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About Us

Australia's Elderly Population

Over 3.2 million Australians are aged 65 years or older, representing 14% of our population. By 2051 nearly 20% of Australians will be aged 70 years or older, and the number of people aged 85 years and over is projected to quadruple.

At the same time the Australian aged care industry is currently worth over $13 billion, with nearly 70% of that coming from the taxpayer in the form of subsidies.

Each Australian should have a personal as well as public interest in how the aged care sector is run, and how care services are provided to our elderly.

The Aged Care Reviews Story

Aged Care Reviews was founded by two Melbourne-based entrepreneurs in mid 2013. Each had first hand experience that highlighted the difficulty in placing a loved one in aged care with access to little, if any, indepedent and reliable information. 

Aged care is now an $13 billion industry, with some of the country’s largest companies involved in the sector. Families are regularly asked to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars for bonds to get a place. This is without any real certainty of the quality of the service and care of the facility. Accreditation is against a minimum standard done on a pass/fail basis, with reassessment occurring only every 3 years.

The founders knew that if user generated reviews provided consumers valuable insight and information for simple decisions, such as which hotel to stay at or which restaurant to eat at, there was a more compelling reason to provide insight and transparency to support an intimate, complex, traumatic and personal decision like placing a loved one into aged care.

What We Believe

Aged Care Reviews believe there is no better way to encourage aged care operators to promote quality care and services than through the cleansing effect of light and transparency achieved through public reviews.

Aged Care Reviews brings transparency to the aged care sector by providing Australia’s only dedicated aged care review website. In addition, Aged Care Reviews aims to host a focused online community that will share information and include feedback from operators, staff and industry experts.

Our Mission

To assist families in making a difficult decision easier by becoming Australia’s largest and most trusted provider of relevant information to current and future residents and their families in the aged care sector.

About Our Organisation

Learn more about our organisation, and the other services we provide, by visiting our sister website – Aged Care Decisions

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