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Brightwater Huntingdale

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eunice6105 Nov 09, 2016

1. Ratio carer to resident This needs to be addressed at a legal level as in Child Day Care, Education, Community groups - Scouts Girl Guides With no official ratio of carer to resident/resident's infirmity, the carers have no support to do their jobs with maximum efficiency. Not just medical and allied health carers, but the grass roots carers with the day to day presence. The level of care be it low, medium or high needs to have staff ratios to meet the care needs of the residents. Especially as those with dementia require more vigilance. 2. Carers The dedicated carers I see are rushed trying to meet the deadlines of their duty of care. I notice they are always thinking of what they need to do next. I believe they are doing a marvellous job with what they work with. 3. Supervision Week days are usually full of activity and staff; however, it is only for a portion of a week day. Weekends do not have any organised activities and are notoriously limited in staff levels. It was once commented that this is because a lot of residents are taken out by family members on a weekend. Really? Is this still a rationale? Residents are to be permitted free access to the whole secured grounds. In theory, this is commendable. After all, it is their home, not a prison, as someone quoted. But in practice it is a nightmare for the safety and care of an infirm, dementia resident. A carer would need to accompany the resident each time they wished to go outside. Which doesn't seem to be factored into a carer's day. Especially when I witness residents with dementia becoming confused when attempting to go into the gardens or return to a house by themselves (we could call it sneaking). And they are out there on their own unaccompanied because the cares is doing their job by: seeing to another resident; cleaning an unexpected spill; having found quiet moment to make notes in the facility's system. It is this reason I believe it needs to be mandatory that line of sight supervision be assisted with CCTV in all public areas. Public in the sense it is not the residents private sleeping quarters, but the main areas which are open space with large windows/doors where anyone would be able to observe. I believe it would be an indispensable tool for any carer to be able to monitor the main areas whilst attending to other duties, as well as provide information when needing to ascertain scenarios as well as security for the compound. I also believe it wild help to manage residents who are unsettled at night and wander, giving the night carer more feedback.

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Bianka4725 Oct 04, 2016

The staff are very friendly and kind to my mother. The food is excellent. I am always kept informed , if there are any issues with my mum.

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Ciara8113 Sep 27, 2016

Our mother has recently turned 100 yrs. Brightwater gave her a wonderful celebration inviting local dignitaries and putting on a delightful program Mum is very happy there and well cared for. Her room is perfect for her as she can socalise easily with all The staff could not be more helpful

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Uriel7870 Sep 19, 2016

Care management run the facility very well, and I am very happy to have my mother in this facility. Although it is very difficult when many of the cares speak very poor English, that even I struggle to understand. But the care provided is really good, and the centre honestly tries to provide the best care possible.

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marjoryjane22 Dec 04, 2015

I am so impressed with the care that my husband gets from the carers and medical staff at Brightwater Huntingdale. It is such a lovely homely care facility. When it became obvious that he needed more care than I could give him and he was placed into transitional care Brightwater was the only facility that answered our emails out of the five homes that his name was placed. Right from the start the care and communication has been exceptional. I cannot speak highly enough of the Brightwater Group.

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About Brightwater Huntingdale

Conveniently located in the southern suburbs of Perth, Brightwater Huntingdale brings together all the comforts of home with high quality care and a variety of opportunities for social interaction with other residents and loved ones.At Brightwater Huntingdale a series of houses, all containing private rooms, and open, homely, living spaces are surrounded by beautiful gardens with inviting outdoor sitting areas. The facility has been designed in a manner reflective of the homes our residents may have moved from and we go to great efforts to make Huntingdale feel like home and not like an institution.We take great pride in our homes and we hope that they are a place residents also feel proud of, where they can enjoy life’s possibilities with other residents and their loved ones.

Available Rooms

Room Name

Huntingdale Private


Single room + ensuite



No of rooms


Room size (sqm)

14.93m2 to 19.01m2

Room Description

Brightwater aims to make our facilities feel as close to a normal home as possible. We have paid attention to the design and fit out of each site so that they are places all of our residents feel proud and comfortable to be in and where families feel welcome to visit.

All rooms at Brightwater Huntingdale are single rooms. They offer residents extra privacy and range from 14.93m2 to 19.01m2 in size. They are equipped with their own private ensuite bathroom which provides storage for toiletries and plenty of space around the basin to hold toothbrushes and provide a work surface. All of our bathrooms are equipped with wall hooks for hanging robes and are designed for easy access for all of our residents even as their care needs increase.

Room Features
Beds - All rooms are equipped with electric adjustable beds.
Linen - All linen is hotel standard linen. At Brightwater we have a linen replacement program which ensures that our residents can always enjoy the highest quality linen.
Other furniture - Each resident can be provided with a chair for their bedroom that they can use for themselves or for when visitors are in their room.
Storage - Each resident is provided with a built in wardrobe which is easily accessible.
Heating and Cooling - All of our rooms are equipped with an individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioning system to help ensure the greatest possible comfort all year round.
Windows and Views - Each of our rooms has at least one window which lets in natural light and provides our residents with the opportunity to enjoy a view outside from the comfort of their own room. All windows are dressed with good quality curtains so residents can manage the amount of natural light in their room.

Common Areas Description

Family and friends are always welcome to visit Brightwater Huntingdale. We do our best to provide enjoyable opportunities and spaces for families to spend time together. There are a number of spaces around the site for private gatherings in small or large groups including our outdoor areas activity room and patio and lounge rooms. We also on occasion hold events that families can attend such as our Birthday celebrations and Christmas dinner.

Apart from their room residents have access to a number of different areas at Brightwater Huntingdale. These areas provide an opportunity for residents to spend time in different environments meet with other residents or entertain visiting family and friends
Dining Rooms - Our dining rooms are set out in a homelike environment and provide a great opportunity for residents to enjoy a meal together.
Lounge Rooms - Each of our houses has a lovely lounge room residents can enjoy. They comfortably equipped with chairs of a variety of types and sizes. Each of our houses has a communal flat screen TV and residents can also choose to purchase a TV for their bedroom.
Activity room - The activity room is the hub of our site. This room provides ample space around a large table where residents can participate in crafts and games or other activities. Residents can participate in a wide variety of facilitated activities each week in the activity room and it is also available for families to use and host special events.
Outdoor areas - At Brightwater Huntingdale there are a number of outdoor areas complete with comfortable outdoor furniture and coverage so that residents can enjoy the sunshine and each others company. It also provides a comfortable and safe environment for young children to come and visit.

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