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Aegis Ascot Transition Care Program

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Ewald7194 Jan 01, 2019

DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONES HERE They treat their patients very poorley. I think they will be shutdown soon, there is no way they can stay open. My grandmothers health drastically declined the moment she went into Agis Ascot and drastically improved the moment she left. They lost my grandmother, left her in the toilet unaided for over an hour and she needs assistance to walk. They would not change her pads they ration them to 3 a day and need them to be fully soaked before they will change them, they have skeleton staff on the weekends, when we complained and said she needs to go to a hospital The manager said "I dont care what you do with her" The people in management here should not be working with elderley vulnerable people.

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Marcelo5481 Jun 20, 2015

One month before going into this residential home my husband was in another facility. He was holding weekly art classes for the staff, feeling hopeful and treated respectfully. A month after being transferred, he had passed away. The staff at the residential home fed him an appalling diet, including foods he was not supposed to eat; they were very reluctant and indifferent to recommendations and prescriptions from our own health care team and left him unattended in his bed for long periods of time. He was left without access to drinking water. One particular member of staff was very impatient with him, force feeding him faster than he could swallow the food, which caused him to choke. He was taken to hospital until I could find a different residential home, but developed pneumonia. He was released into the new home but passed away the following day.

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