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Suburbs In Northern Territory
Business List

Northern Territory Aged Care Facilities

  • 11 Creswell St Tiwi NT 0810
  • Phone - 08 8920 2400


  • Lot 2973 Gorge Rd Katherine NT 850
  • Phone - (08) 8972 3399


  • 11 Waratah Cr Fannie Bay NT 820
  • Phone - (08) 8946 1800


  • 1 Kettle St Farrar NT 832
  • Phone - (08) 8932 1005


  • Main Rd Wadeye NT 822
  • Phone - (08) 8978 2490


  • Kaltukatjara Community, via PMB 49 Alice Springs NT 871
  • Phone - (08) 8956 7347


  • 87 Woods St Darwin NT 800
  • Phone - (08) 8942 8700


Need to find a Northern Territory aged care facility?

Are you looking for aged care in the Northern Territory?

Choosing an aged care facility can be difficult. You need to find a place where your family member will be well looked after and have access to the best possible facilities. But good information is not always readily available and unless you know someone who has personal experience of a facility, paying that large deposit and committing your loved one’s care to strangers can be a real leap of faith.
That’s why Aged Care Reviews is such a great resource. We provide an online community platform where people can share information, provide feedback and use our comprehensive Business List to make informed decisions about aged care facilities in the Northern Territory, based on impartial public reviews.

How to get information about an aged care facility

The Northern Territory has numerous aged care facilities, so it might be an idea to start with a search by location. Obviously the transition to aged care will be a lot easier for your loved one if the facility is close to family and friends, so try looking for establishments located in suburbs near you. Alternatively, you can simply make your way through the list until you see something that matches your requirements. Detailed information is displayed on each facility in the Business List and includes location, number of beds, availability and cost. Many listings also include impartial reviews from people who have toured the facility, have lived there or know someone who has. Reading these reviews will give you a much more in-depth picture of what the facility is really like. Contact information is also provided for each facility, so when you find a place you’d like to investigate further, you can phone or email them to ask questions or arrange an inspection.

Help others with your feedback

Aged Care Reviews is able to provide such unique insights because we are a community that shares between its members. We believe that by pooling our collective information, we are not only providing people with the tools to make more informed decisions, but also encouraging aged care facilities to provide a better level of service to their residents.
So if you have personal experience or knowledge of an aged care facility that you’d like to share with us, feel free to fill out an online review form. You can rate the establishment according to criteria such as amenities, staff, food and general living conditions and you can also provide comments on your personal experiences.
Finding a suitable aged care facility for a family member is an emotional and time-consuming task. At Aged Care Reviews, we hope that by sharing our Business List and encouraging feedback within our community, we can make caring for loved ones in their older years an easier experience for everyone.

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