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Anglicare Aged Care Ian George Court

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Review Anglicare Aged Care Ian George Court
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Christiana8391 Apr 04, 2017

This is the worst place you can ever live: The food is lousy, although chicken is cheap I have never had a schnitzel, the soups are like baby pap, the alternative , Sandwiches are made with worst grade white bread that just clutters up your stomach and since I'm here I'm suffering from bad digestion due to the bad food. I have never received an apple or pear or an orange, only once in a blue moon a banana. The place is located at a noisy street and the train goes past, often blasting a horn. the staff is friendly and keeps the place immaculately clean. there are no exercise facilities here and walking is restricted to a couple of 50 m walks on the facility grounds. In my opinion the management overcharges for the service provided, they must make a small fortunes from the pensions of all the people living here, probably saving to buy a suitable house to start another facility like this to earn even more money. Most people hate to live here and would leave if it was possible to live in another location. All this is not only my opinion but most people here agree. Quite a lot of people here suffer from mental and physical conditions and verbal abuse between inmates happens, a few times this led to physical fights between patients. Most people are not allowed to leave the premises without being accompanied by a staff member who are of course not often available. The center doesn't have a community car, so if transport to the doctor or shopping centre is required a taxi is called, an unnessesary expense of public money. the stay here is very expensive, I receive only about $30 per week in my account due to the hight cost of this accommodation.

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About Anglicare Aged Care Ian George Court

This is a facility which provides support for disadvantaged frail aged residents who were homeless or at risk of homelessness. Clients are referred through the Exceptional Needs Unit of the Department of Health.

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