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Adelaide: ... excursions; all of which are tailored to ensure all residents can ... is located in the western Adelaide suburb of Hendon approximately 12km ...

Emilio9454 Aug 14, 2015
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Generally poor quality services and insufficient staff to provide quality care. Provide only limited lifestyle opportunities.

Jasjesse Oct 22, 2015
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My mother was treated with dignity, respect and love. All staff from cleaners , kitchen staff , lifestyle, Carers and nursing showed the very best of their professions. They all make a difference everyday in the lives of the residents and families.

Jerel4050 Feb 23, 2016
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There is nothing good to write about the facility my mother is residing on Hell would be better

Adelaide: ... is strongly aligned with the Adelaide Hills Community Health Service at ... Mount Barker. Eldercare has three retirement living locations within Mount Barker with ...

Kiley379 Feb 22, 2016
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The care at this facility was such that for almost 5 years I felt the need to be with my husband for a minimum of 8 hours every day. He was totally dependent and could not communicate. Aged care facilities do not have enough carer hours to look after their residents needs or dignity properly. The carers themselves were mostly extremely caring and did the best job that they could within their limited time. In the last 18 months care hours were cut twice and several key staff as well as carers left because they found it difficult to see the residents get even worse care. My husband died in October 2015.

Ahmad9247 Feb 25, 2016
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My mother was cared for affectionately and felt safe and cared for.

Joy9182 Nov 03, 2016
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It is all very good.

Trever197 Nov 04, 2016
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Well being of residents is primary concern. Mum is happy well cared for, clean, generally good health and is included in all activities whether she can actively participate or just joins in and listens. Staff level of care abilities excellent. Up to date training is obvious. Always notified if any issues with mum - good and bad. Am happy with this choice for her and would highly recommend to anyone. It's not sparkling and new but it has all the skills and comforts where it counts.

Annamarie1383 Nov 08, 2016
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My husband has been a resident for 6 years and in that time due to his change of personality I have found it hard to accept at times. I live in a unit close by and visit him 4 days a week and have 4 meals with him. Once a week he visits me in unit and is driven up by access taxi for the afternoon.

Ela007 Nov 08, 2016
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My father has only been at Sash Ferguson for under 3 months. He made the decision to move there himself where he was no longer able to look after himself at his home with no support. He was happy to move there as quickly as possible. I have found the staff are very caring, patient, and very helpful, especially now because my father has been recently diagnosed with dementia, making it a very stressful time for me. I live in WA and they have kept in touch with me and offered a lot of support and guidance with the situation. The centre is a very homely accommodation with lovely peaceful gardens and surroundings.

Hank8229 Nov 09, 2016
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My sister in law spent the last few weeks in the nursing home and we as a family could not speak highly enough of the care she was given and also the care shown to the family.

Adelaide: ... are also three newly built retirement living villas conveniently co-located to the ...

Colton4864 Jul 07, 2015
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My father was at Cottage Grove for over ten years and for most of the time he was relatively happy. Apart from suffering a major stroke leaving him confined to a wheelchair and depression, I would have to say 99% of the staff were wonderful and caring. I completely understand that nursing homes are well understaffed and staff are generally run off their feet which is sad to see, we have personally experienced this over ten years, sometimes leaving members of the family upset that a family member in the nursing home hasn't been attended to. I would love to see all nursing homes with enough staff to be able to attend to all patients within a timely manner therefore not leaving patients somewhat distressed which can be through no fault of the skeleton staff at the nursing home. Over ten years of visiting my father, my mother visiting on a daily basis - we were able to experience a lot of the general running etc. of a home, some not quite so good but a lot very good. We commend all the fantastic staff at Cottage Grove who shared a passion for caring for my father in a dignified manner.

Philip7726 Oct 23, 2015
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Excellent cheerful and caring staff made all the difference. A lovely room with a kitchen and ample gardens for my father to walk and sit in all helped him to enjoy his time there.

Marcus955 Mar 10, 2016
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No such thing as a good nursing home.........just some are better than others...........after almost 10 years visiting my husband......I have seen it all. Accreditations should be unannounced........too much time given to sprucing up and making things look almost perfect.......which is not a true everyday picture. Eggs!!! Anyone remember what one of these are????

Adelaide: The North Adelaide Residential Site accommodates 180 residents. ... location places us on the Adelaide City Council Free Connector Bus ...

Brendan209 Oct 25, 2015
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Only negative was what we felt to be unnecessary dental check on day family arrived to celebrate his birthday when we couldn't see why this was even necessary as he passed away few wks after. Timing of this was all wrong at end of a day too, around 5pm. We had to wait for them to finish. He had severe dementia so activities were limited but overall were very happy with care.

Conrad1337 Mar 16, 2016
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My mother has been at her aged care home for 4 yrs now . While I have had a few incidences that I was not happy about , in general it's not too bad . I do think the nursing staff are absolutely fantastic but the carers really need a lot more training and compassion to do a good job X

Spencer Gulf: ... The Village are 17 Eldercare retirement living units. As soon as we ...

Adelaide: ... memory support units provide specifically tailored programs with the security of ...

Viviane9219 Mar 14, 2016
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My mother has been in this facility for two years.....I have been enormously impressed with the wonderful staff who care for my mum...she is extremely happy there and considers the staff her friends. There are many activities for the residents and beautiful views from dining room and from my mothers room....I and my sisters cannot speak highly enough of this facility.

Adelaide: ... is located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills suburb of Heathfield nestled ... east of the city of Adelaide along the south-eastern freeway and ...

shellie62 Jul 12, 2015
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my grandma was in hillside aged care facility at mt hutton nsw ,they were absolutely wonderful and treated her like royality up until the day she passed away she was 82 when she died and they are wonderful staff .

Einar9426 Mar 15, 2016
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Would not recommend at all my mother always had to wait to go to the toilet never enough staff on food terrible smelt of urine all the time

Brisa4148 Oct 04, 2017
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Can not produce correct invoices and statements. Have delayed refunding RAD by nearly 12 months. Staffing levels have dropped significantly over time. Nursing home is tired and dated. Few staff left are over worked.

Adelaide: ... just across from the Royal Adelaide Golf Club. The home offers ...

Adelaide: ... the leafy surrounds of the Adelaide Hills, Estia Health Aldgate is ...

SandyPitman Jan 29, 2016
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My Mum has frontal lobal dementia which has been quite a rapid deterioration, she also fell and fractured her hip and fema, which added to her problems, she has bouts of being quite teary and also can be bad tempered. The staff at Andrew Arthur house in Aldgate have been quite amazing as she can be very difficult to deal with as she needs high care. It is hard enough to watch a loved one slowly lose their mind and not knowing what is really happening to them. I have so much respect for the staff that provide the care and have looked after my Mum. They always show compassion, patience and a caring manner and also provide ongoing support in such a tough time.

Adelaide: ... Set in the leafy inner Adelaide suburb of Myrtle Bank (approximately ...

Quentin2254 Nov 18, 2015
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My Father is being looked after very well and given the freedom he would have, if he was in his own home, but with 24 hour care

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