly. Food very appealing, well presented, and ample.

Raheem545 Apr 20, 2016
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My father was in their care for 5 years I spent 2 or3 days every week there and they all became part of my extended family

River9534 Dec 02, 2016
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My mother has been in this Facility for 6months During this time there have been several breaches of Duty of Care. At times staff appeared annoyed and were disrespectful toward my mother. Overall the lack of quality of care had impacted greatly on our mothers well being, to the point where we are transferring her to another Aged Care Facilty.

Infinite Care

River9534 we are sorry to hear of the experience that you have had with our facility. As a business we empathise with the stress and emotion that such circumstances would have created for you as a family. We will be undertaking internal reviews to substantiate the issues you have raised and encourage you to make contact with our Regional Manager on 08 8266 2233. We aim to have a resident centred care model where our residents and their care requirements are the primary focus for every single member of our team so take such feedback very seriously. Hahndorf Residential Care Services
Dec 22, 2016

Adelaide: Klemzig Residential Care Services is an 86-bed care facility offering a homely environment, ... companion rooms, a range of care options (including respite) and are ...

Sidney379 Nov 10, 2015
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Recently a very dear friend of 91 died after 2 yrs plus in aged care he came from hospital his life far exceeded our hopes thanks to special care

Jayne6165 Nov 14, 2015
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I admire the staff for their care

Adelaide: ... strong focus here on quality care and attention to the individual ... home-like charm. This was Skyline Residential Care and was sold to Estia ...

Major3499 Oct 26, 2015
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This was Skyline Residential Care and was sold to Estia Health. My Mum was there for almost 10 years with Alzheimer's and the care she got made our family feel at peace that she was cared for well. She died a few weeks ago.

Stuart7985 Nov 10, 2016
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The building is about 15 years old and is still in good condition but lacking modern design obviously. The staff are very friendly and efficient The food is nourishing but lacks imagination and taste Lifestyle is good and plenty of activities to keep busy Overall the facility is very good ,Always room for improvement though

Adelaide: ... Residential Care is a beautifully appointed, open plan aged care residence located in Adelaide's ... to residents with dementia specific care requirements.Our extensive gardens, courtyards and ...

Marjorie2587 Nov 10, 2015
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Having to put a parent in a nursing home with alzheimer's is one of the most distressing times for a family member to go through. You have to totally trust the carers and nurses to provide the quality of care that your parent deserves at the end of their life. The staff become family to the residents when you cannot be there for them. Knowing this can help to put your mind at rest.

Curtis9632 Feb 01, 2016
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Our father had to go into an aged care facility due to having advanced alzheimers. Nothing was too much trouble for the wonderful staff in the Warratah Ward. They cared for Dad with love and compassion and when his time came to leave us, they still treated him with respect and love.

Reggie3036 Feb 06, 2016
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There is a shortage of staff seen over time. Especially weekends. My father has dementia but still is aware enough of staff shortage to misbehave. Staff dont have time to monitor if he has a shower.. he has been known not to shower for days or change underwear. As mentioned he has dementia and doesnt remember if he did or didnt surely this is when staff need to step in? I have bought this up with staff only be told he has rights.. but cant remember them. Sad days 😒

Jeanette2828 Feb 23, 2016
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My father is generally well cared for his wants and needs as well as his wishes are always considered. The staff are efficient overall and we like it there.

bbhock Feb 24, 2016
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2 Directors of Care, great idea, always access to management. Care was good, facility lovely and clean

Guy6142 Mar 16, 2016
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I found the DOC, the CN and EN very caring and wanting to help with issues that cropped up with Mum, but some of the carers were lacking basic aged care training and skills, not dealing with issues or serious concerns I had, and not knowing how to deal with simple questions or situations. Numerous times I was 'fobbed off', and was forced to speak to the receptionist for assistance.

Lurline5976 Apr 15, 2016
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It took a while before my mother gets to adjust with the new environment, and now she is happy that she made the right decision to stay .

Kellen461 Apr 20, 2016
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Very impressed with the care of my father.

Adelaide: ... Anna's is a 60 bed residential care facility which caters to the ... living in the community to residential care with minimal upheaval, ensuring this ...

Sterling9548 Jul 18, 2016
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Am very happy with the way the staff look after my dear mother. It was only the second facility I looked at but knew within minutes that this one was the "one".

Jonas3387 Jul 31, 2017
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An excellent facility. Good lifestyle programs engaging the elderly both physically and mentally. Caring staff. Always keep relatives informed of any developments with the resident. Well maintained, clean premises and gardens. Excellent quality and variety of food.

Adelaide: Is wonderful facility at Oaklands care facility in S A staff ... My mother was in Oaklands residential care - they believe they are ...

Sigmund6315 Oct 22, 2015
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Is wonderful facility at Oaklands care facility in S A staff very friendly very supported of our loved ones who is in care Wonderful place have resident to stay in

Giovanna8627 Mar 17, 2016
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My mother was in Oaklands residential care - they believe they are home from home, and that's exactly how it is. In all aspects they will encourage ... But they will not bully and make residents do things they don't want to do. Every resident was called by their name and my mother was always treated with respect and dignity. One of the staff members had her own mother there as well, you can't get a better indorsement than that.

Aquarius1017 Oct 21, 2017
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Exceptional care and service.

Adelaide: Christies Beach Residential Care Services is a 98-bed high care facility boasting breathtaking sea ... residents which are extremely high care. this unit appears understaffed with ...

Ernesto5142 Jun 28, 2015
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I cannot find fault in any of the qualities listed. When you include the fact that ALL staff, in Perry Park SA, at any time of the day, have a warm, genuine smile at the ready. I'm so glad I was able to place my Mum with these lovely people.

Sonya8341 Jul 23, 2015
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Well organised and good quality care. The staff were professional but friendly. They showed an interest in the individuals in their care and always kept us informed of any issues. They looked after my mother in law with respect and kindness. They interacted with her regularly. The Nursing Home has been established for a number of years but everything is orderly, clean and comfortable. It is not super modern but does not need to be. The Food did not look inspiring for me but was well received by the residents and was definitely plentiful.

Virgie787 Nov 05, 2015
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my mother has spent nearly 12 months at this facility in the memory support unit. This unit has residents which are extremely high care. this unit appears understaffed with often no staff member on the floor to supervise. some residents are aggressive and often lash out at other residents. having spent many hours observing they may meet the legal requirements re staffing numbers but are often never there when issues occur. my mother experienced three unwitnessed falls in 2 and half weeks. no x-rays requested for four days. 3rd fall resulting in broken hip and diagnoses of broken knee (2 weeks old). will not be returning to this facility. would not recommend to any family considering putting their loved one into care.

Ruthe3769 Nov 10, 2016
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my son is a tripple amputee.

Adelaide: ... home providing holistic individual professional care in a safe happy and ... , the first being para Hils residential car. Mum knew straight away that ...

Kolby4590 Mar 10, 2016
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My mother in law, I called her mum. Checked out 4 residential facilities, the first being para Hils residential car. Mum knew straight away that this was going to be her home asap. That set a benchmark that could not be met by any of the others we visited. Mum was able to personalise her room and developed a garden outside her large windows, she brought appropriate furniture from her home of 55 years and was able to bring bedspread and matching curtains that were of enormous sentimental value. The carers and nursing staff were amazing and the owners were appreciative of mum living at their facility. The recreation program always included mum and visitors were given short shift if they arrived when something was planned.the family were always welcomed and delivered tea or coffee and a snack whenever any of us visited. Mum had some wonderful experiences whilst living there and left special memories there when she passed away.

Nellie280 Apr 20, 2016
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Had both parents in care

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