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Melbourne, East: Churches of Christ Care Oak Towers Aged Care Service is located in Oakleigh ... and has been providing aged care accommodation since the 1930's. In ...

Ezekiel5974 Apr 12, 2015
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It seemed to me that people with dementia are treated as non people, that their lives are finished and as they cannot understand it alright to not put any effort into how they are dressed, what food is given to them and their emotional needs.

leekkerry May 28, 2015
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The rooms in Hibiscous are very big, and they all have a lovely view of gardens. You can walk around outside in a loop. The staff are very caring.

WendyB Dec 29, 2015
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Every day my father was in their care I and my sister were worried about him. Countless times we went in to visit and he did not have his buzzer within reach,he couldn't walk or toilet himself. Heat wave in January of 2014 they had no air conditioning and did not tryto get it fixed on the weekend of 24th,25th and 26th, 27thJanuary. My father was in hospital the night of 28th and passed away January 31st. Was not impressed with Nurse in charge on his floor at all

Melbourne, North: ... groundsand surrounding parklands, Kew Gardens Aged Care is a 100 bed Extra ... design requirements, offering Extra Servicesresidential aged care together with ageing in placeprograms.From ...

marykkc Jun 11, 2014
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Really cosy and great setting with friendly staff. My mum has been been in this facility for over 2 years now. The staff go out of there way to make residents feel happy, and us visitors feel welcome. Seems to be lots of activities planned, lots of excursions. Even has a cinema room which is not common. Its extra service place, but has very good neighbourly feel. Mum is very happy here - would really recommend it to anyone

Leilani9797 Oct 04, 2015
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My father has bee in aged care for the past 3 years. On the whole care is very good but small things do get missed. I.e. not a lot of care with dressing lost items of belingings even tho everything is labelled. Sometimes personal care workers dont seem to have reqùired capabilities to properly interpret the patients requirements. It us a very difficult situation for families to ensure loved ones are given every opportunity to get some enjoyment from life when largely left to their own devices. My experience has been that a very expensive facility doesent always equal any extras. I.e. no hydrotherapy pool , inadequate entertainment/stimulating lifestyle program as even those with dementia like my father still can appreciate the small things. I.e. for a man that enjoyed golf why not a mini golf set up which could be enjoyed all year round in the expansive lounge areas he pays for andd only occupies one chair where they put him in front of a tv all day.mildly dissappointing .

Lynn7982 Oct 04, 2015
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For the cost slightly disappointing lifestyle program and therapy programs for dementia residents. Too much time left alone sitting in front of tvs when much more could be done to keep these poor residents like my father engaged and stimulated. Not even a hydrotherapy pool or any real exercise program. And this one of the most expensive aged care facilities in the eastern area. A suggestion coukd for the likes of those who enjoyed playing golf a mini golf area set up that could be enjoyed year round. Might be more entertaining than a movie that has no meaning.

Melbourne, West: ... Write a Review Online Community Aged Care Info Centre Add a review You ... have no hesitation recommending this aged care facility to family and friends. ...

JuneCarole Apr 20, 2015
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My mother has been in this residential facility since november 2012 and our family is quite impressed with the quality of the care given. My personal opinion is that these type of residences often have a bad reputation but my experience says in this facility it is like a large family home and the family are all unique and treated as individuals.

Favian5757 Jul 31, 2017
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This is an older-style facility but is well maintained. Unfortunately work on an outdoor terrace was started some time ago but remains unfinished. The Staff are commendable for their caring, compassionate attitudes and make life more enjoyable for the Residents. The Lifestyle team ensure that there are Concerts and many opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

Melbourne, East: ... and tradesmen leaving gates open. Parking poor. Poor communication, can't get ... RAC's in my experiences within Aged Care nationally. Jackie Paull and her ...

roeybird Apr 19, 2015
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Poor communication, can't get newsletters emailed. Building maintenance for things like cleaning skylights does not happen when reported, even if the dead spider is still there after 18mths. Problems with emergency exits doors propped open when they should be closed and tradesmen leaving gates open. Parking poor.

Arton Group

Thank you for your constructive feedback. The home regularly communicates with residents and their families including resident and family meetings. The Facility Manager is available in person, via email or mobile phone. The home has an ongoing maintenance schedule to ensure the building is well presented and in a good state of repair. Apartments are cleaned weekly or more frequently if required and staff ensure that rooms are tidy on a day to day basis. Residents and their well being are our top priority and we strive hard to ensure they enjoy a high level of comfort and security in their home. Regards, Glenda Sawtell
Jun 10, 2015

Mike Dooley May 19, 2015
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One of the best run and caring Senior Living / RAC's in my experiences within Aged Care nationally. Jackie Paull and her competent team definitely set the quality standard in living well, care and commitment.

Hardie Jul 08, 2015
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Extremely disappointed with the care offered to my friend who was in low care for a time (in excess of 2-3 years)with on going dementia, she was reasonably cared for at first , BUT, with a change in policy, when she was elevated to high care she was left in low care area, supposedly, receiving HIGH care. I do not believe that either the staff were not fully trained to offer the correct level of care/or because of staffing levels had time to give the required level of attention to a person who needed constant monitoring because she was incontinent. I visited regularly at least once a week and took my friend out when ever possible. Ultimately my friend died from "blood poisoning", after numerous stays in hospital with bladder infections that returned every time she went back into care. There were MANY instances when she was left sitting for extended periods in excrement and I believe that this eventually caused the infection to go through her body, This opinion has been verbally confirmed by others with medical qualifications and experience in aged care nursing. It was a VERY distressing and painful end for her and her family who visited every day..

Hope4587 Jul 13, 2015
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Door propped open which is a risk that people could walk out an emergency exit and get lost. Staff should ensure doors are shut properly at all times. There are items that need maintenance and proper cleaning.

Tod688 Oct 05, 2015
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Needs more attention to leaving doors ajar by tradesmen, replacing worn carpet, making sure residents have their hearing aids.

Nedra9263 Sep 19, 2016
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out dated past the flashy foyer, high staff turnover, lack of communication

Helen Thompson Jul 13, 2017
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My mother Marie was a resident in Cumberland until August 2016 when she sadly passed away. She was very happy with the care she received; and so were we. All staff contacted were pleased to discuss any issues we had, the surroundings were great - extremely pleasant for the residents and visitors also. I can say that Cumberland View will be a place my husband and I would choose as care for us when we need it!

Rebeka6591 Jul 31, 2017
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Carpet has been replaced in entrance area but not the other areas. It has had to be patched as part is lifting and is stained in places. Doctors waiting area is congested and does not allow ill patients proper dignity with waiting area so small and no space for walkers or wheelchairs.

Northern Victoria, North Western: ... their home.Alcheringa Group care facilities are accredited and certified aged care homes, which ... the regulatory requirements of the ¿Aged Care Act 1997¿ and all other ...

Northern Victoria, North Eastern: ... great aunts long term care with this aged care service. For several days ... been confirmed by the Government's Aged Care Complaints service. Not good enough. ...

Karmar Jun 12, 2015
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My Father has been at the Woods Point Aged Care facility for 5 years now. We looked at other places closer to our home, but preferred this one. Over time we have found the staff to be nothing short of welcoming. They cannot do enough for ourselves or the residents, this goes for all staff, nurses, kitchen and laundry. They all treat the elderly with much compassion and respect. Visitors are welcome any time as is are suggestions and or comments around and about my fathers care. The staff take the time to get to know the residents and to just sit and talk with them or read to them. They entertain inactive residents and active alike. I would not entertain the idea of moving my father as the staff their understand him even though his speech is limited. They treat all the residents with the dignity that they deserve. The staff all deserve medals.

Justus2443 Jun 12, 2015
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My Mum was their for rest bite for 6 weeks and it was a nice clean place with lovely staff who cared about their residents and their wellbeing.

RosieS Feb 27, 2017
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For several days, maybe up to a week, there was inadequate food. Toast only for breakfast, soup and toast for lunch, and similar for dinner. Appalling. It was finally remedied on 24th Feb 2017. This has been confirmed by the Government's Aged Care Complaints service. Not good enough. The residents need adequate nutrition. Anything less is inexcuseable.

Albin5489 Aug 09, 2017
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Would not ever put my parent in this place the staff have no idea and dont care about residents.

South Eastern Victoria, Gippsland: ... with Gippsland not for profit aged care provider, Grace Bruce Homes. Grace ... Bruce own two residential aged care facilities, Dalkeith Hostel in Traralgon ...

Melbourne, North: Twin Parks is a luxurious residence in Reservoir surrounded by extensive natural parklands, ... Centre a 10 minute stroll away. At Twin Parks, our team of experienced care ...

M.ball Jul 11, 2014
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Very nice and comfortable

Beth Gingell May 26, 2015
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My elderly father is now a resident of this Aged Care Facility he had a stroke, and cannot walk,sits in his wheel chair day after day. I can,t really comment on the food because he has to have his food minced. He will be 93 next month

Kattie2845 Sep 27, 2015
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My parents moved into Twin Parks 7 years ago. It is brilliantly run. Any issues are quickly dealt with. It is a very caring place and I believe my mother is extremely well cared for. The staff are very patient with her memory loss and very kind. There are many activities which my mother is encouraged to join.

Carmel140 Dec 14, 2015
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Very clean, friendly, spacious overall my mother was well looked after. very happy.

Eric7808 Apr 20, 2016
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Have been extremely happy with the care offered to our elderly, at times difficult personality-wise, relative. The patience and concern for her well-being has been very much appreciated by our family.

Deshaun700 Sep 10, 2016
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Do not be fooled ..this place is run like a business not an aged care facility the emphasis more on money than care. Many staff lack english skills, making communication difficult. Majority of staff lack compassion or understanding - hand hygiene between patients non nonexistent. Food lacks nutrition -party pies or sandwiches for dinner!. Buzzers are not responded to in timely manner- staff attend and turn it off and state they will be back to comply wth audit but in reality residants are left waiting up to 45 min to be taken to toilet. Would definitely not recommend this facility to other families.

Melbourne, North: Welcome to Newmans on the Park, McKenzie Aged Care Groups purpose-built assisted living residence ... well-equipped, with single private rooms, twin share and couples rooms available. ...

Destiny8681 Jun 04, 2014
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Great facility and some good cosmetic improvements have been made recently to the facility.

Melbourne, West: ... restrictions on visiting hours and car parking is free. The hostel is ... from the same community heath centre it is a disgrace. If ...

Eleven Redwoods Jun 13, 2015
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Very good, caring nursing home. Very caring and committed Nursing staff. Good skill mix with RNs and ENs. Small and very personal facility where the staff ensure excellent care and support of the residents. Well educated and professional staff.

Raven2617 Dec 28, 2015
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My late Father Frank Doherty was very fortunate to spend some time in Trentham aged care, he was nursed to health by the dedicated staff

chalvez Dec 28, 2015
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After seeing the 3 from the same community heath centre it is a disgrace. If you have a concern and voice it you get told that you are over reacting and then your loved one cops it. Anything you say does not stay in there it is spread around the towns. The food is horrible even the residents complain.

Tyrese6638 Aug 08, 2017
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very caring staff

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