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Regional NSW, Central Tablelands: ... in the ACT, Weeroona Aged Care has a service that will meet your ... can take to and from Canberra should you require it. Permanent ...

Central Coast: Wyong Aged Care Facility is committed to providing quality care and services. Wyong Aged Care Facility is a ... diverse activity program that is tailored to the wants and needs ...

girlyjames Jun 09, 2014
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Old building but very helpful caring staff.

Emmalee521 Jun 11, 2015
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My mother spent several years in high care nursing home at Wyong. We always received full information from them and the staff were always caring and kind helpful in every way. My mother had an electric wheelchair and was able to move around indoors and out in a beautifully. clean , pleasant environment including the patio and garden walks. Very high quality care, loving environment.

Fabian5157 Jun 11, 2015
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doesn't have sprinklers, admin staff some are in adequate, food is ok, some staff lacking in caring and speak out of turn in front of visitors

Cara3065 Jun 18, 2015
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I put my mother in there for respite, omg was shocked when i picked her up :( the place is dirty, my mum had not been well looked after, had other peoples clothes on and had not been washed as she smelt real bad. Most of the staff you could see out the back sitting down. Never again will my mum go to this place.

Roslyn28 Jun 21, 2015
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My MIL has been in a Nursing Home since April 2014 and I am disgusted by the whole place. She only gets showered once a week, her clothes (though well labelled) are always disappearing so she is always wearing garments that aren't even hers. Her second hearing aid disappeared the first week she was there, never to be seen again. The staff don't seem to relay information about her medications, from one shift to the next. Her fingernails are never cut or even cleaned unless I do them and she has a terrible rash all over her body and legs that could have been avoided if she was showered regularly and her moisturising cream applied each day. For this lack of care it costs every cent of her age pension and ONE THIRD of our monthly pension and we also have to pay for her clothes, medications and any other doctors' gap payments, haircuts, pedicare and personal hygeine products which also makes our quality of life non-existent. The only thing in its favour is that I no longer have responsibility for her full time care as I did for 8 1/2 years prior to her admission after my breakdown.

suza55 Jun 29, 2015
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Horrid place. will never put my mum there again.Omg she came home filthy, the staff are always out the back smoking...Floors are dirty and smelt horrible :(

Sydney, St George: ... AT MORTDALENEW GENERATION IN AGED CARE 136 EXTRA SERVICE AGED CARE PLACES 106 SINGLE SUITES ... AccessInternet Access routine daily for age care is peri wash, change clothing ...

Modesta4056 Apr 24, 2015
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My mother is in Ferndale Gardens in Mortdale. It is very clean, does not have that"old people" smell. it has a lovely coffee shop, hairdressing salon, gymnasium. She goes out on bus trips very regularly and the entertainment is great.The staff on the whole are fabulous ( always there is an exception to the rule) The food is quite nice and the residents are treated with respect. Overall, very happy.

Daughter in Law Jun 06, 2015
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My mother in law has had wonderful care since she moved to Ferndale that I would recommend it to anyone.

Tyree7457 Jul 12, 2015
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Ferndale Gardens warning. We found Ferndale Gardens Mortdale to be a terrible place and a horrible experience for our 96 year old mother and us, her 3 children. After paying extra for so-called "extra services", we found it uncaring, disorganized with poor management and a complete breakdown of communication between the office staff and the nursing staff. It may look nice, but think carefully before you place your loved one there.

Karen Aug 15, 2016
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I found it annoying and hurtful that when my father was in care with dementia, in the high care section, most of the conversations my sister and I had with staff was them continually telling us that he is frustrating as he cant remember. They would say we explain to him what is to happen then he keeps asking and asking so we tell him to be quiet. I did not like this at all as this was the reason my father had to forego living on his own, his short term memory loss. I also felt they were understaffed and could not give all residents the care they needed. Overall not a good experience for my family. My father died after being in care for 21/2 mths. He also had a major fall the very first night he was there and spent 10 days in hospital with a bleed on the brain (again not enough staff) and or understanding of short term memory loss. Also we were not notified that our father was dying. We went for a normal visit to find that he had dramatically gone down hill on a few days hence h died 24 hrs later. I felt that the staff should have contacted the family and when I questioned the staff about my dads condition and that he must not have been for a lot longer than the last hour they said no only the last hour ( there seemed to be a cover up by some), but other staff members said he stopped eating about four days beforehand and was not having himself, this is what and when we should have been told. It was a very distressing time and one that I will never forgive them for. That was MY father not just a number!!!!!!

Lilian Smith Aug 16, 2016
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I am happy with where my mum is. I do think that the ancillary staff need more training in understanding dementia.

Aron227 Nov 08, 2016
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I could not fault Ferndale Gardens at Mortdale NSW. The care and support we received for my Parents-in-Law, made a difficult time less stressful. The lack of a 5th star on quality of food was in memory of my mother-in-law who saw herself as a food expert but truly the food was excellent. The staff took the time to chat with my father-in-law who had become socially isolated due to his failing health and to engage him in many activities he found so rewarding to the point of renaming the property "Paradise Gardens" To the staff a simple Thank You, with a deep appreciation of the love and care you showed our family.

Hunter Valley, Newcastle: ... who has only been in aged care for the past two weeks. ... made a difference. Staff were caring and friendly, there just were ...

Susan Wheeler May 29, 2015
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So very happy with the Nursing Home in Charlestown NSW where both my mother and aunt have been in care

Happyrel Jun 02, 2015
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My family and I have been made to feel very welcome after my Uncle recently went into care. The staff are friendly and can't help you enough. My Uncle is very happy and so am I that we were lucky enough to get a bed in this facility.

Nerelle Jan 29, 2016
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All staff have been very kind, considerate and caring of my mum who has only been in aged care for the past two weeks. She is still in the settling phase and has some problems. We, the family, have not raised these issues with the facility as yet. It's been more a wait and see approach up until now, but mum is becoming more 'accepting' of her situation as the days have passed. The has yet to make any friends, but as the facility is very close to where I live, I am able to visit her almost every day and this has made a difference.

Terrence2919 Nov 11, 2016
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Staff were caring and friendly, there just were not enough of them at times. The home was well maintained, clean and with homely sections for the residents.

Sydney, Lower North Shore: ... provide the best care and support for your loved one.”Sirius Cove Aged Care ...

Canberra: ... away from public transport, central Canberra, Manuka and local health services.Key ... and government approved aged care centre- Supported care and respite care- Single rooms with ...

Mallory8631 May 24, 2015
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My Nan finally went to a home after acknowledging it was time. Initially she had independence and made many friends to talk to and reflect

TASilk May 25, 2015
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My MIL received fabulous care apart from one incident, up to and including her passing 5 1/2 years after she entered the facility.

Raven2835 Oct 09, 2015
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Canberra: Jindalee provides first class care and accommodation to the Canberra community and surrounding areas. ... 40+ years of combined aged care experience. ' Continuity of care. We have a ...

Nancy Lockley May 26, 2015
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Every time I went to see Dad (alternate week nights

Siobhan 1 May 31, 2015
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I am very grateful to the staff of Jindalee Aged Care Facility. Every time I ring to see how Mum is, nursing staff can fill me in well. When I talk to Mum on the phone, she sounds as well and contented as a very frail person can be. She likes the staff and along with many other residents, enjoys the music program. When I visit, I notice a good atmosphere. This is significant. I have visited a range of facilities and there are marked differences in the'vibe'. Staff seem happy. The building is spacious and the views out many windows are lovely. Lots of trees and greenery.

Lea1926 Jun 15, 2015
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We used it as respite, I wasn`t impressed at all, I couldn`t blame the staff as they tried their best, but just don`t have time as they are so understaffed, I was so relieved to get my Mother out of there and so was she.

Canberra: ... all those needing care, from respite, low care and high care accommodations. Kankinya ... can manage all manner of aged care needs including dementia.Our facility has ...

Tammar May 28, 2015
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The nursing home is for primarily dementia residents. The staff are excellent with their care of the residents. They show the residents a lot of dignity. The food is good quality for a facility of this size with the main meal cooked for lunch on the premises. There are lifestyle excursions for most of the residents, unfortunately some are unable to walk so do miss out on these lifestyle activities. But they do have volunteers who come to play music for the residents, assist with art classes, games and companion dogs come and visit. They encourage residents families to bring in their own pets as most of the residents smile when they meet a pet.

Sydney, Parramatta: ... decision to move into an aged care facility is not an easy ... Canberra Nursing Home for regulatory reasons. The home provides a variety of care services ...

Sydney, Western Sydney: ... facility. We aim to provide quality, professional care in a personable and ... haven't seen any other service like it in aged care. My Dad enjoyed ...

Donnalisa May 29, 2014
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When my mum was in the nursing home the nurses were very kind to my mum but in my mums final days it's was so hard to get proper pain relief for her it was almost impossible I had to keep calling a ambulance for her to get any help. Apart from that mums final years there was very nice she was happy .

nursemebabe May 03, 2015
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The care has gone down over the last 5 years or so. The food is not good.

Helen Walter May 17, 2015
1  2  3  4  5

Always friendly staff. . . willing to listen to concerns . Mum has been there on 10 Years Dad now about 6 they are always willing to adjust to needs and also help with family members like myself with advice

Robbie8725 Jun 12, 2015
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My mother was in aged care for about three years, while there she learned to use the internet as the home installed a computer room. At 88 she was emailing relations in the U.K.. The gardens were beautiful, the staff on the whole were pleasant and the rooms were great, Mum had her own "stuff" around her and her own room with en-suite bathroom, She could do her own laundry and come and go as she pleased. If ever l myself need to go into aged care l,d like to go into that one.

Frederique4079 Jun 12, 2015
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i have Mum in fulltime total care and Dad in the other area in a single room with help for shaving bathing but able to attend the dining room still. I found the staff committed and caring . Rooms bedding and areas clean and well looked after. Mum has been there for nearly 10 years and Dad for 6 they are always listening to the needs of the resident as well as family members and are always ready to discuss any concerns.

pgalea Jun 18, 2015
1  2  3  4  5 

New building and always great staff.

LFairclough Jun 22, 2015
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My mother is in an Aged Care Facility. I believe she is cared of adequately but I think some staff can be "careless." The food could be improved as there is little variety. I would like to see on occasions patient's strawberries, prawns, specilty cheeses, smoked salmon etc available Maybe specialty cake, slices available for morning or afternoon tea.The actual buildings and surrounds are very well maintained. Gardens are well maintained and colourful.

Chet7667 Aug 15, 2015
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My relative was fortunate to participate in the respite rehabilitation program following a stroke. What a fantastic innovative program. The allied health team developed an individual program that was tailored to my relatives needs and monitored progress and adapted the exercise regime as they improved. With out this service my relative would not have improved and regain a level of independence.The quality of the building and resources was amazing and the professional dedicated staff were brilliant. If you get the chance to have a relative participate in this program I would recommend that you take it. I haven't seen any other service like it in aged care

Tony Kay Aug 17, 2015
1  2  3  4  5 

My Dad enjoyed this woundeful rehab facility in what turned out sadly to be the last few weeks of his life. The quality of care and professional approach by the team provided Dad with the stimulation and challanges needed in his stroke recovery program. I know it provided Dad many hours of enjoyment and our family saw terrific progress in the time he was living at the centre. I can not speak highly enough of the team and the loving care they provided for Dad

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