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Alwyndor Aged Care Hostel & Nursing Home

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Review Alwyndor Aged Care Hostel & Nursing Home
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Guillermo1865 Sep 26, 2018

Mum is presently a resident in a lovely room with a view to outside and a large well equipped bathroom to herself. The staff and care has been very good albeit that family are regularly visiting and the staff seem to see this as a way that they can be a little lax on the every day attention. Food is sometimes taken away too soon as mum is a slow eater due to her capabilities and she has lost weight after a bout of flu and the staff will only supply food supplements when asked. I think that overall they are very good though, They come when called within about 20 minutes or so and daily activities are provided - although seems if you are capable of getting there yourself it is more utilised. The care taken with mum is very good and with some recent falls - changes of dressings was regular and well done. However, I think that if we as a family were not visiting regularly and with a doctor in the family we are much more aware of what is happening and should be happening with her medications, that mum would not be so well cared for. She is often left alone and wandering halls calling for assistance with her toileting and showering. This was noted as the reason she had to go into residential care so when you see your mother hasn't had a shower for three days its pretty hard. I think that the recent changes to patient staff ratio have helped and Mum is seen at least twice a day now and we have been very vigilant at getting her to interact with others as much as she can. it seems the staff see activities as a let off time for them rather than an activity for the individual and a chance to improve a skill or make someone feel involved and part of the group. Overall we are pleased with Alwyndor and have no real complaints. I think that all aged care is hard as we want to see our loved ones happy and fulfilled and this is often a time of lesser capability and it is more up to the family to assist and be there for them. It would be a lonely place to be if there was no-one to visit and it was left to the staff to be the missing family. They are not there for that and each family needs to realize that, when placing a family member in care.

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Bulah6563 Nov 09, 2016

My mother was in residential age care

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Linda67 Sep 10, 2016

A beautiful home with skilled caring staff, Dad loved his time here. We would recconnend to anyone.

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E67935 Apr 20, 2016

I was more than happy with the care given/shown to my Mum. The staff were always friendly

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Winnifred6303 Oct 25, 2015

Dementia ward poses may challenges. The love and care of staff was anazing. Eternally grareful to staff at alwyndoor SA

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rzeskowski Jun 24, 2015

I hat to put my auntie into nursing care,this was the hardest thin g for me to do. She is now being cared by the most hiley trained people you could wish for she loves them all. We are still having teething problems but they are sorted very quickly. She is in an old home and I thought this is old but could not ask for anythink more once you open doors. Hope like my little story becauce the more I talk about it the easier it is for me to coupe.

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About Alwyndor Aged Care Hostel & Nursing Home

Alwyndor takes great pride in the delivery of personalise care and services. Our clinical teams love what they do, making it easy to build relationships and deliver the best possible experience and outcomes for residents. At Alwyndor resident wellbeing is paramount and our lively activities team are focused on providing an eventful monthly calendar with something for everyone.Alwyndor provides accommodation for 134 permanent residents across all levels of care. Our stunning facility combines modern designed and old style comfort in a newly built first class facility boasting large single accommodation, laundry facilities, spacious lounge and dining areas, private dining areas, privately owned bus, lifestyle hub complete with a 150' cinema screen and 5.1 surround sound, Café, large gardens, men's shed, activity kitchen, movies on demand in lounge rooms, free internet connected computers and a secure site with keyless entry security.

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