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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Aged Care Reviews Quick Start Guide

Follow these step by step instructions to understand & learn the functionality of Aged Care Reviews for aged care operators.

Contact us via email to [email protected] if you have a detailed query, question or comment.


Business: an individual aged care facility or in home care office location. An aged care Operator may run one or more Businesses.

Business Listing: an individual Business Listing page on Aged Care Reviews.

Content Guidelines: the Guidelines to which all content on Aged Care Reviews - including that submitted by Operators and reviewers must adhere.

Operator: an organisation that runs one or more aged care Business/s in Australia. An Operator may be for profit, not for profit, or government/municipal body.

Operator portal: a dedicated portal where an Operator can update their business information and respond to reviews. You will have received login details already by email.

Quick Jump To:

1. How Aged Care Reviews Works

2. Getting Started

3. Upload & Modify Content

4. Respond to Existing Reviews

5. Responding to New Reviews

6. How to Write A Review Response

Website Widgets

8. Marketing Collateral

9. Support

1. How Aged Care Reviews Works

Watch this short video to understand how the Aged Care Reviews website works.

2. Getting Started

Log In  To Your Operator Portal 

Your Operator Portal is your central operational resource to navigate Aged Care Reviews, make changes and respond to reviews.

You have two options to log into Operator Portal:


Option 1. Direct Navigation 

Go to: 

Enter the Username and Password you received by e-mail.

Option 2
. Via Homepage

Go to:

Scroll to bottom of page.

Click on Business Portal in the footer menu.

Enter your login details in Operator Portal Login Page

3. Upload & Modify Content 

When logged in to your Operator Portal 

Click on Edit for the Business Listing you want to modify.

Option 1: Update Description, Vacancies, Logo

In this section you can edit the following areas:

A. Facility Description - maximum 1500 words.

B. Website URL

C. Number of beds currently vacant

D. Logo - format: jpeg, jpg, gif or png. Preferred size: 287 x 90 pixels

Ensure you click the purple Submit button at bottom to save changes.

Option 2: Add or Update Photographs add photos

When logged in to your Operator Portal 

Click Gallery for the facility to which you would like to add or edit photographs to.

To Add Photographs: Click Add 

A black popup box will appear.

To add a photograph file that exists on your computer, click the Upload button in the new popup.

Locate the file on your computer, then upload the photograph.

Supported file types: jpg, jpeg, gif

Recommended image size: 1235 x 822 pixels.

Your photoghraph will successfully upload.

Close the Photo Upload dialog box by clicking on the "x" in the top right hand corner of the grey dialog box.

To View / Delete Photographs

When logged in to your Operator Portal 

Click Gallery for the facility to which you would like to view or delete photographs from.

Click View.

You will then be taken to a screen that displays your current facility photographs.

To Delete a photograph click on the red Cross button.

The photograph will no longer be displayed in Gallery.

4. Respond to Existing Reviews 

When logged in to your Operator Portal 

Click View/Respond to Reviews for the facility to which you would like to add a response to an existing review.

This will take you to the facility listing page.

Scroll down to the review in question.

Click on Post Reply under the review.

Write your review response.

Responses are limited to 1500 characters, and must abide by the Content Guidelines.

We recommend you insert your name and title into the review response.

Click the Submit button to post your reply.

5. Responding to New Reviews

Step 1: Notification Email 

You will receive a notification email when a new review is posted to Aged Care Reviews.

Click on the Click here to post response button in the email.

Step 2: Login to your Operator Portal

Enter the username and password for your Operator Portal.

Step 3A: Write your review response - No Delegation

Write your review response in the space provided.

Remember to add your name and title to the review response.

Once you have written your response, click on the Submit button.

If you have the required authorisation level, your review will appear online straight away.

Step 3B: Approve Review Response - You Are An Authoriser 

If your organisation has chosen to delegate review notification and response writing, you will be required to approve draft responses before they appear online.

You will receive a notification email requesting that you review a draft review response.

Click on the Click here to view draft response button.

Enter the username and password for your Operator Portal

The draft review response can be edited.

Once you are satisifed, click on the Submit button.

Once you click Submit your review reponse will be saved and displayed. 

Look for the green text at the top of the page for confirmation.

6. How to Write A Review Response

In General

1. Respond Quickly: all reviews and review responses are date stamped, and a quick response will be viewed as a positive sign of how seriously your organisation takes feedback.

2. Thank the reviewer for taking the time to provide feedback.

3. Dont swear, threaten, or publicly identify the reviwers, or any resident or service user.

4. Be professional, polite and constructive.

Best Practice Review Response

Thank the reviewer for their review.

“Dear John Smith, thank you for taking the time to provide your review...”

Acknowledge what they have said.

“Here at Demonstration Operator we value all forms of feedback...”

What you are doing about it – generally. Talk about a positive initiative & link to culture/brand.

“We are sorry to hear about your views on our menu. It will please you to know that we have recently updated our menu, and implemented a new lifestyle programme...”

Create an avenue for follow up.

“Please email me at [email protected] if you have further specific concerns...”

Personalise the response – from a senior executive.

“Regards, Tom Bradley, CEO, Demonstration Operator.”

7. Website Widget 

When logged in to your Operator Portal 

Click Resources for the listing you want retrieve the
widget code for. 

From the screen showing the two different types of code widgets

Copy the desired widget code. There are two options:

1. Large Widget - which displays the average star rating, number of reviews received and also randomly displays previews of reviews received with a link to the Business Listing.

2. Small Widget - which displays the average star rating, number of reviews received and a link to the Business Listing.

Send the widget code to your IT Department or to the Company which designed your website with a note on where you would like the widget to be displayed.

8. Marketing Collateral 

A. Tour Flier 

When logged into your Operator Portal 

Click Resources for the facility you would like to download the tour flier for.

Click on the purple button Download. 

The flier will be automatically downloaded on your computer and a small window will be visible on the lower left hand of your screen.

To Open it, click on the icon showing in the lower left hand corner of your screen. The Tour Flier will open in a new tab.

To Print it, click on the flier and select Print or click the "Print" icon at the lower right hand corner of the screen.

9. Support

Please bear in mind that we are here to guide and support you so, when needed feel free to contact us at
[email protected].

We will respect our commitment to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

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