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Brightwater Redcliffe

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Jenny - mum Apr 11, 2019

My mother with advanced alzheimers lived in this facility for her last 3 years of her life. Our family was always welcomed in to the facility and treated with respect. They included my mother in all events and activities for as long as she was able. The manager Paula was fantastic as are all the staff.

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C Metcalf Nov 05, 2018

Very happy with the care given to my mother in law. Kind caring staff who went out of there way to handle any problems... thank you

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Karley6926 Sep 26, 2018

In keeping with the duty of care of our son ,Mark aged 54 yrs of age who is in care due to multiple problems including mental, and physical ailments. Particular medical attention is given with respect to monitoring his heart condition medication. The staff are generally well versed to his condition and are helpful and attentive. The premises are well maintained and clean Food is average

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Madisen2926 Jul 31, 2017

My mother has lived in this facility for nearly 4 years. I have found the staff do their absolute best and make my mother as comfortable as possible. I have not had any issues in relation to the care that she receives.

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Watson6147 Jul 11, 2016

All the staff are very caring and treat residents respectfully. I am regularly updated on my mother's health and well being.

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Kimba21 Jul 01, 2016

Very professional organisation with high level of care for residents. Moderate level of intervention with patients on a day to day basis. Highly encouraging at independence and specific needs.

Was this review helpful?  4

Galle2016 Jul 01, 2016

Very competent admissions process, professional administrators, clinical team and care staff. As the daughter of a Resident, I have total peace of mind.

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Oral6981 Jun 21, 2016

My mother has been living at Brightwater Redcliffe for over 2 years. We are very happy with the care my mother receives. They encourage her to attend the many activities they have even if at first she rejects their requests to join in. The best part about this aged care facility is that they live in normal looking houses that are joined by paths and gardens. It gives a sense of neighbourhood/community but still is a locked facility to keep all the residents safe. It was a very difficult decision to place my mother in care and we looked at many facilities but we are so happy that we found a room for her in Brightwater Redcliffe.

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Shazam Apr 14, 2016

Food needs to be cooked on site not reheated. Some staff r to lazy.

Was this review helpful?  7

Leederby Jun 21, 2015

My Mother spent her final 3 years at this facility and it was like a 4-star hotel! The staff were so caring and attentive. My mind was at peace knowing how well she was cared for.

Was this review helpful?  10

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About Brightwater Redcliffe

Conveniently located in the southern suburbs of Perth, Brightwater Redcliffe brings together all the comforts of home with high quality care and a variety of opportunities for social interaction with other residents and loved ones.At Brightwater Redcliffe a series of houses, all containing private rooms, and joined together by open, homely, living spaces are surrounded by beautiful gardens with inviting outdoor sitting areas. The facility has been designed in a manner reflective of the homes our residents may have moved from and we go to great efforts to make Redcliffe feel like home and not like an institution.We take great pride in our homes and we hope that they are a place residents also feel proud of, where they can enjoy life’s possibilities with other residents and their loved ones.

Available Rooms

Room Name

Redcliffe Private


Single room + ensuite



No of rooms


Room size (sqm)

15.97m2 to 19.71m2

Room Description

Brightwater aims to make the facilities feel as close to a normal home as possible. We have paid attention to the design and fitout of each site so that they are places all of our residents feel proud and comfortable to be in and where families feel welcome to visit.

All rooms at Brightwater Redcliffe are single rooms. They offer residents extra privacy and range from 15.97m2 to 19.71m2 in size. They are equipped with their own private ensuite bathroom which provides storage for toiletries and plenty of space around the basin to hold toothbrushes and provide a work surface. All of our bathrooms are equipped with wall hooks for hanging robes and are designed for easy access for all of our residents even as their care needs increase.

Room Features
Beds - All rooms are equipped with electric adjustable beds.
Linen - All linen is hotel standard linen. At Brightwater we have a linen replacement program which ensures that our residents can always enjoy the highest quality linen.
Other furniture - Each resident is provided with a lockable bedside cabinet and can be provided with a chair for their bedroom that they can use for themselves or for when visitors are in their room.
Storage - Each resident is provided with a built in wardrobe which is easily accessible.
Heating and Cooling - all of our rooms are equipped with an individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioning system to help ensure the greatest possible comfort all year round.
Windows and Views - Each of our rooms has at least one window which lets in natural light and provides our residents with the opportunity to enjoy a view outside from the comfort of their own room. All windows are dressed with good quality curtains so residents can manage the amount of natural light in their room.

Common Areas Description

Family and friends are always welcome to visit Brightwater Redcliffe. We do our best to provide enjoyable opportunities and spaces for families to spend time together. There are a number of spaces around the site for private gatherings in small or large groups including our outdoor areas activity room and patio and lounge rooms. We also on occasion hold events that families can attend such as our Birthday celebrations and Christmas dinner.

Apart from their room residents have access to a number of different areas at Brightwater Redcliffe. These areas provide an opportunity for residents to spend time in different environments meet with other residents or entertain visiting family and friends
Dining Rooms - our dining rooms are set out in a homelike environment and provide a great opportunity for residents to enjoy a meal together.
Lounge Rooms - each of our houses has a lovely lounge room residents can enjoy. They comfortably equipped with chairs of a variety of types and sizes. Each of our houses has a communal flat screen TV and residents can also choose to purchase a TV for their bedroom.
Club House - the club house is the hub of our site. This room provides ample space around a large table where residents can participate in crafts and games or other activities. Residents can participate in a wide variety of facilitated activities each week in the activity room and it is also available for families to use and host special events.
Outdoor areas - at Brightwater Redcliffe there are a number of outdoor areas complete with comfortable outdoor furniture and coverage so that residents can enjoy the sunshine and each others company. It also provides a comfortable and safe environment for young children to come and visit.

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