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Sydney, Western Sydney: ... an individual program that was tailored to my relatives needs and ... beautiful Mum has been in residential care for almost 4 years now ...

Donnalisa May 29, 2014
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When my mum was in the nursing home the nurses were very kind to my mum but in my mums final days it's was so hard to get proper pain relief for her it was almost impossible I had to keep calling a ambulance for her to get any help. Apart from that mums final years there was very nice she was happy .

nursemebabe May 03, 2015
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The care has gone down over the last 5 years or so. The food is not good.

Helen Walter May 17, 2015
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Always friendly staff. . . willing to listen to concerns . Mum has been there on 10 Years Dad now about 6 they are always willing to adjust to needs and also help with family members like myself with advice

Robbie8725 Jun 12, 2015
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My mother was in aged care for about three years, while there she learned to use the internet as the home installed a computer room. At 88 she was emailing relations in the U.K.. The gardens were beautiful, the staff on the whole were pleasant and the rooms were great, Mum had her own "stuff" around her and her own room with en-suite bathroom, She could do her own laundry and come and go as she pleased. If ever l myself need to go into aged care l,d like to go into that one.

Frederique4079 Jun 12, 2015
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i have Mum in fulltime total care and Dad in the other area in a single room with help for shaving bathing but able to attend the dining room still. I found the staff committed and caring . Rooms bedding and areas clean and well looked after. Mum has been there for nearly 10 years and Dad for 6 they are always listening to the needs of the resident as well as family members and are always ready to discuss any concerns.

pgalea Jun 18, 2015
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New building and always great staff.

LFairclough Jun 22, 2015
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My mother is in an Aged Care Facility. I believe she is cared of adequately but I think some staff can be "careless." The food could be improved as there is little variety. I would like to see on occasions patient's strawberries, prawns, specilty cheeses, smoked salmon etc available Maybe specialty cake, slices available for morning or afternoon tea.The actual buildings and surrounds are very well maintained. Gardens are well maintained and colourful.

Chet7667 Aug 15, 2015
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My relative was fortunate to participate in the respite rehabilitation program following a stroke. What a fantastic innovative program. The allied health team developed an individual program that was tailored to my relatives needs and monitored progress and adapted the exercise regime as they improved. With out this service my relative would not have improved and regain a level of independence.The quality of the building and resources was amazing and the professional dedicated staff were brilliant. If you get the chance to have a relative participate in this program I would recommend that you take it. I haven't seen any other service like it in aged care

Tony Kay Aug 17, 2015
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My Dad enjoyed this woundeful rehab facility in what turned out sadly to be the last few weeks of his life. The quality of care and professional approach by the team provided Dad with the stimulation and challanges needed in his stroke recovery program. I know it provided Dad many hours of enjoyment and our family saw terrific progress in the time he was living at the centre. I can not speak highly enough of the team and the loving care they provided for Dad

Sydney, Eastern Suburbs: ... soon start to need residential aged care, the aged care facility's and policies ... of these so called aged care residential homes will drop even more ...

Eve2435 Jun 16, 2015
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My father was placed in an aged care facility several years ago after an operation and illness. It was the most confronting situation I think I have been in.Some of the things that happened there were cruel and negligent. My father was tied by sheets in his bed and the skin was rubbed off his thin legs. I saw so many other poor patients who did not have family's suffering.Staff who were not qualified were paid poorly and they coped with the worst jobs. The ratio of patients to nurses and carers was disgusting. Within in weeks of being admitted and being continent most patients ended up in nappies because it was easier than getting them all to the toilets, especially first thing in the morning when it was obvious the busiest time and not enough staff. I believe all Residential Aged Car should be run for non profit.Maybe then a better quality of staff could be afforded. I have done some research and so many members of the medical fraternity own or have shares in Nursing Homes.No wonder they do not believe in euthanasia .it is not their moral and ethical beliefs, it is their greed. The wealth of a country is shown by the treatment of its aged. Unfortunately with the "baby boomers" aging and will soon start to need residential aged care, the aged care facility's and policies will go backwards at a rapid pace.The standards of these so called aged care residential homes will drop even more and so many more poor helpless elderly people will suffer with all their dignity been taken.

Mathias5947 Mar 15, 2016
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Older style building. Two levels. Spotlessly clean. Overall, staff is exceptional. They have a very trying job lookingafter high care residents, but also having time to offer kind words and encouragement to visiting family and friends. Overseen by a strong management team and educators.

Regional NSW, Central Tablelands: ... Catherine's is a 99 bed residential aged care community supporting people who ... Catherine's is a much loved residential aged care service within Bathurst and ...

Sydney, Upper North Shore: ... Lodge is one of three residential care services located on HammondCare's North ... , and providing unique and excellent care. In all our practices, we ...

Sydney, Upper North Shore: ... Lodge is one of three residential care services located on HammondCare's North ... , and providing unique and excellent care. In all our practices, we ...

North Coast, Mid North Coast: ... the Boambee valley, Coffs Haven Residential Care Service has been designed with ... companion animals. Coffs Haven Aged Care, great buildings, great staff, great ...

Lindaek Jul 08, 2015
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Coffs Haven Aged Care, great buildings, great staff, great ethos behind how its run on the Eden Principle.

Sydney, Canterbury /Bankstown: ... , Holy Spirit is a boutique residential aged care service offering 24-hour person-centered ... including short-term respite care, permanent care, ageing-in-place, complex care and dementia-specific care.For more ...

Sydney, Parramatta: ... of Churches of Christ Aged care facility. Building looks lovely but ... my parents are now in residential care at the same facility and ...

Kereen Clement Jul 01, 2015
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My mother has been a resident here for about 3 years, I am very impressed with her care, the staff are like family to her. She has quite advanced dementia but is treated with dignity and love, we are very fortunate to have found such a wonderful service.

Dario8535 Oct 08, 2015
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My mum is in an aged care facility now...its too sad.....they do try hard to meet mums needs but you can never call it anything like home...your loved one loses so much and as my mum said "you cant be happy in an aged care facility"...unfortunately its true.

Henri2440 Oct 09, 2015
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My mum at 90 just moved into a aged care facility at Pendle Hill. The Staff are wonderful. There are activities every day and they are open to questions and suggestions regarding the patients. The food is better than in other places. We are very happy with the care.

Hunter Valley, Lower Hunter Valley: ... of established gardens Green Hills Residential Care Service has been a part ... respite and permanent care. In addition to our residential care services we also ...

maddymay May 15, 2015
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Staff were good, and very helpful but management left a lot to be desired

Wendy Penman May 22, 2015
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I was devastated to learn that my mother would have to go into high care. I thought that it would be terrible and she would just hate and therefore we would be upset and anxious. However, I had no need to worry. She is relatively happy (no place like home) and I can sleep nights because I know she is well cared for. The building is not exactly modern, but I have come to realise that the two main features of a good nursing home are 10 the quality of the staff and 2) the quality and variety of the food. If the staff present as truly enjoying the personalities and the humour of their clients and that they are willing to go to that little bit of extra effort, I believe that the home is probably already 90% good. At my mother's home, almost every staff member treats the oldies as important and worth caring for. They have little jokes with them and ask them questions which tell me as an observer that the staff member perceives the oldies as "people" who were once active, loving and laughing. The really good staff engage with the clients. When your mother is being looked after by such people, you can go home and sleep at night. It makes me feel very happy and appreciative when I go in to see mum and I see that someone has done her make up, someone has tried to colour co-ordinate her clothes and brush her hair nicely. I suppose I want her carers to see her and care for her as the person that I see her. I have been very pleased with the food standard at my mum's nursing home. It is cooked on site and I can walk up to the kitchen and talk to the staff. If it were being brought in frozen, it would be hideous. The food is lovely and the rest of the family often elects to have a meal with mum. It is not quite as good as what mum would have cooked for herself, but it is certainly up there. My mother lost a great deal of weight during her illness and couldn't bear eating hospital food. By comparison, the food at mums home is exceptional. My only criticism ( if I have to make one) is that there never seems to be enough staff available immediately after meals to take the clients to the toilet. Many of the staff are occupied in feeding the people who are unable to feed themselves. After meals seems to be when everyone decides that they need the toilet. I don't know how you get around that. It is a relatively minor matter compared to all of the good things that go on at the home.

Brooks7913 May 25, 2015
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I have visited my grandparents at Greenhills a few times and have enjoyed the friendly staff, from nurses to groundskeepers, and the residents I visited all seemed happy ... I don't appreciate the backstabbing I hear going on from upper management and a few key staff but thats hearsay from residents and only in the last couple of years. I don't know why it has changed so much, but I haven't been for a few months so my visits are less frequent due to my own responsibilities. I'm happy that the buildings look fantastically maintained though after all these years and so do the living quarters. The care for my Grandparents and their friends is still happening on a high level, so I am very pleased with that!

Community Visitor May 28, 2015
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The staff at the nursing home are always friendly and polite to visitors and treat the residents with the best of care. The building itself is very well set out. Activities are provided and residents are encouraged to participate. There are also beautiful gardens.

Sheila4851 Jun 29, 2015
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My Mum was a resident here and the care was of a high standard.

Robyn Beadle Jul 08, 2015
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Both my parents were in Greenhill nursing home, I was very impressed with the care and kindness in regard to my parents,

Kenya3760 Mar 14, 2016
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Disappointed in facility and staff accountability. There is a need for same staff rostered and attached to residents for case management and accountability. Continual disappointing experiences for my mother over several years.

Regional NSW, Central West Slopes: ... Dubbo is a welcoming residential aged care community providing care services for 62 ... fully accredited by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency. Beautiful ...

Wendy Ajaka Jul 05, 2015
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Beautiful facility with dedicated, loving and caring staff. My mum was treated with dignity and respect and their care truly put us at ease. We knew she was safe and happy. They cared for our whole family when her passing was eminent and we will be forever grateful

Tate2674 Mar 10, 2016
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My mum was in a agecare every day I was there for her they weren't cared for propley food was shocking some couldn't feed themselfs so went without they fell all the time as the staff wasn't there to help I done all the right things to try and get help but it just got swepe under the table , old people died like my mum if she was looked after better my mum would of been with me a few more years so bluddy sad please look after our old folks

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