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Useful Links & Resources

Aged Care Basics

Respite Bookings - Search, find and book a short term stay in aged care instantly.

My Aged Care - The Australian Government's aged care and home care service hub.

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner - The Australian Government's indepedendent complaints agency for nursing homes.

Australian Aged Care Quality Agency - Australian Aged Care Quality Agency accredits and monitors residential aged care facilities. Read recent accreditation reports on nursing homes across Australia.

Department of Veteran's Affairs - Find information on DVA and their services in aged care.

Get an Aged Care Assessment

Find an ACAT/ACAS - Find your local aged care assessment service.

Health & Active Living

After Hours GP Line - Funded by the Australian Government, after hours GP helpline is free (on landlines and some mobile phones) and provides you with access to a GP at night, on weekends and public holidays. Call 1800 022 222

Alzheimer’s Australia - Alzheimer’s Australia administers national dementia programs and services funded by the Australian Government, such as the National Dementia Helpline, as well as providing national policy and advocacy for Australians living with dementia.

Australian Medic Alert Foundation - Australia's most trusted and recognised medical and identification jewellery system. Protect a loved one in case of an emergency, and create a secure electronic health record for use by emergency personnel and healthcare professionals.

MEPACS Personal Alarm Service - Keeps you safer and living independently home and away. MePACS are always available to respond with the human touch.


Apia - Australia's leading over 50's insurer.

La Trobe Financial - Providers of a specialist and tailored aged care loan.

Morgans Financial Limited - Aged care financial advisors.

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