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Suburbs In Australian Capital Territory
Business List

Australian Capital Territory Aged Care Facilities

  • 7 Boake Pl Garran ACT 2605
  • Phone - (02) 9632 3144


  • 95 Groom St Hughes ACT 2605
  • Phone - (02) 6283 4999


  • 1 Gosse St Kingston ACT 2604
  • Phone - (02) 6295 1891


  • 200 Woodcock Dr Gordon ACT 2906
  • Phone - 1800 864 846


  • 12 Namatjira Dr Weston ACT 2611
  • Phone - (02) 6288 4411


  • 15 Conder St Weston ACT 2611
  • Phone - (02) 6288 4300


  • 11 Namatjira Dr Weston ACT 2611
  • Phone - (02) 6288 4411


  • 35 Burkitt St Page ACT 2614
  • Phone - (02) 6255 1794


Need to find a Australian Capital Territory aged care facility?

Need to find an aged care facility in the ACT?
When a loved one needs more care, finding the right facility can be a difficult task. With so many out there to choose from, knowing which ones to contact can be confusing and what they promote on their websites doesn’t always give you the full picture. As well as cost and availability, you want to know that your family member will receive the best possible care in a supportive and caring environment and until now, the only way to do this has been to visit each facility and see for yourself. Now there’s an easier way to make an informed choice. Our website will help you to create a shortlist of possibilities without even leaving your home. Using our comprehensive Business List, you can click on and view each ACT aged care facility’s vital statistics and read impartial reviews written by people who have visited or have family members residing there. You can then choose which facility best matches your needs and contact them directly.

Here’s how it works

For details on each aged care establishment, simply click on a name in the Business List. This may be in a suburb near you or a facility you’ve heard of, or you can simply work your way through the list until you find what you’re looking for. Information displayed includes location, number of beds, availability, and how much you’ll need to pay for a deposit. Impartial reviews are also included, along with contact details, if you decide you’d like to take a look for yourself. It’s free, easy to use, and will help you make an informed decision about who will take the best care of your loved one. By providing such transparency, we also believe it will encourage aged care facilities to offer a higher level of service, which of course benefits everyone.

Do you have feedback that could help others?

Many people have firsthand knowledge of aged care facilities, either personally or through friends and loved ones and this can be invaluable information for others. So if you know about a facility from experience and would like to pass your thoughts on to other searchers, please feel free to fill in one of our online review forms. You can provide a star rating of the facility for everything from buildings and amenities to staff, food and general lifestyle. You can also add comments describing your personal thoughts and experience of the facility. Your review can help other members of our community to make more informed decisions about their aged care needs and that’s what we’re all about at Aged Care Reviews. So feel free to use our services and provide feedback where you can to help improve them even more.

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