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Regional NSW, Murray & Riverina: While providing high level nursing care, Loreto Home of Compassion aims to provide ...

adele kerr Jul 03, 2015
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I looked after my mum for 7 yrs 12 hrs a day,every day, after her passing I became chairperson of the facility and still do the monthly meeting for the residents /familes, going into my 10yr.. I did find the facility to have a warm feeling, lovely ensuited rooms,and families made welcome under mostly sad situations.It is usually a dreaded fear for resident and families, but a smile and kind words make things more bearable.

Hunter Valley, East Lake Macquarie: ... it, or you require more specialised care, Whiddon will work in ... to be placed into a nursing home, we started to look at ...

Melody1985 Jul 31, 2017
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My elderly mother -89-had been in hospital for about 4 months.She was receiving physiotherapy for her walking with a walker, and progressing so well, they concluded that she was well enough to leave the hospital. When my wife and I were informed, that mum would need to be placed into a nursing home, we started to look at homes close to where we reside. We would have seen about 8 homes around our area, but no vacancies and not up to a standard for me to place mum. We had viewed The Whiddon Group home in Belmont, previously and later a unit became available. Everything thing about the unit was brilliant. The staff could not be faltered in their lively personalities, their most caring natures to the elderly, and especially towards my mother, which after 4 months, they are still most professional in their duties.. The home impressed us immediately with its cleanliness, friendliness of the residents, and I could relax knowing the mum would be in excellent hands. I have, on several occasions had a meal with mum on her table, in company with 2 others, and found the food to be of high quality. I loved it. Mums ability to go on bus trips, a totally enjoyable time out is, like her movements within the residence, has been gradually lessening. Lately she has been using a wheelchair to be taken to the dining room by staff members, without any hesitation or complaint, a situation I find pleasing. Mums unit has a rear doors and has a brilliant outlook on to the garden. Drugs are dealt out responsibly and correctly.. Doctors are scheduled regularly, and combined with the residents alarm system, their safety is assured. The administrative staff have been terrific in assisting me with paper work, and the answering of my many questions. A full agenda is placed in all the wings with the detailed activities during that month, copies are also given to the residents. Mum is very happy and so am I, the only child. Their washing, after they are marked with the name, are regularly picked up and later delivered. Mum also gets her hair done every Friday within the hairdressers studio on site and she absolutely loves the pampering. The facility has beautiful gardens, which mum loves. I cannot say enough about this group, given some of my thoughts about mums care and safety, which are of an extremely high standard, to which they should be proud and honoured.

MartinK Apr 24, 2016
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My wife Terry was a resident with Group Homes Australia for 18 months. She has a very progressive case of early onset Alzheimer's and requires a very high level of care. Unfortunately, the founder and ceo decided that she and her team did not want to have to deal with me anymore and terminated the contract between us and issued me a 30 day notice period in which to remove my wife from their care. The reasons for this have never been explained properly to me but most certainly relate to a specific incident where I acted with the best intentions for another resident's medical wellbeing. The manner in which the ceo and her colleagues spoke with and dealt with me and my wife was disgraceful and disappointing given that my wife desperately needed their care. An example being that I was told that if I could not find alternate care then I could take her back home...something they knew I simply could not do. Based on the lack of care and emotion shown towards my wife, their patient, I would absolutely not recommend this facility to anyone.

theboss Feb 23, 2017
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Group Homes is a new concept in aged care. Small groups of people in a purpose built home that's not institutional. It celebrates diversity of age and disability. Staff are committed, caring and efficient and there's continuity. Carers are homemakers, residents are encouraged to help if they can. Decor is classy. Atmosphere is 'buzzy' and interactive. Most importantly, my mother is happy and contended and I can sleep at night.

Raoul6111 Mar 06, 2017
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The home has been built for purpose and creates a wonderful family environment. 10 Patients - all are entertained daily with activities - excellent. food could be better - has improved over time. Medical care is fair but could be better. Patients and families of patients mix well and create a very friendly environment.

Sydney, Northern Beaches: ... Sydney's northern suburbs, Terrey Hills Nursing Home was Thompson Health Care's first ... , including specialised dementia care in a secure wing, Terrey Hills Nursing Home reflects ...

KatieB May 13, 2015
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My mother spent 2 years at Terrey Hills before she passed away, she had good care, she loved the nursing staff but was alarmed at the lack of English speaking aged carers and had difficulty at times communicating. The food was good, at times especially on a weekend there was just skeleton staff so sometimes when she rang the buzzer it took a LONG time for anyone to come and see her

antonia Jun 12, 2015
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Caring staff who make it feel like a home.

North Coast, Mid North Coast: St Josephs Nursing Home prides itself on providing a ... and specialised services through St Vincent's Private Hospital- Daily social activities- Home ...

South Coast, Southern Highlands: ... put him in was Wollongong Nursing Home. They immediately welcomed him, made ... Having said that, the individual nurses were beautiful and gave our ...

Nathen7065 Jun 02, 2015
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I had to find aged care for my uncle near me, as I am the only relative that wants to care for him. I checked out four places; one didn't take dementia. I had the runaround from IRT at Woonona (I live at Thirroul) who made it very difficult even to view a room. The other place Illawarra Care at Berkeley only kept their dementia patients locked up downstairs, away from the general inmates. This was a beautiful building but had my uncle gone there he would have had to negotiate the stairs to join others for meals or entertainment. There were NO lifts. The final place I found which I eventually put him in was Wollongong Nursing Home. They immediately welcomed him, made the process of admitting him very straightforward, and whilst the building is good but average, the quality of outstanding care he is receiving is exceptional. The staff are all friendly, attentive and helpful and available for discussion at any time. I pop in at odd times around 3 times a week, and have observed the high standard of meals, his dress is clean, and they include him in activities with other people. I couldn't be more happier or relieved that he is being so well cared for. If you are going to award homes I would certainly recommend this one, I am so happy to leave my uncle there and thank my lucky stars that those other homes were so unhelpful and uninviting as even though it is further for me to travel, its a much better place.

Rosalinda73 Nov 30, 2015
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Our mother deteriorated fairly quickly and the staff were not actively aware of the changes in her physical, mental and cognitive health. I felt I made the alerts and generallt i was right though they should havd picked it up quicker than i did. Having said that, the individual nurses were beautiful and gave our mother a dignified and peaceful passing. .

greypower Jun 03, 2017
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This facility is now owned by Estia who apperantly pride themselves on the dinning experience for the residents. This is an absolute disgrace the food cooked for these residents is what ever the cook feels like cooking...mainly party pies. These meals are not paid for by Estia these meals are paid for by the residents!!!! Avoid this Facility!!!!

Jake4860 Jun 09, 2015
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My Dad is in Camelot Nursing Home Anzac Pde Maroubra prior to him going there I had previously had Mum in law there. There has been a change for the better but I had a few issues in the beginning. 1. People need help with the time comsuming difficult paper work. 2.Admin Staff or/and Social workers need to be prersent on the day of admission. 3.Staff should be updated with the needs/procedures necessary for the individual needs. 4.Complaints if necessary should be noted so that staff on different shifts could take over where others left off and taken care of ASAP. 5.I would like to see although not practical in many nursing homes patients placed in areas according to their special needs meaning rated from most needing attention to least as you get very NOISY/disruptive patients whom upset others(no fault of their own of course). 6.Dad eventually was settled in a better room I had meetings with Staff social workers but still find some staff although most very pleasant not knowing the procedure in changing (urine bags) in Dads case. ON THE WHOLE MUM

Jerel6816 Dec 08, 2015
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Camelot has some amazing kind and caring staff who have been with the organisation for a very long time. It is wonderful for family and residents to see friendly, familiar faces instead of agency staff.

Brennan5690 Mar 15, 2016
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Staff always friendly and willing to help. My mum is always clean and looking as well as possible (she's) 96 with dementia.

McLeanJames Mar 15, 2016
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Care and kindness shown by all staff has been excellent. All staff have treated me with kindness and courtesy at all times. I could not have had better care for my wide any where. Cleanliness is also excellent. As a reason of my recommendation one friend has had family member admitted to Camelot.

nannaanna152 Apr 20, 2016
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The facility has limited external access - there is a rooftop but the design of the building prohibits going to the backyard garden area. The facility has been home to dad (and mum who passed last year) for about 7 years. Luckily they could share a room but now dad must share with another resident which has been an adjustment for him. There should be more single rooms available. The staff are friendly and caring. The driveway is also not suitable for long vehicles such as wheelchair taxis which makes taking dad out more difficult.

Blu Apr 20, 2016
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I feel most staff are friendly and effective, however staff numbers is not great. My biggest issue with this nursing home is the quality of life that it provides for the immobile residents. My grandma who had a large stroke currently either spends all day in her bed or chair with little interaction from staff and no activities etc organised by the home. I have feedback this information to the management with no change. I have suggested music group OT groups, massage groups, rooftop groups etc etc- to provide the residents with some environment enrichment but I have seen no change.

Regional NSW, North West Slopes: ... it, or you require more specialised care, Whiddon will work in ... items to personalise your new home.

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